Top 15 Timi Dakolo songs of all time

Top 15 Timi Dakolo songs of all time

Timi Dakolo songs are some of the songs in Nigeria that are considered among the best. The talented artist appears to be taking his time in every number that he works on. This results in well written and executed songs that deliver powerful messages in a soothing and enticing voice. Listen to any of his love tunes, and you will cherish the idea of being in love.

Timi Dakolo songs
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Have you listened to a Timi Dakolo love song? If not, you are missing out on a lot. His voice is enough to get you in the right mood. He is not only romantic in his messages but is also an excellent artist that understands what his fans are looking for. For a feel of this great entertainer's best work check out the following 15 songs.

Top 15 songs by Timi Dakolo

If you love to listen to romantic music that soothes your soul then Timi will be a great discovery for you. He is an excellent artist whose soulful tunes will talk to the depths of your heart. You will feel as though the promises in his lyrics are meant for you. The following are examples of his finest tunes you may want to add to your playlist.

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1. Timi Dakolo The Vow

A great promise for the woman that you choose to marry. Pick this as your wedding number, and you can be sure that your new wife will adore you forever. With over 1.5 million views on YouTube, it is easy to see why many have appreciated this hit since its release in 2016. The message in tune is profound and one that sends the right signal home. It is a promise of a love that is so pure, courageous and true. Above all, it is a song that reminds lover of friendship in their relationship. Dakolo is a rare musical find that many people need to listen to.

2. Timi Dakolo Medicine

Perfect message for your woman whenever she is away. All omen want to know how important they are to their men. Hearing how much you mean to him and how much he misses you is reassuring. You will enjoy this number especially if you watch the family video which proves just how important women are in building homes.

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3. Timi Dakolo I Love You

Nigeria's king of soul deserves more than he is getting. This is one of the hits he has released that continues to prove this. It may be an old number since it was released in 2011, but this does not make it any less relevant today. With this much talent, Timi should be an international star with several accolades to his name.

4. Timi Dakolo Love of My Life

Do you feel overwhelmed by the feelings you have for the woman in your life? If you lack the words to express how much she means to you and how she makes you feel, then this is the song to dedicate to her. Dakolo makes it easy for you to communicate what you cannot say in many words. This classic tune was released in 2011 and continues to touch souls to date.

5. Love Song

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From 2012, Dakolo continues to prove that he is indeed a king of soul in Nigeria. This romantic song will make you wish to be loved intensely and deeply. The message cuts through the heart and makes you yearn for more. Love is a powerful force that should be expressed but sometimes words may fail you. Listen to this number to console yourself when all you feel is that you have been forgotten by your lover.

6. Timi Dakolo Wish Me Well

Powerful vocals and lyrics from a phenomenal artist. Timi is not your ordinary Nigerian singer, and this 2015 release proves this aspect even more. He sings about dreams and aspirations in a way that many people can identify with. After all, he is not just about romance. If you enjoy listening to the sound of authentic and true music that can survive the flames of popular shallow hits, then you will identify with this type of singing. This is one of the jams that any person, young or old, can listen to.

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7. Timi Dakolo Great Nation

A true patriot is known by how passionate he is about his nation. This is one tune that continues to prove that Timi is a patriot that lives for his nation. Why this song has not been adopted as an anthem for different arms of government is something that continues to puzzle many. Either way, it is a tune that gives many goosebumps because of the truth therein. Nigeria is indeed a great nation with the right kind of leadership.

8. Timi Dakolo The Woman I Love

Listening to Timi talk about love will make your heart melt. This number is a romantic story that every girl would wish for. To be the woman at the center of the heart of a man that she cares for. It does not have to start with a surety of love but a steady and sure confirmation that he cannot do without you as his woman. For the men, if you want to remind the lovely lady in your life about how much impact she has on you then choose this song for your anniversary or whenever you want to make her feel special.

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9. So Beautiful

It does not hurt to remind your woman how beautiful she looks. Doing it in a song is even more romantic. Check out how easy Timi makes it seem.

10. I Never No Say

This is an excellent romantic song expressing its sweetness, Nigerian style. The video will carry you away as you enjoy the expression of love and marriage. You can only experience the sweetness of this emotion when you marry.

11. There's A Cry

Many would agree that Timi is a different kind of act. His songs are meaningful and are not about making money. This 2011 song is insightful and shows the different injustices in the world that need to be fixed. Timi is a man on a mission to change the world, a step at a time. His is a journey to be emulated and supported.

12. Yes I Do

A number expressing love with confidence. This is a masterpiece of different thoughts on love wrapped beautifully in lyrics that capture feelings and emotions so beautifully and perfectly. If this is how you feel at any particular time then go ahead and share the song with your special person.

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13. Let It Shine

This is a great song encouraging people to let their light shine. Your life may not have been easy but the experience accounts for so much. When you achieve success, therefore, do not hide it.

14. Heaven Please

Having collaborated with M.I, Timi did an excellent job on this one. This is one of those tunes that will uplift you when you are down and tired.

15. Iwayo Mi

Timi never goes wrong with love songs. Iwayo Mi from 2014 became an instant hit not only because of the great vocals and fabulous tune and beats but also because of the message. When you are everything to a man, then love sounds and feels sweeter.

Timi Dakolo songs touch the deepest parts of listeners hearts. Whether he is singing about love or a predicament in life, you are sure to feel his emotions through the lyrics. This is probably what will continue to make him stand out and remain evergreen over the years.


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