What is the biggest dog in the world: largest pups of all time

What is the biggest dog in the world: largest pups of all time

Dog lovers, prepare to get excited! You are about to see the dogs that are so huge that you will not believe your eyes. These furry friends will definitely protect you and your house from any trouble. Though, despite being so big, some of them are total sweethearts! Are you curious already? Read about the biggest dog in the world, see which breed holds this title, and what is the name of the dog who is officially the largest.

What is the biggest dog in the world 2019?
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Domestic pets are a unique phenomenon. We take care of them and consider them to be members of our family. When you get tired of people and social life, you spend time with your pet who will always be by your side. Dogs are special animals: even though they derived from aggressive wolves, they are the most precious and loving pets to have.

A dog is the best friend you can ever have. It is also confirmed by all those sentimental dog movies – we all cry our eyes out when we watch them. It is hard to say which dog breed is the best, but many people have preferences of their own, depending on many factors. Quite often, the size of the hound is one of these factors as well.

World's biggest dog – which one is it?

All the dogs should be appreciated, but many people, especially those who live in the countryside, prefer bigger dogs who would be the protectors of their house and make sure no one attempts to break in there. So, they would like to know the answer to the question: "What's the biggest dog in the world?".

Doing in-depth research can surely take a lot of time, so we did all the work for you. You will not only learn the answers to "What is the largest dog in the world?" and "What is its backstory?" but also see the rating of the biggest dog breeds and find out more about them. It is tough to choose just one of these beautiful hounds because they all deserve love and dedication.

Before we move on to the ratings, here are some fun facts about the biggest dog on earth, according to the official Guinness World Records book. These will amaze you!

Largest dog in the world

Biggest dog in the world
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The biggest dog in the world, as the Guinness World Records 2018 book states, is called Freddy. He broke the previous record and became the tallest dog alive in the world. Freddy is a huge Great Dane, whose height is 1.035 m (3 feet 4.17 inches). This large hound lives in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, together with his owner Claire Stoneman.

Claire speaks fondly of her gigantic pet, saying that she first got him a few weeks earlier than she should have because Freddy had problems with feeding off his mom. The Great Dane was a regular puppy, and there was no indication that he will ever grow so big. Claire definitely did not expect him to become huge, let alone the biggest dog in the world and the Guinness World Record breaker. Except for Freddy, Claire also owns another canine – his sister Fleur, even though she is not anywhere as huge as her brother.

As Claire states, she has to spend 10,000 pounds a year on the pet food, because Freddy's diet is exceptional due to his sizes. The owner says that every day he needs 250g of casserole stick, 300g of the liver, and 1kg of minced beef. Overall, Freddy is a troublemaker – he and Fleur have destroyed a total of twenty-six sofas. They just ate the furniture while Claire was at work, simply chewing on it until it stopped being good-looking and usable. Despite that, however, Freddy is an adorable and lovable hound. Most of all, he enjoys getting paw massage.

Who is the biggest dog ever?

Freddy is not the tallest dog in history – he is only the tallest among currently living canines. The honorary title belongs to Zeus, who, like Freddy, was also the Great Dane. He was owned by Kevin Doorlag, the veterinary technician from Otsego, Michigan, who adopted the hound together with his wife, Denise. Zeus was 111.8 cm tall (3 feet 8 inches), and weighed 155 pounds. By the way, when Zeus stood on his hind legs, he was 223 cm (7 feet 4 inches) high! He appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records twice – in 2012 and 2013. The interesting fact is that the previous holder of the biggest dog title, Giant George, was also a Great Dane, and was only one inch shorter than his successor. Due to his sizes, Zeus had to consume 30 lbs of dog food per day. The owner of Zeus described his dog as a "gentle giant."

Zeus, the Great Dane, was adopted by the Doorlag family when he was only eight weeks old. They got the puppy from the couple who just had a litter. As Kevin Doorlag remembered, they instantly fell in love with Zeus. Eventually, he became a certified therapy animal, who attended hospitals and helped people by sitting on their laps. Kevin was thrilled to see people's reactions when Zeus interacted with them because it seemed like this puppy's purpose was to make everyone smile.

Kevin's wife Denise recalled the most bizarre questions connected with Zeus. People asked whether he was a horse, and where his saddle was. Generally, however, the couple was very grateful that people accepted and loved their pet so much, and acknowledged that he touched a lot of lives. Zeus had a popular page on Facebook with a large following, even though after his passing the owners took it down. He passed away at the young age of 5, just before his 6th birthday. The causes of death were natural, and Kevin announced that his pet was showing old age symptoms for quite some time. Even though Zeus is no longer in this world, his name is forever written in history as the largest dog that ever lived.

The heaviest dog ever

If we take weight into account instead of size, there was a Mastiff dog who weighed the whole 365 pounds! His name was Cloe, and he lived in the 1980s in Tibet. Even though Mastiffs are usually a large breed, the average weight among them is 190 pounds, which is nearly twice less than Cloe's weight. When this canine turned eight years old in 1989, his size was equal to the large donkey size.

The biggest dog in the world rating

Large dog
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Now that you know some unique puppy stories, it is time for the biggest dog rating. If you were planning to get a large canine, you can take a look at the list of the biggest dogs in the world and determine which of them catches your interest.

10. French Mastiff

French Mastiff
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Source: UGC

On first sight, this dog breed might look intimidating because of their piercing eyes and serious expression. However, do not be fooled by the cover, because the French mastiff dogs, which are also known under the name "Bordeaux mastiff" or "Dogue de Bordeaux", are very affectionate, loving and loyal to their owner.

