Flame - Home Run ft. Ecco: video, lyrics, reactions

Flame - Home Run ft. Ecco: video, lyrics, reactions

The Wrecking Crew wordsmith Flame has released an impressive video foe his hit song titled "Home Run". Flame – Home Run video has been directed by Morale Bruh and Clout Cassette and features his label mate Ecco. We are sure that you will enjoy it.

This collaboration has received much airwave play in South Africa and beyond. Have you watched the video already? It has beats and sounds that are a dream of many artists.

Flame - Home Run description

  • Video release date: September 16th, 2019
  • Format: Video/audio
  • Genre: Hip hop
  • Album: Candy Man
  • Length: 3 minutes 47 seconds
  • Director: Morale Bruh and Clout Cassette

The collaboration between Flame and Ecco was outstanding for this particular video. Their lyrics are powerful and convey specific messages. Take, for example; Flame says "Cause fake friends come and go just like the seasons." This is actually true in real life. Only genuine people keep close to you regardless of your current situation.

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Flame - Home Run reviews and reactions

Flame published the video of his song on his YouTube channel and so far, it has received numerous views. The viewers like the video. Here is what they had to say.

Flame - Home Run
Image: facebook.com, @Ameboupdate
Source: Facebook
  • Munyaradzi kasvaurere: No lie Candyman is a good album chief, but you hurt the boy. It's all loved. You are all on different paths now, but you are all headed to the top.
  • Tumelo khoathane: Big up to Flame and Ecco for this one! This is one of my favorite songs on the album. I am still expecting big things from you two! Straight
  • Cyprian Andile: Shout Out to Flame Fuego with he's sweet Candy Album...We really needed a different taste. Thank You. Next video...#Drowning Please
  • Kool Kidz Fam Recordz trendline: Flame I salute you bro. You came up from the ashes, don't worry about the bag you are going to catch it... you a significant influence in my music movement and I know one day I will be in the studio with you. There can be no failure to a man who has not lost his courage, his character, his self-respect, or his self-confidence. He is still a King. Flame can't wait to do your visuals bro
  • Remember Nashiwaya: Travis Scott type beat. But this is on a different level
  • Irvin Ndlovu: Candyman, only if he had a recording deal - the numbers would be up. Dope visuals Mr Clouds
  • THE plugvevo: Ecco sound way too international on this record man
  • Itumeleng Masinamela: I didn't expect this. Fuego visuals though..... So we are getting late nights? Don't bother, Drowning or kanjani?
  • Thando Dzidzi: Dope song and dope visuals, but my loyalty still lies on A-Reece
  • SUPA MEGA: Feel Like A Proud Dad For Flame And Ecco Right Now. I'm just too happy for them and wish them nothing but the best.
  • Mothebele Daddy Ramusi: We also need how you feel, late nights, don't bother & candy man visuals

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Flame - Home Run lyrics

As you watch you can always sing along using these lyrics

[Introduction: Ecco]

Send it home

Get it and I send it home

I just hit a lick right now and I'd be dumb if i don't send it home

I hit a lick right now and I'd dumb if I don't send it home

Send it home

Get it and a send it home

[Hook: Ecco]


I just hit a lick on the 5th and I'd be dumb if I don't send it home

Looking at my b*itch right now and she looking like a centerfold

Get it right now while you young motherf*ucker why you getting old

Oh I just hit a lick on the 5th and I'd be dumb if I don't send it home

[Verse One: Flame]


I just hit a lick right now, and I'd be dumb if I don't send it home, yeah

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I'm trying to get rich, so I ain't really got the time to be f*ucking these hoes, yeah

Hella jiggy with the sauce, yeah my n*igga

You know all my sh*it is all gold


And I'm the fix to the fiends in the streets

You know all my sh*it is all dope

I've been on the low n*iggas thinking that I'm slipping

You cappin' on my name oh my god, boy, you tripping

I been in my bag, I've been doubling my figures

And that's what happens when you learn to mind your own business

Keep the negative 'cause I don't really need it

Cause fake friends come and go just like the seasons

I can't be surrounded by some demons

P*ussy n*iggas ain't trying to see me eating

Keep the negative 'cause I don't really need it

I'm all about the peace yeah

I'm trying to get the cheese, yeah

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You can keep the beef, yeah

[Hook: Ecco]

[Verse two: Ecco]


I just hit a lick right now and I'll be damned if I don't send it home

Walking through the valley of death, like n*igga this is not a scary road

Two, three, four, five b*itches that ain't nuttin' I ain't seen before

Two cups on me right now, and we sipping on 44

Gotta take a chance if you never take the risk then you'll never know

I need my advance, if I do not get my bands I won't rock the show

Too much on my mind, I just smoke then I get high then I let it go

What goes up comes down many sh*its gon' come around like a merry go

I pull up to the mall if I like then I see it I 'ma get me those

And I don't even f*uck with y'all, gotta keep the circle small like Cheerios

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Tell my mama I 'ma put her on game, I 'ma put her on a brand new home

For all the sh*it that she did for me

I promise that I' ma pay her back a hundred fold

[Hook: Ecco]

Flame - Home Run download

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