Bachelor in Paradise 2019: cast, spoilers, where to watch

Bachelor in Paradise 2019: cast, spoilers, where to watch

Bachelor in Paradise is a reality television series based on contestant elimination. The series premiered in 2014 as a spinoff to the popular shows The Bachelorette and The Bachelor. The show is now in its sixth season and has had its fair share of drama, allegations of misconduct and an ever-growing fan base. The show features an uneven number of men and women where contestants who do not get partners immediately leave the show.

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The sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise takes place in the Mexican town of Sayulita. While the show initially began as ABC's way of filling in time between The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars, it has turned into the franchise's most entertaining show. Bachelor in Paradise (BiP) has less pretence than the originial Bachelor shows since the contestants show up and live freely. What do you know about the contestants who will be on this year's show?

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Bachelor in Paradise cast
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Here is a brief description of the members of the cast for the 2019 edition of Bachelor in Paradise.

Demi Burnett

Demi Burnett first featured in the twenty-third season of the Bachelor. She was among the contestants battling to get Colton Underwood's rose. Burnett lasted six weeks in the show before being dismissed after telling Colton that she was falling in love with him.

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Demi returns to the screens in 2019 on the sixth season of the show. While on The Bachelor, Demi began dating Kristian Haggerty. The two were expected to get engaged.

John Paul Jones

Paul was on Hannah's episode of The Bachelorette, where he made quite an impression with viewers. Hannah surprised a lot of people by letting him remain on the show for quite long. His character was a welcome break from the drama associated with Hannah's season.

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Some fans even asked ABC network to make him the next Bachelor for the upcoming installation of the popular show.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes

The former Miss USA 2018 finalist appeared in Colton's season of The Bachelor. Caelynn was a fan favourite during the 23rd season of the popular television show. She earned acclaim for telling the story of her survival as a sexual assault victim.

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The professional model had suggested that while she was not interested in being the Bachelorette, she considered being in BiP.

Onyeka Ehie

The beautiful Onyeka is of Nigerian descent with both her parents hailing from the West African country. She is an IT risk consultant and first appeared in Colton's season of The Bachelor. She lasted five weeks in the show and is now back for the sixth instalment of the show.

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Onyeka's parents got engaged after merely two weeks on dating. She could certainly do with that kind of luck in her pursuit of getting the Bachelor's rose.

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Hannah Godwin

Hannah is a professional model from Alabama who endorses different fashion brands. She was the first contestant to receive a rose from the Bachelor in the 23rd edition of the show. Hannah as among the final three contestants whom fans feel were treated somewhat unfairly by the Bachelor.

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At the beginning of the show, Colton (the Bachelor) kissed her and told her that she reminded him a lot about his home before handing her the rose.

Tayshia Adams

Adams is a fitness instructor, phlebotomist and reality television star from California. Like other contestants in BiP, she was in the twenty-third season of The Bachelor. Tayshia was among the strongest contestants to win Colton's love.

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Fans felt disappointed that the jovial television star was not made the Bachelorette. By joking the cast for 2019's BiP, Tayshia will get another shot at love.

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Cam Ayala

Ayala was one of the contestants on Hannah's edition of The Bachelorette. He made a strong start and even kissed the Bachelorette on the show's premiere. Cam is a sales manager from currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

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While he never quite got along with Hannah, Cam's extreme character will be worth watching in the new BiP. Fans felt that he tried too much to win Hannah's love when he should have been doing a lot less.

Bibiana Julian

Julian was from Ari's Bachelor season (22nd edition) as well as BiP season five. Bibiana was well known for her outspoken views regarding other contestants. While she was not named the Bachelorette, Julian won the hearts of many fans as well as recognition from the producers at ABC.

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She was chosen to join the cast of the show's spinoff, The Bachelor: Winter Games. Fans took to social media to express the discontent over Julian's elimination from Ari's season.

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Blake Horstmann

Blake was from Becca's Bachelorette season. He was a fan favourite, and most people expected the Bachelorette to choose him. However, she had other plans and shattered a lot of fans' expectations. Blake is back for the sixth edition of BiP.

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He is a sales manager and has been quite successful in his work and self-made enterprise.

Clay Harbor

Clay is a professional football player who plays as a tight end for the New Orleans Saints. He was on the fourteenth edition of The Bachelorette. Clay did not last long while trying to win Becca Kufrin's love, but that could be an advantage. Unlike other contestants, he has an almost clean slate when joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast.

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The footballer was eliminated from Becca's season due to a wrist injury that forced him to undergo surgery.

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Wills Reid

Wills is a graphic designer who was among the contestants in The Bachelorette 22. He is also among the contestants on the sixth season of Paradise who appeared in the fifth season. Becca said that eliminating Reid was her toughest decision yet during the show. Jason Tartic was instead chosen at the expense of Reid. A section of fans wanted Raid to be cast as the Bachelor, but an appearance on Paradise is not a bad option either.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar

Nicole was one of the contestants on Colton's Bachelor season. She was at the centre of one of the 23rd season's most significant fights, and we can expect more drama surrounding this bubbly beauty. She earned herself a considerable fan base, especially when she appeared at the Women Tell All.

