Descendants 3 cast, release date, trailer, full movie

Descendants 3 cast, release date, trailer, full movie

Are you a fan of the Descendants series? If yes, you must have been eager to know when Descendant 3 would premiere. Like in the first movies, descendant 2 came to an end with a cast member telling the viewers, "you did not think this was the completion of the tale, did you?". Of course, it was certainly not the end as Disney Channel officially confirmed the release of Descendants 3.

Descendants 3

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The release of Descendants 3 marked another excursion for the young kids of classic Disney antiheroes: Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, the Evil Queen, and Jafar. The first sequel was very successful, having been viewed by almost 9 million viewers in the United States of America on the night of the premier. The audience later rose to 21 million inclusive of the delayed viewing. The movie was a hit in the United Kingdom too with a total viewership of 1.3 million by the end of November since it premiered on October 20, 2017.

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Descendants cast

Are you wondering who will be in the Descendants 3 cast? Well, all the original actors and actresses will be reappearing in Descendant 3. This means that Mitchell Hope, Cameron Boyce, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart and Dove Cameron will be in the sequel. This is because the story has always revolved around them.

Sadly, one of the cast, Cameron Boyce, passed on in July 2019 at the age of 20. However, the actor will still feature in Disney Descendant 3, having completed his work on the film before his death. Brenna D'Amico will return to her role as Jane, the daughter to the pixie godmother. China Anne McClain will be coming back as Uma.

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Other Descendants characters making a comeback include Jedidiah Goodacre as Chad Charming (son of Cinderella and Prince Charming) Sarah Jeffery as Princess Audrey, Zachary Gibson as Thomas Doherty as Harry Hook and Anna Cathcart as Dizzy.

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New characters in the Descendants Disney 3 include Jamal Sims who is playing The Princes and the Frog's scoundrel Dr Facilier. Jadah Marie will be starring as Dr Facilier's daughter, Celia. On the other hand, the American Horror Story's Cheyenne Jackson plays the role of Hercules antihero Hades. Luke Roessler (Legion) and Christian Convery will be coming on board as squeaky and Squirmy, the children of Peter Pan's Mr Smee. There is a likelihood of getting new characters, including the addition of Mal's dad who was confirmed to be joining the cast in the film's teaser.

Descendants 3 trailer

The first teaser for the threequel was released on February 15, 2019, during the live-action movie premiere of Kim Possible in the US. The teaser is about 30 seconds long. It shows Mal, Elvie, Carlos and Jay back together with several familiar faces from the previous films. In the teaser, they are seen fighting, singing and coming face to face with Hades. Another more extended trailer was released on April 5, 2019. This teaser gave more hint of the movie's plot as the team battle a sleeping spell that has taken over Auradon.

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The third and final teaser was released on June 16, 2019, along with a new synopsis of the threequel. Jay, Carlos, Mal and Evie come back to the Island of the Lost to recruit a new group of evil children to join them at Auradon prep. The synopsis read

"When a barrier breach jeopardized the safety of Auradon, during their departure of the Isle, Mal decides to close the barrier permanently. She feared that nemeses Uma and Hades would destroy vengeance on the kingdom. In spite of her choice, a deep dark power looms in the community of Auradon. It is up to Mal and the VKs to keep all and sundry safe in their most epic fight yet."

Descendants 3 release date

Descendants 3 cast

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When does Descendants 3 come out? After waiting for ages for an official release date, the movie finally premiered on Friday, August 2 in the United States of America on Disney Channel. When Disney confirmed the release of the film this year, they marked the occasion with the version of the movie's opening song known as 'Good To Be Bad.' For Descendants 3 full movie, the release was slightly later than the first two movies as they were both launched in late July.

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Descendant 3 plot

Wondering what Disney Descendants 3 is all about? Here is an overview of the movie. After a classic encounter involving Mal and Uma as a huge octopus and a dragon correspondingly, Descendants 2 came to an end with Ben and Mal reuniting and Uma going for a dip. Mal gave her spellbook to the Fairy Godmother, and Dizzy accepted a bid to attend Auradon Prep with everybody else.

Back in Auradon, Audrey, using a sleeping spell attacks everyone at Jane's birthday. Chad submissively supports Audrey while Jane hides in the charmed lake. As the whole kingdom falls under Audrey's spell, she promises to reverse it if Ben will agree to marry her. Ben, however, turns down the offer, so she turns him into a beast and begins turning people to stone.

