Nigerians slam man for defending teen marriages

Nigerians slam man for defending teen marriages

- A Nigerian man has taken to social media to support teen marriages

- Identified as Mustapha Mohammad, he stated that as long as the girl is ripe and mature then it’s okay

- He further stated that what should be the main focus is preaching against divorce

The issue of Child marriage has become one of the most talked about issues in Nigeria. While it has received major backlash, it appears there are still people who support this practice.

One of whom is this Nigerian man identified as Mustapha Mohammad. He took to social media to defend 16-year-old girls getting married off.

According to him, as long as these girls are old mature enough then it’s okay. He went on to defend his point saying that it’s better to marry them off than risk them experimenting with pre-marital intercourse.

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Mohammad however did not stop there. He went on to state that the issue people should be focused on is the training men on how to be mature enough to handle a marriage rather than resort to divorce.

When he received criticisms for his view point, he stated that it is absurd to allow a 16-year-old have pre-marital intercourse but not allowed to get married.

Many people have since reacted to his post, regarding it as ridiculous. See reactions below:

This is coming after a Nigerian man identified as Umar Ibrahim on Twitter recently weighed in on child marriage in a tweet shared on his page. The individual narrated a heartrending experience he had with a young mother. Then, he spoke against underage marriage.

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In his tweet, Umar started out by begging leaders and northern folks in his immediate environments to speak against child marriage. He recounted how painful it was to watch a young girl struggle to carry a child on her back.

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