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During 2019's BiP, she finds romance with fellow contestant, Clay Harbor. The two even go on an overnight date although they do not end up being engaged.

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Wells Adams

Wells is one of those people who were almost certain to be appearing in 2019's Bachelor in Paradise. He is best known for giggling, teasing and advising the show's contestants as they choose their preferred romantic partners. Unlike other seasons where Adam's could steal a kiss from some of the contestants, this one might be different since he is officially dating. He is allegedly in a relationship with Sarah Hyland from television show Modern Family.

Kevin Fortenberry

Kevin was in Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette. He works as a behavioural health specialist who helps army veterans overcome trauma. During his appearance in the popular television show, he admitted that he had not found his perfect match because love is too hard. He was among the contestants who never made it long into the show. His appearance in the 2019 reality show is another chance for the soft-spoken Kevin to find love.

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Katie Morton

Katie was on the twenty-third edition of The Bachelor. She was in the running to receive the Bachelor's rose until her elimination on the sixth week. Katie is among the contestants who are almost certain to stir up drama in the reality show.

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During Colton's season of The Bachelor, she snitched on two other contestants for considering the possibility of becoming Bachelorettes if they did not win. She also won fans' favour for showing how loyal she can be.

Derek Peth

Derek is from Jojo's Bachelorette and also appeared in the fourth edition of BiP. Before joining the cast of the reality show, he worked on Wall Street as a banker. After he got heartbroken by Jojo Fletcher, he began dating Taylor Nolan although the two would later call it quits. We will wait and see how things out for the former contestant.

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Chris Bukowski

Chris is probably the contestant with the most appearances in The Bachelor franchise. He has made appearances in six seasons with the runner up, Nick Viall only appearing in four. He first appeared on Emily Maynard's edition of The Bachelorette in 2012. He stayed in the running for significantly long before being eliminated as the fourth remaining contestant. Maybe the sixth time will be Bukowski's lucky try.

Sydney Lotuaco

Sydney is a dancer as well as a television personality. She burst into the limelight after appearing on the 23rd season of The Bachelor. She left the show out of her own free will citing that she knows what she wants.

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She was among the contestants who warned the Bachelor about Caelynn and Cassie pointing out that they were not mature enough for commitment.

Annaliese Puccini

Annaliese was among the contestants in BiP season five. Things did not go so well for the jovial Annaliese. Her then-boyfriend, Kamil Nicalek broke up with her in front of the show's host and millions of viewers. In an interview, Annaliese narrated about the overwhelming support she received during this challenging moment. We can only hope that someone in the show treats her well this time around.

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Jane Averbukh

Jane was eliminated in the first week of Colton's Bachelor season. However, she made enough of an impact to earn her spot in the sixth season of BiP. Jane has a Master's degree and a stable career to back it up. The sixth instalment of the BiP (Bachelor in Paradise) franchise could be Jane's chance to shine and get a rose finally.

Dylan Barbour

Dylan recently hinted that he might be dating Hannah Godwin, a BiP star. He is one of the quietest guys appearing on the bachelor TV show franchise. He appeared in the official ABC networks portraits for the latest Bachelor in Paradise. This laid-back basketball player is also the co-founder of a fitness company. We hope the newest edition of the bachelor series will bring Dylan out of his shell.

Kristina Schulman

Kristina will be back for the sixth edition of BiP after having her heart broken by Dean Unglert two years ago. Previews hint at Kristina being involved with Blake Horstmann. This puts her in a thrilling entanglement since Blake is also involved with Caelynn, Hannah and Tayshia. The former contestant was on the fourth edition of Paradise.

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Mike Johnson

Mike is one of the frontrunners to become the next Bachelor. When ABC announced that he would be on Paradise, it sounded alarming. Some feel that the announcement ruins his chances of becoming the 2019 bachelor. However, former Bachelors Nick and Colton were also on Paradise before becoming the Bachelor.

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His personality, fan base, honesty and readiness to be engaged all make him a fan favourite to land the role.

Jordan Kimball

Jordan first appeared in the bachelor nation on the fourteenth season of The Bachelorette (Becca's). He was eliminated in the fifth week but reappeared on the fifth edition of Bachelor in Paradise in 2018. He fell in love with Jenna Cooper going as far as being engaged. After the show ended, the pair broke up after allegations of Jenna having an affair surfaced. Fans will be hoping to see the charming side of Kimball that they witnessed in 2018.

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Luke Stone

Luke was on Hannah's edition of The Bachelorette. Hannah had been dumped in public by Colton Underwood on The Bachelor before becoming the star of the next season. Luke got into an altercation with another contestant named Luke, which should make his appearance on the 2019 show exciting. Let us wait and see whether the Fraioli & Associates consultant can find his luck this time.

