Live updates: Situation reports and collation of results across the country - Day 2

Live updates: Situation reports and collation of results across the country - Day 2

It is the second day of the 2019 general election which involves the Presidential, senate and House of Representatives voting.

Voting took place on Saturday, February 23 across polling units in the country although some of them started late.

The election was largely peaceful although their were reports of violence in some parts of Rivers, Bayelsa and Lagos. In rivers state, it was reported that 15 people were killed.

In Bayelsa state, 15 political thugs were arrested by security operatives while in Lagos, there were reports of voters' intimidation and burning of ballot boxes and papers.

The presidential election has largely been seen as a two-horse race between President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress and Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Collation of result at the ward and local government has began in some states. provided live update of the voting incidents across the country here.

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Senatorial collation centre, Mapo Hall, Owo, Ondo state.

Senatorial collation centre, Mapo Hall, Owo, Ondo state.

Ipele Ward 7 Senate

No of registered voters - 13,800

No of Accredited voters- 4720

AA - 1750

AAC - 387

ADP - 266

APC - 824

PDP - 1224

TOTAL Votes - 4702

Total valid votes - 4501

Rejected votes - 201

Presidential election results of Ado-Ekiti LG, Ekiti, Ekiti Central Senatorial District

A- 11

AA- 07

AAC- 148

AAB- 43

ABP- 43

ACD- 28

ACBN- 36

ADC- 97

APP- 39

AGA- 05

AGAP- 05

APC- 34929

APGA- 12

APN- 02

APP- 05

DPC- 47


FJP- 17

GDPN- 73

PDP- 20112

GPN- 05

Total No of registered voters - 165994

No of accredited voters - 60277

Total Valid votes- 56914

Rejected votes - 2768

Total votes - 59682

Moba local government, Ekiti (11 wards)

House of Reps

Otun I



Otun II



Otun III



Igogo I



Igogo II



Erinmope I



Erinmope II



Ikun I



Ikun II









Okpuno Awka South, Anambra Central


















Registered voters - 13695

Accredited -2800

Total Valid -2722


Total votes cast-2784

Ondo Central Senatorial District Collation Centre, Akure South LG Ward 11


ANRP - 01

APA - 05

APC - 2538

APGA - 04

APM - 01 LP - 22

PDP - 3802

PPA - 05

PPC - 05

Total Valid Vote - 6726

Total Rejected votes- 510

Total Votes - 7236

Waduku ward 10, Lamurde LGA Adamawa state

Presidential results

APC 1021

PDP 1968


APC 1194 PDP


House of Reps

APC 1130

PDP 1856

However, at the Sokoto state collation centre which is located at the Sultan Maccido Institute, Sokoto, collation has not started

Live updates: Situation reports and collation of results across the country - Day 2

Sokoto collation centre. Credit: Twitter, Premium Times
Source: Twitter

Waduku ward 10, Lamurde LGA Adamawa state

Presidential results

APC 1021

PDP 1968


APC 1194

PDP 1814

House of Reps

APC 1130

PDP 1856

Katuzu Ward Zone C, Bade LGA, Yobe State.


APC 2820

PDP 213


APC 2161

PDP 963

House of Reps

APC 1836

PDP 1284

Sarki Hausawa


APC 3469

PDP 251


APC 2026

PDP 1816


APC 1925

PDP 1958

Zango Nusa/Zango Unaru Ward Bade L.G.A Yobe state

Presidential election

APC 5454

PDP 248


APC 4127

PDP 1512


APC 4087

PDP 1582

Saki West LGA, Oyo North Senatorial District, Oyo State.

AAC 158

ADC 7261

ADP 1549

APC 14331

PDP 10905

Total valid votes 34959

Rejected votes 1904

Total vote cast 36863

Number of registered voters 110812


Registered voters- 6485

Accredited voters - 3009

Total no votes -2646

Rejected votes- 235

Total votes cast-2881

Kano south collation center Rano LGA Lausu ward PU 08 Reg. 5366 Accredited 2247


APC 1615

PDP 526


PDP 717

APC 1414

Valid votes 2171

Rejected votes 51

Total votes cast 2222

House of Reps

PDP 647

APC 1500

Valid vote 2176

Rejected vote 60

Total valid cast 2236

Collated results for Ekiti South Senatorial District, Ikere LGA.