These dogs have a powerful and muscular body and are able to help out with pulling the dog carts and carrying heavy objects. They also have highly developed guarding abilities. Long ago, the French mastiffs were guarding the castles that belonged to European nobles. The dogs of this breed usually weigh up to 140 pounds, and their height reaches up to 26 inches.

9. Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd
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Source: UGC

This dog breed originates from ancient Turkey and is alternatively called "Karabash". Usually, large dog breeds have a shorter lifespan than small ones, but this one is an exception: one of the reasons why you should consider getting an Anatolian shepherd is that the average dog of this breed lives around 13-15 years.

You should keep in mind, however, that the Anatolian shepherds are not very good for families with children, because they can demonstrate some aggressive behaviour. Usually, these dogs are used for guard purposes: they protect livestock and possess a very high speed that allows them to track down various predators. The average Anatolian shepherd's weight is 140 pounds, and they can reach 32 inches when it comes to height.

8. Newfoundland

Newfoundland dog
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This breed is very large and has a great capacity to learn. Originally, the Newfoundland puppies were bred for assisting Canadian fishers with their work, but later they started performing many more tasks and even acting like life saviours.

There is a popular story circulating about the Newfoundland dog Rigel saving people in one of the lifeboats on the sinking ship Titanic, and making sure they got noticed by the rescue team from the Carpathia ship. Also, there is a very famous fictional dog of this breed – her name is Nana, and she is from the Peter Pan play. In this work by J.M. Barrie, she watches over children. Newfoundland dogs truly make wonderful pets and companions. Their weight can reach up to 150 pounds, while their height is 29 inches average.

7. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff
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Source: UGC

The dogs of this breed normally possess a high level of intelligence and independence. Despite what you might think, they are actually very quiet. However, their guard skills are exceptional: they are incredibly protective of their owners. Their appearance is quite fearsome, and the owners of large properties often obtain these dogs for protection purposes. Just like the other Mastiff dogs, this one is quite large: its height at the shoulders is 31 inches, and they weigh up to 150 pounds.

6. Leonberger

Leonberger dog
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Source: UGC

This breed is one of the biggest ones, and also one of the noblest and beautiful. They are also very affectionate and passionate, like the Newfoundlands, only they can reach even bigger sizes. The Leonbergers have a double coat, muscular body, and intelligent look in their eyes. Every person who loves large and smart dogs would enjoy having a Leonberger at home. Quite often, they serve as search and rescue dogs and are successful in this job. The average weight of a male dog of this breed is 170 pounds, and they can also be around 31 inches tall.

5. Irish wolfhound

Irish wolfhound
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Source: UGC

As it can be seen from the name, the Irish wolfhound breed originally came from Ireland and was used for hunting the wolves. Even though the Irish wolfhound dogs have a harsh background, they are very sociable (if you work with them properly) and adapt perfectly to family life. They are one of the tallest dog breeds and are suited for the countryside rather than the urban way of life. They usually reach 180 pounds in height with their enormously long legs, and their weight is averagely 32 inches.

4. Great Dane

The Great Dane
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There is a reason why this breed had so many world record breakers, the impressive stories of which you have read above. The Great Danes are very easy-going and full of joy, but being an owner of such a sizable dog is a huge commitment. The hounds of this breed are very often fondly called "the Apollo of dogs."

They are sweet and loving, but despite this, they are also excellent at guarding homes and scaring off intruders. By the way, probably the most popular fictional Great Dane, who also showed the amazing nature of this breed to people of all ages, is none other than the famous cartoon character Scooby-Doo. An average height of a Great Dane is 32-34 inches, and weight fluctuates between 150 and 180 pounds.

3. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard
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Source: UGC

The St. Bernard dogs are very loyal, friendly, affectionate, and always drooling. They received their name after the hospice St. Bernard, where they were originally helping out with comforting injured people.

Nowadays, people from all over the world fondly adopt this hound into their home. They are very versatile and obedient, and they possess a massive strength. It is not surprising, because a St. Bernard is one of the heaviest dogs in the world. The weight of such a dog reaches 200 pounds average, and some of them even go up to 260 pounds. As for their height, it ranges around 35 inches.

2. Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd
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Source: UGC

This breed, also known as "Ovcharka," originally came from the Caucasian mountains and have gained popularity among the lovers of large dogs. They are gorgeous pets who have a loyal look in their eyes and can give the best hugs due to their fluffy coat. However, note that they only get truly attached to the owners who can find a good approach to them.

Without discipline and love, they can get aggressive, especially with the other canines – no wonder this breed is frequently used to guard livestock. If you are an experienced dog owner who can get along with such a shepherd, then it will make your nights a little warmer. An average height of Caucasian Shepherd is 30 inches, and as for the weight, it is up to 220 pounds.

1. English Mastiff

English Mastiff
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Source: UGC

A beautiful English Mastiff is a dream of everyone who always wanted to get themselves a large furry companion. Not a single burglar will consider invading the home of the English Mastiff owner. Usually, their weight exceeds all expectations, ranging from 200 to 230 pounds. Speaking of height, it is 36 inches average. However, despite all the measurements that might let you think this dog is scary, the experience of canine owners proves the opposite: the English Mastiffs are sweet and loyal.

The story of the biggest dog in the world is fascinating, and we believe you were impressed by it. The big dog breeds definitely deserve more love, as they are great at showing affection and protecting their owners from different dangers of the world.

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