Uma and Mal are vying for the leadership of the VKs. They return to Auradon with their friends. Uma discovers Audrey's journal and finds out that she devotes much time at Fairy Cottage, a contribution for which Mal thanks her. Evie, afraid to show her feelings for Doug, wakes him with a kiss. Carlos calms Ben, who is still in a monster form until Jane reinstates him with lake water. As Uma and Mal are softening towards each other, Audrey holds them hostage in Evie's house. Luckily, they succeed in reversing the spell by merging their magic, and the kids reunite there.

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At the Fairy Cottage, the kids find Chad who is shell-shocked. Mal admits that she plans to seal off the Isle permanently and the group implodes. Celia, learning that she can never see her dad again, throws the ember in a birdbath and Harry and Uma leave.

After Evie tells Mal how angry she is for lying to her and their friends, they are suddenly turned into stone apart from Mal. Audrey captures Celia and takes her hostage. She also attacks Mal, who changes into her dragon form. Mal can overcome Audrey, who falls comatose, and the curses are finally lifted.

The glowing coal could restore Audrey, but only Hade has it. Ben promises to look for him, while Gil, Celia, Uma and Harry plan to return to the island. Mal apologizes for telling lies. Her friends and former enemies forgive her as they understood that she was trying to do the right thing. Hade finally arrives and revives Audrey but disagrees with the double standard by which Audrey is easily forgiven and not considered a villain. Ben and Mal ask for forgiveness from Audrey, and in a retort, Audrey and Leah express regret to Mal.

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Mal openly admits that she cannot be the Empress of Auradon unless she governs over Isle too. With Ben and the Pixie Godmother's promise, Mal eliminates the hurdle and makes a bridge. The people of the recently combined society make merry. Additionally, Carlos and Jane officiate their relationship. Mal and Ben are affianced, and Audrey has a soft spot for Harry after Uma turns him down. In the mid-credits scene, Jay, Carlos, Mal and Evie are seen looking at the Isle of the Lost, then racing across the bridge to their parents.

Will there be any new villains?

Details on additional details on the cast have not been made public yet, but looking at the teaser, it seems like viewers will get to see Mal's father. One confirmed villain will be among the cast. Cheyenne Jackson will be playing the role of Hades (the ruler of the Underworld from Hercules) in the movie. Cheyenne has made appearances on Broadway in shows like The Performers, Finian's Rainbow, Xanadu, All Shook Up, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Aida, according to Playbill. On TV, he's appeared on American Horror Story.

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Will the characters rock new looks?

China McClain recently shared a behind the scenes look. Uma will be rocking a new hairstyle, and it looks incredible. Mitchell Hope is also seen in the video talking to China as she gets ready for the shoot. However, that is not the only change Uma will be having in the Descendant Disney 3 movie. All the stars of the film are clothed in new costumes this time around.

Is filming for Descendants 3 2019 finalized?

When is Descendants 3 coming out? The cast began rehearsing and pre-recording on the film on April 23, 2018. Consequently, filming took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Production for the same commenced on May 25, 2018. On July 18, 2018, it was reported on social media that production on the film had officially ended. Descendants 3 is said to be the last film of the series.

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The Descendant 3 full movie was released to the theatres on August 2, 2019. The original four came together one last time before officially saying goodbye to the film series. After finishing filming the last scenes, Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson posted heartwarming tributes to their Descendant cast, especially the original four.

Director and writers

Sara Parriott and Josann McGibbon ('Three Men and a Little Lady' and 'Runaway Bride) wrote the screenplay for the third season. On the other hand, Kenny Ortega ('High School Musical 3: Senior Year) returned to direct after helming the Descendants 1 and 2.

It has been a long journey to the launching of the Disney Descendant 3 movie. Judging by the reaction of the viewers, the network has another successful franchise on their hands. The movie includes not only cosmological acts full of remarkable dances and sweet lyrics but also has interesting tunes that summarize everything good about the film. The full Descendant 3 soundtrack is also available for pre-order from Walt Disney Records on various digital music platforms. All Descendants full movies are available for streaming and download on various digital platforms as well.

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