Senatorial results

Number of Reg. Voters - 61615

Accredited votes - 28125

ADC - 121

APC - 14937

ASD - 21

DA - 10

LP - 09

NAC - 08

NPC - 39

PDP - 12141

PPN - 08

Presidential results in Bolewa B where the APC Senatorial Candidate Ibrahim Muhammad Bomai voted

Presidential Results

APC: 10,775

PDP: 595

Senatorial Results

APC: 6,576

PDP: 4,722

Reps APC: 6,444

PDP: 384

Total Vote: 25,129

Accredited Voters: 12,435

Kano south collation center Rano LGA Rano Central ward No. Polling unit 18


APC 4199

PDP 826

Total valid vote 5128

Rejected vote 214

Total Valid Vote cast 5342

Live updates: Situation reports and collation of results across the country - Day 2

Kano collation centre. Credit: Twitter, Premium Times
Source: Twitter


PDP 1814

APC 3066

Total valid vote 5052

Rejected vote 265

Total vote cast 5317

House of Reps

PDP 1622

APC 3402

Total valid vote 5150

Rejected vote 184

Total valid cast 5334

Reg. Voters 14339

Accredited voters 5598

Takatuku/Madorawa, 11 Bodinga LGA Senatorial District —Sokoto South


PDP: 1548

APC: 1047

Total valid vote : 2616

Rejected : 155

Total vote cast: 2771

Total no of registered voters: 4853

Total no of accredited voters: 2791

Kano south collation center Rano LGA Zurgu ward No. Polling unit 13


APC 1854

PDP 575

Total valid vote 2655

Rejected vote 54

Total Valid Vote cast 2709


PDP 1036

APC 1867

Reg. Voters 7069

Accredited voters 2841

Total valid vote 2891

Rejected vote 100

Total vote cast 2991

House of Reps

PDP 944

APC 1793

Total valid vote 2778 R

Rejected vote 71

Total valid cast 2849

Atisbo LGA, Oyo north senatorial District, Oyo state Constituency collation for House of Reps

AAC 34

ADC 1197

ADP 758

APC 7766

PDP 7976

Total valid votes 18173

Rejected votes 661

Total vote cast 18834

Number of registered voters 54401

Okoja Ward A Results


No of reg voters - 49374

No of accredited voters - 14590

Total votes cast - 14590

Total valid votes - 11568

Rejected votes - 1840

APC: 4021

PDP: 8300

Ayedire local government, Osun West senatorial district.

Senatorial Result


ADC. 62

ADP. 2815

APC. 7082

PDP. 6278

Total Registered voters. 32 315

Accredited voters 16,505

Total Valid votes 16325

Rejected votes 157

Total votes 16482

Ward: Mazan Gari/Jirga Miyo, 03 Bodinga LGA Sokoto South

Registered voters: 9776

Accredited voters: 5101




Total valid votes: 4721


Total vote cast: 5101


APC 2951

PDP 457


APC 2327

PDP 1259


PDP 1490

Polling Ward Of PDP Senatorial Candidate. Sen. Muhammed Hassan Donbo, the current Senator of Yobe South Senatorial District. Yobe State, Potiskum Local Govt 17 PU.

Presidential Results

Registered Voters - 25,125

Accredited Voters - 11,401



Valid votes - 10,360

Rejected - 255

Votes casted - 10,615

Senatorial Results

Registers Voters - 25,125

Accredited Voters - 11,142

APC - 3,688


Valid votes - 10,309

Rejected votes - 315

Votes Casted - 10,624

Epe Federal constituency Lagos east

Presidential result

APC - 17710

PDP - 13505

Accredited voters - 33905

Ondo State Idanre Local Government Senate Result

AD - 369

APC - 5,554

PDP - 11, 598

SDP - 3, 582

Total Valid Vote - 26, 804

Rejected Votes - 1,422

Total Vote cast - 28,226

Registered voters - 82, 446

Accredited voters - 28, 346

It was reported that rain affected some electoral materials in Lagos central senatorial district.

