Exclusive: She poisoned him - Pastor Iginla's brother speaks on marital scandal, makes new allegations

Exclusive: She poisoned him - Pastor Iginla's brother speaks on marital scandal, makes new allegations

Following the scandalous events that have enveloped popular Abuja-based pastor Joshua Iginla and his ex-wife, Yemisi, Legit.ng had a correspondence with the brother of the man of God to assert the truth of the matter.

The sibling whose name is Precious Iginla opened up about Yemisi's role in the eventual crash of the marriage just as he revealed a new secret about Joshua's new wife.

In this exclusive interview, Precious Iginla who was dispassionate about the entire affair condemned Joshua Iginla's wife and claimed that she was the one who caused trouble in the marriage, and eventually, pushed her husband to the wall, so much that he was forced to divorce her.

According to Precious, Yemisi tried to kill her husband by poisoning him. Even more, Precious claimed Yemisi orchestrated the messy separation and feud between Joshua Iginla and himself.

He revealed that due to her lies, manipulations and attempt to kill him, he was frustrated during his service to his brother. This was despite the fact that Yemisi's own sister Bunmi was a key part of the ministry.

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He said: "This is what an African woman in America does to her husband. As soon you take them to America; as soon as our African woman discover their right in the constitution of that country, they use it against their husband. Is it a sin to take your wife to America like Yemisi my former wicked in-law who became a thorn in the flesh of her husband? For there to be a revolution, a man needs to kick against the system.

"Revolution! Revolution! That is what has happened. She was the reason I left the ministry of my brother after she poisoned me, but God did not kill me. She poisoned my brother too, brother Joshua Iginla, but God did not kill him too because she wanted to get her way to all the assets of my brother.

"I became her primary threat and other members of my family so she went ahead to say lots of rubbish about me, also using my weakness against me. A woman who lied to her husband that she was told that I wanted to kill him and take over his ministry just because she wanted me out and she succeeded driving me out of the ministry after much frustration in ministry under my brother's ministry all because of this evil woman. There are lot of stories which I will not want to go into.

"A woman who does not want to see any of my family members visit her home but want her family to be cared for by all means by my brother. She creates war at home and makes the home unbearable for the husband to stay. She was always advice by her junior sister Bunmi who was ordain by my brother.

"My brother has been liberal to her family. Every member of her family has a house and a car from my brother. Brother Joshua Iginla was always used as a tool to enrich her family. The members of her family will always make request from her which she will always bounce at my brother with anger that my brother must do her wish.

"I have prayed that God will remove her the way she removed me from my brother's ministry after working with him before she was married. I give God all the praise that all these are happening because it is an answer to prayer for me and my family.

"When she drove me out of her former's husband ministry, she then told my brother to train his own brother to be a pastor my brother decline that became a war at home again. My brother was not happy I left after all the frustration, so he said since you drove my brother out of my ministry your own sister too pastor bunmi will also go.

"Mind you pastor Bunmi the younger sister to Yemisi was the formal P.A to my brother. She put her there but guess what none of my family member was handling any sensitive position I was the only one in ministry with my brother in my family. In fact, I was posted far away to Imo state Owerri.

"Nothing to show for my life. Then I was suffering while her sister was enjoying in the office as the P.A to my brother. Unknown to my brother that she was used as a spy on him and informant. When my brother discovered it, he removed pastor Bunmi and he put pastor Seun as his P.A

"Then the battle began. She fought my brother and started making the home a fire and brimstone (hell) because of these change. My brother has been a very patient person to her but she likes fighting and creating scenes. Ladies and gentlemen, marriage is not by force but by choice, we don't marry to die but to live.

"Me as a man before I became a man of God , I cannot take half of what my beloved brother took from her. From every indication she does not love her former husband brother Joshua Iginla. Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of me and my family, we welcome Stella Bamalaga into the Iginla family."

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The Legit.ng correspondent drilled him with a couple of more questions which led to him opening up a new can of worms. For one, Precious did not deny that his brother Joshua had married a new wife Stella Bamalaga in 2014 and had gone ahead to have one child with her.

In fact, he said that if it is true that the new woman was really pregnant for the second time, he and the entire Iginla family would be very happy.

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She (Yemisi) said she did not have the said child while married to Pastor Joshua Iginla. Is this true? Because, from the video, Pastor Joshua said it was while they were married that they had the child.

"Yes, she did not have the said children outside wedlock but parts of the children does not correspond with the DNA. As he said, he does not want to release the DNA test because of the children's future and public stigma on the children."

We also learnt that the South African wife is currently pregnant with her second child for your brother. Is this true?

"That I cannot establish because the last time I saw her nothing as such. As a matter of fact, we, as the Iginla family, want her pregnant. So, if she is pregnant now, we will be grateful to God."

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We learnt that Pastor Iginla got married legally to this South African lady in 2014. Why is he just coming out to tell everyone in 2019?

"I think that question can be answered by him. But to me, I think he had good intentions. That is why he kept it from the public contrary from the feelings or the thoughts of the public. There is no other truth than what has been revealed so far. We love Yemisi until she became so cruel because of her selfish interest."

Recently, a Nigerian pastor Moses Alu slammed Joshua Iginla for allowing himself get involved in such a messy scandal as this.

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