Pastor reportedly sends Catholic guests out of church during wedding ceremony

Pastor reportedly sends Catholic guests out of church during wedding ceremony

- A pastor in Benue has reportedly offended a number of Catholic faithfuls

- The pastor allegedly sent out all the Catholic members in the church during a wedding ceremony

- According to the preacher, the 2019 laws adopted by the church does not allow non-NKST faithfuls ‘dabble into their holy house of worship’

Religion has caused a lot of division among Nigerians perhaps because they feel their way of serving God is superior to the other.

It is common for there to be clash between Christians and Muslims but some churches have now stopped even Christian worshippers from other denominations from worshipping with them. has gathered the report of a Nongu u Kristu u i Ser u sha Tar (NKST) church in Benue that sent out Catholics from the church during a wedding ceremony.

According to the report shared by one Ferdinand Mary on Facebook, the preacher ordered every Catholic faithfuls participating in the altar procession of the couple to leave the church immediately.

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The reason given for the action was that in the 2019 law adopted by the church, it does not allow non-NKST members dabble into their holy house of worship.

It was also gathered that Catholics made up about 50% of the guests at the ceremony seeing as the bride was from a Catholic family.

Ferdinand Mary wrote on Facebook: “IT'S SHOCKING! NKST PASTOR IN GBOKO, SENT CATHOLIC FAITHFULS OUT BARRED THEM FROM WEDDING PARTICIPATION. In what seems a joke but came to limelight today in NKST Church, Bristow in Gboko, threw me off balance when the pastor in charge of The NKST, Bristow- Gboko church ordered all catholic faithfuls participating in the procession to the alter for both, the bride and groom who were part of wedding ceremony to leave the church immediately, saying it was the 2019 law,accepted and adopted by the church henceforth . the new law does not allow a non NKST practitioners to dabble into their holy house of worship.
"The action by the pastor, never went down well with catholic families who were present and who made up 50% of guests to witness the wedding solemnization, prompted immediate negative reactions even among members of the NKST family who condemned the development . In a chat wit some of the guests, most were of the view that, such laws were out dated especially now that Christianity was facing challenge of unity and if NKST was introducing segregation laws, it was regrettable. He also observed that it was a pastor of the NKST in the state that is currently heading Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, pastor Akpen Leva.
"A guest of the groom who came from makurdi, condemned the pastor's action, saying he, the pastor was not fit to gather Christians for Christ. Mr. G. James posted that, the pastor if he never liked the catholics would have advised the young man, Sam Vihi, not to pick his wife keziah from a Catholic family, a family that has produced a Rev. Father. Only for him to disgrace young men and ladies well dressed, including the best man to such humiliation. He called on NKST authority world wide and Benue CAN to take action not to separate these two bodies, "Fada man Ortese". The wedding however took place with out that great part of colourful display and catholics faithfuls abstaining from service."

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Nawa o.

Segregation in the place of worship should not be encouraged.

Meanwhile previously reported that a photo of six churches spotted in just one building has caused a stir on social media.

There are several times people have come on social media to complain about the noise they have to deal with in their homes because a church is located close by. Some have taken even more decisive actions and seen to the church getting closed or completely shut down.

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