Live updates: Situation reports and collation of results across the country - Day 2

Electoral materials affected by rain at Lagos central senatorial district. Credit: Twitter, Premium Times
Source: Twitter

General Election Results of Ayedire /olaoluwa /Iwo federal Constituency

Ayedire local government

APC - 7443

ADP -1768

PDP -6339

Olaoluwa local government

APC - 7805

ADP - 2822

PDP - 4500

Iwo local government

APC - 13981

ADP - 12418

PDP -10768

Tulluwa/Kulafasa, 07 Bodinga LGA Senatorial District —Sokoto South

Total no of registered voters: 7049

Accredited voters: 3720


APC - 1941

PDP - 1492

Total valid votes - 3527

Rejected:132 total vote cast: 3659

Senatorial District - Kano central LGA- Kano Municipal Ward- Zaitawa


APC 3809

PDP 1213


APC 2826

PDP 1900

House of Reps

APC 2608

PDP 1841

Sabon Layi Ward, Mubi North Local Government Area, Adamawa state Results


APC 7033

PDP 655

Bangi/ Dabaga, 09 Bodinga LGA Senatorial District —Sokoto South

Total no of registered voters: 6972

House of Representatives

PDP - 1691

APC - 1141

APGA - 4

Total valid votes - 2886

Rejected - 117

Total vote cast - 3003

Yobe State Yobe South Senatorial District Ward: Yerimaram 11 PUs LG: Potiskum

Presidential Results

Registered Voters - 15,563

Accredited Voters - 6,800

APC - 6,083

PDP - 285

Valid vote - ,472

Rejected - 309

Senatorial Results

APC - 1,727

PDP - 4634

Ogun East SD Ijebu Ode LGA


APC 12250

PDP 7253

Valid votes - 21468

Rejected votes 995

Votes cast 22463



APC 10864

PDP 6541

Reg Voters 79865

Accredited Voters 22973

Valid Votes 21715

Rejected Votes 850

Votes Cast 22565



APC 10806

PDP 7488

ADC 1058

ADP 1086

APM 111





Saraki loses one of four local government

Bukola Saraki, the Nigeria’s Senate president has reportedly lost one of the four local governments in the Kwara central senatorial district in Saturday, February 23, National Assembly elections.

Saraki loses second LGA

Senate president, Bukola Saraki lost the Kwara: Ilorin east LGA, Kwara central Senatorial election

Oloriegbe (APC): 30014

Saraki (PDP) 14654

INEC chairman, Yakubu Mahmood holds first briefing since presidential and National Assembly elections

Mahmood says the commission is happy about the general peaceful election

He however said that the INEC has reviewed reports and situations across the country and have responded to late arrival of voting materials by extending the lost time to allow voters exercise their rights

He acknowledges that there were glitches with the use of the smart card readers but added that these glitches were rectified.

He added that preliminary reports are being received as the commission is monitoring Rivers state particularly, Bonny Island.

Mahmood acknowledged that there were intimidation of voters in Lagos especially Okota.

He announced the death of an INEC election official who was hit by a stray bullet in Rivers state.

Praying, he said: "May her soul rest in peace."

In Imo state, one of our officials who found wanting in an electoral commission and he has been handed over the police for prosecution," he said.

Live updates: Situation reports and collation of results across the country - Day 2

Mahmood Yakubu giving a briefing on the election. Credit:, Nnenna Ibe
Source: Original

He also added that the situation room would be opened for international and local observers until the end of the collation and final announcement of results.

While the national collation centre will be declared open at 6pm

"As I speak, I must let you know that Ekiti state had concluded with the collation of result and the State commissioner is already on his way to Abuja with the presidential result from Ekiti state," Mahmood said.

Jigawa State, South West, Dutse LGA Result Collation WARD DUNDUBUS

Registered Voters 6899

Accredited Voters 3260

Votes Cast 3085

Invalid 174


APC 2410

PDP 494


APC 2134

PDP 870

House of Reps

APC 2182

PDP 789

Ekiti Local government

Kwara State

Total Valid Votes: 12400

Rejected votes: 392

Total votes cast: 12792

Total registered voters: 36651

Accredited voters- 12829

Presidential result A- 02

APC- 15976

PDP - 10705

Presidential election results released in Kwara

In Oyun local government

APC scored 11,051 PDP scored 4,904.