Dean Unglert

Dean initially appeared on Rachel's episode of The Bachelorette making it to the final four before he was eliminated. He is probably relieved that the attention in this year's show will be on several other guys. He is perhaps remembered among fans for breaking Kristina Schulman's heart a few years ago.

Chris Harrison

The reality show would not be complete without good old Chris telling guys when to hand out roses. Chris has successfully hosted numerous seasons of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

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The top Bachelor in Paradise spoilers

What happened on Bachelor in Paradise preview video? This year's Bachelor in Paradise brings together some of the most dramatic, epic and fun contestants in the bachelor nation together. Here is a detailed Bachelor in Paradise recap of what to expect.

Three engagements before the Bachelor in Paradise finale

There are three engagements slated to take place during this sixth season. These are:

  • Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour
  • Kristian Haggerty and Demi Burnett
  • Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski

Several couples do not make it to the end of the season

As happens with the rest of the shows in The Bachelor franchise, various people pair up in romantic unions. However, not everyone gets their fairy tale ending. Here are a few couples who will not make it to the end of Bachelor in Paradise 2019:

  • Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones
  • Angela Amezcua and Chase McNary
  • Bri Barnes and Matt Donald

Anyone not part of these six will either get engaged by the end of the show or come up empty.

The Bachelor in Paradise top pairings

Sydney and Mike Johnson have some apparent chemistry between them. Tayshia and Derek will also have something going on, which makes Derek and Jones get into a fight. Kristina and Blake try to have a relationship and even give each other friend roses. However, that does not end well, and both of them leave before the show ends.

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Luke Stone and Onyeka leave the show after failing to pair up with anyone. Fortenberry, Ayala and Reid are all eliminated. Mike Johnson also goes home.

There is a wedding

Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson are rumoured to be getting married in Mexico during the sixth season of BiP. This does not come as much of a surprise since the fan-favourite couple threw an engagement party in 2018. The wedding will be part of filming 2019's Bachelor in Paradise. They had several of the show's former contestants at the party. These included Annaliese, Jared, Josh, Angela, Katie, Jade and Heather.

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Some news from one of Hannah's bachelors

Fans probably remember Connor Saeli. He was the tall Bachelor who comforted Hannah when she fell ill. He did not make it to the show's finale. Well, he met Whitney Fransway at Chris and Krystal's wedding, and the two hit it off. Saeli waits for Whiney to arrive and dates Caelynn briefly. When he realizes that Whitney will not show, he leaves the show. Whitney comes to the show later but also goes when she realizes that Connor left. The two then get together. What a couple!

Demi and Kristian's love

The show's first same-gender coupling is a massive step for the show. Demi says that she has been dating someone special who will join the show at some point. When her girlfriend shows up, she lets everyone know that Kristian is the woman she has been dating. Demi and Kristian have allegedly been together since the beginning of the year.

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However, some critics feel that this couple's pairing is extremely pre-planned and not necessarily a step towards inclusiveness. Whatever the motive is, it is still a monumental decision.

Christian and Jordan's fistfight

Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada (from Becca's Bachelorette) get into a fight over a piñata. In the Bachelor in Paradise scandal, Estrada buys the piñata for Nicole, but Kimball tries to rip it apart. The two get into an altercation before security personnel and producers separate them. The two ultimately leave the show with neither looking particularly great.

Caelynn and Dean's romance

Caelynn did not have a terrific run at Colton's bachelor season. She then got caught up in Blake's drama later. On the 2019 edition of BiP, Caelynn seems to have found someone. Dean gives her a rose and then leaves the show stating that he cannot see the relationship continuing. Caelynn moves on and gets involved with Connor. However, Dean returns later and expresses his love for Caelynn. The two leave the show together. This could perhaps work out great for Caelynn who has been on a series of unsuccessful relationships.

Where to watch Bachelor in Paradise

  • Watch on ABC: If you have cable TV, you can catch all the Bachelor in Paradise full episodes live. You can also download the ABC app or watch the show on ABC's website.
  • Watch on Hulu: If you have the live television option on Hulu, then you can watch BiP on the night of the day each episode takes place. For those with regular Hulu subscriptions, you will be able to watch each episode on the next morning.
  • Streaming services: If you do not have cable TV or Hulu, then you can watch Bachelor in Paradise online. PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV and DIRECTV all support the ABC network's streaming service. YouTube's streaming service even offers a two-week trial period so you can take advantage of that.

2019 Bachelor in Paradise episodes will be aired on Monday and Tuesday nights unlike regular Bachelor and Bachelorette shows. Keep your fingers crossed for twice the drama.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers
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The sixth edition of Bachelor in Paradise promises to be action-packed. Unlike The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the paradise edition of the franchise is usually less formal and therefore more interesting to watch. The combination of personalities, ambitions, dreams and chemistry between the contestants should make for an exciting view. For lovers of drama, this is one of the 2019 shows to keep an eye out for.

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