Top 15 Asa songs of all time

Top 15 Asa songs of all time

Many believe that Asa songs are the best choice if you need to relax. We can guarantee that it is true. All songs of this talented musician are storytelling, and this is the main reason why people adore this performer. We have created a compilation of top 15 Asa songs of all time, so get ready to enjoy the incredible creative work of the young and talented musician.

Top 15 Asa songs of all time

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Asa discovered her passion in music at a very young age, and she is an example to all of us. If you love doing something, you should do it always. The result of her passion and hard work is enormous Check this article out, and you will understand that and how her songs are making an impact in our lives.

Top 15 Asa songs of all time

We are sure that you are excited to get to know Asa's music better, so we will not take your time. Of course, there are much more beautiful and worthy songs. But we are going to start with the top 15.

1. Iba

We start with the track named “Iba”. This song has a religious motive. Asa’s voice is very comforting in this song, and you can notice that even if you do not understand what she is singing about. The sound of the track feels like Asa is in a trance and she is taking us into the trance too. She knows what she is singing about.

2. Ba Mi Dele

This song is from the album, named “Beautiful Imperfection”. As we said before, Asa’s songs include some stories which she tells through the music. And this piece is exactly that case. It is a story about a young woman who knows what she wants and who knows what she deserves. It is an inspirational message and what we can say about Asa from this song is that she is very professional in making video clips as well. Check it out, and you will understand what we are talking about.

3. Jailer

This is one of the first Asa songs, and it is still a hit. Like many others, this track is soothing and relaxing. The fact that this song is still popular after all these years means a lot. It means that Asa’s talent is appreciated and her tracks are immortal.

4. Satan Be Gone

If you take a look at the name of this song, you will probably expect something weird and dark, but in fact, Asa is keeping her style as it is. There is nothing dark you may notice in the lyrics of the song or the video clip.

5. Awe

This song has collected so many followers. A lot of people love it. And the interesting part is that a lot of those who do not even understand the lyrics say that the song is powerful. This means that Asa’s songs can influence not only by lyrics but by their general atmosphere.

6. The One That Never Comes

Perhaps, this is one of the most emotional Asa songs. It includes a message about the difficulty of letting people go. She tells us that it is hard to let the ones we love go, but it is also necessary to do that in order to make your life and the life of those you love much better in the future.

7. Be My Man

The first thing that touches you is the video clip. When watching it, you understand why Asa is so popular. In this case, the song is in the English language, so you can enjoy not only a beautiful video but also the words and the sense of the song.

8. Fire On The Mountain

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Usually, the most popular songs include crazy danceable beats, funny or glamorous videos and so on. The song “Fire On The Mountain” proves that music is not only about that. True art takes your attention by its message or by its atmosphere.

9. Bibanke

As always, this Asa song includes soothing tunes. Every word in this song expresses such feelings which touch you deeply and sometimes you may even feel tears coming to your face because the words are so touching. Try to listen to the song by yourself and you will see.

10. Eyo

This song has some African beats, and these motives, together with the music and the lyrics tell us a story about a person who lives far away from home and how the music gives him a feeling of nostalgia.

11. 360°

This song is also in the English language. It may be not the most popular Asa song, but it includes everything we need: soothing tunes, beautiful words, and calming beats.

12. So Beautiful

This track is exactly as it is titled: so beautiful! It is so nice to hear the fast-paced chorus in the track. All that makes it sound so traditional and gorgeous.

13. Why Can’t We

When listening to this musical piece, you may get confused a little bit. Because it is so difficult to understand what makes it so great? The voice? The melody? The song? Or Asa’s talent in general? You just have to listen to it a lot of times, but in the end, you will see that all these components make it the perfect track.

14. No One Knows

This is one more single to inspire you. It is exactly the kind of music we all need: relaxing and soothing. All of Asa’s songs make you feel better whether the rhythm is fast or slow.

15. Moving On

You will not get tired of this track even if you listen to it so many times. Sometimes all of us have painful moments in our lives, and such songs as this one can be a perfect soothing balm for our souls.

As you see, it does not matter if the song was released recently years ago. All Asa songs can inspire you and even heal you in some sense. We hope you liked our list and in case you do not know any song on the list, you just have to listen to it as soon as possible.

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