Oke-Ero local government area

APC 6,079 PDP 6,242

Ekiti local government area

APC 6,662 PDP 5,397

Asa local government area

APC 15,976 PDP got 10,705

Irepodun local government

APC 14,395 PDP 10,232.

Mooro local government area

APC 17,534 PDP 7,598

Ilorin East local government area

APC 31,039 PDP 12,820.

Ekweremadu, PDP sweep National Assembly polls in Awgu, Enugu

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) won the National Assembly polls in Awgu local government area of Enugu state.

The INEC returning officer in the council, Prof Emmanuel Eze, said the PDP polled 18, 879 votes while the All Progressives Congress (APC) got 2,710 for Enugu West senatorial seat.

For the House of Representatives, he said the PDP polled 18, 958 while the APC with 2,817 votes and the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), 1,335 votes.

He added that that the valid votes cast were 23,607 out of the total 24,442 registered voters with 840 void votes.

The battle is between the deputy Senate president, Ike Ekweremadu of the PDP, and Juliet Ibekaku-Nwagwu, former special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on justice reform for the APC.

Toby Okechukwu, a two-term House of Representatives member, is contesting with boradcaster, Obiora Ilo of the African Independent Television (AIT) for the APC for Awgu/Aninri/Oji River federal constituency.

Former Lagos commissioner Bamidele wins Ekiti Senate seat for APC

Opeyemi BamideleA former commissioner in Lagos, who later became a member of the House of Representatives in Ekiti, has won a seat in Ekiti for the Senate on the platform of the All Progressives Congress.

It was learnt that Bamidele 94,279 votes against Barr Obafemi Adewale, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, who polled a total of 46, 707 votes.

Some presidential election results released in Kano

In Kano: Presidential election result

Kunchi LGA

PDP: 4,937

APC: 21,556

Makoda LGA

PDP: 3,234

APC: 24,749

Shanono LGA

PDP: 8,182

APC: 24,232

Garun Malam LGA

PDP: 4,861

APC: 23,810

Sumaila LGA

PDP: 34,609

APC: 4,904

Buhari wins in Adamawa as first local government is result is announced

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has won the first local government declared in Adamawa state.

The result of the election in the local government area showed:

Buhari of the APC - 17, 765

Atiku Abubakar of the PDP - 14, 673.

The INEC declared that 34,628 votes were cast.

The total number of invalid votes - 1,373

PDP candidate wins Ilaje/Ese-Odo federal constituency in Ondo

Victor Kolade Akinjo, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the House of Representatives in Ilaje/Ese-Odo federal constituency has defeated his APC rival, Donald Ojogo.

PDP scored 32,082 votes

PDP scored 20,603 votes.

The result was declared by Prof Johnson Fatimirin, INEC’s returning officer for the constituency in Igbokoda.

Akwa Ibom speaker Onofiok defeats APC rival for House of Reps

Speaker Luke Onofiok, the speaker of the Akwa Ibom House of Assembly, has defeated the candidate of the House of Representatives, Dan Akpan for the Etinan federal constituency.

As announced by the returning officer, Prof Isongesit Solomon:

Luke polled 44,830 votes

Akpan polled 15,800 votes.

Luke, while commending his supporters, said: “I will justify the confidence reposed in me by the masses.”

PDP clears Governor Emmanuel’s local government in Akwa Ibom

THE People’s Democratic Party (PDP) won the presidential, senatorial and House of Representatives election in Onna local government area of Akwa Ibom state, home area of Governor Udom Emmanuel.


PDP - 23, 834 votes

APC - 678 votes.


Akwa Ibom south Senate seat (Eket Senatorial district)

Akon Eyakenyi of the PDP - 24,157 votes

Senator Nelson Asuquo Effiong of the APC - 673.

House of Representatives seat

Pat Ifon of the PDP scored 24, 317

APC scored only 581 votes.

Governor Ajimobi defeated in 4 local governments

Governor Abiola Ajimobi, who is currently battling for the Oyo South senatorial district on the platform of the APC, has lost four local government areas. The local governments were won by the candidate of the PDP, Kola Balogun.

Live updates: Situation reports and collation of results across the country - Day 2

INEC officials preparing for the presidential and National Assembly elections on Saturday, February 23
Source: Original

Ibadan Northwest local government

APC - 8,916 votes

PDP - 12,144 votes.

Ibarapa North

APC - 5,837

PDP - 8,083

Ibarapa East

APC - 6,951.

PDP - 9,982.

Ibadan North local government

APC - 17,946.

PDP - 18,690.

Buhari defeats Atiku in 2 Benue LGAs

Presidential result for Konshisha LGA in Benue

APC - 27,165

PDP - 8,726

Tarka Local Government Area

APC - 12,197

PDP - 4,875 votes.

APC wins Apapa federal constituency

Mufutau Egberongbe, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the Apapa federal constituency of Lagos at the House of Representatives, has been declared winner of the just concluded election.

Egberongbe polled 17961 votes to defeat Adewole Adewunmi of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who had 11845 votes, according to Prof Monday Ubagha, the returning officer for Apapa federal constituency.

Ubagha said other candidates in the election include Afolabi Toyin of African Democratic Congress (ADC) who had 86 votes, Okani Dominant of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) with 67 votes and Adegoke Ajibade of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) who had 58 votes.

Saraki finally sent out of the Senate

Bukola Saraki, the Senate president, has finally lost out after being defeated in three of thefour local government areas that make up his Kwara Central senatorial district.

Ilorin West:

APC polled 51, 531 while the PDP polled 30,075.

The number of registered voters were 224, 494.

While accredited voters were 91,130.

Atiku leading in Oyo state ahead of Buhari

The candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar, has won nine out of the 10 local government areas so far declared in Oyo state.

The results and local government areas are as follow:


ADC 1, 022, ADP 306 APC 6,874 PDP 8,325

Saki East:

ADC 643, ADP 285, APC 5,730 PDP 5,883


ADC 455 ADP 54 APC 11,665 PDP 12,282

Ibarapa North:

ADC 1,671 ADP 224 APC 6,587 PDP 9,070

Ibarapa East:

ADC 1,614 ADP 52 APC 7,964 PDP 10, 346


ADC 480 ADP 110 APC 6,193 PDP 7,010


ADC 1,768 ADP 106 APC 6,528

Ibadan North West:

ADC 1,264 ADP 160 APC 11, 126 PDP 14,550


ADC 293 ADP 505 APC 11,688 PDP 4,244


ADC 226 ADP 354 APC 5,447 PDP 5922

PDP leading in Imo state

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is seen to have taken an early lead in the presidential election in Imo as it has won in four of the five local government areas declared.

Oguta: PDP polled 2996 while APC polled 2296

Isu: PDP polled 8673 while PDP polled 6487

Nwangele: PDP polled 7803 while PDP polled 4233

Ezinihite Mbaise: PDP polled 21,605, while PDP polled 3185.

Oru East: APC polled 10,383 while PDP polled 6,407

Oru is the local government area of the APC governorship candidate, Hope Uzodinma.

APC wins Chanchaga federal constituency of Niger

Umar Bago of the APC has been declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as winner of Chanchaga federal constituency of Niger state.

INEC’s returning officer, Prof Johnson Olusegun, said Bago scored 39,391 votes, to defeat Alhaji Abubakar Buba of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who came second with 17,869 votes.

Ashiru defeats serving senator in Kwara

Lola Ashiru, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Kwara South senatorial district seat, has been declared winner by the returning officer, Prof Sylvia Malom.

Ashiru polled 89, 704 to emerge winner against Senator Rafiu Ibarhim of the PDP who polled 45, 176 votes.

The total number of registered voters is given as 432, 499, while the total valid votes was 136, 889. The number of rejected votes was 3, 119 and total number of votes cast as 140, 006.

Amosun comfortably leading in Ogun Central senatorial election

Outgoing governor of Ogun state, Ibikunle Amosun, is in a comfortable lead in some of the local governments so far declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Here is the result below:

Abeokuta North LGA

APC 18,385

PDP 4,118

ADC 7,544

Odeda LGA

APC 8,217

PDP 3,563

ADC 3,726

Ewekoro LGA

APC 8,133

PDP 3,671

ADC 3,106

Atiku leads Buhari in Ebonyi as 13 LGA results are declared

In the 13 local government areas so far declared by INEC in Ebonyi state, Atiku Abubakar, the candidate of the PDP, is leading Muhammadu Buhari of the APC.

In Afikpo-South, PDP scored 12, 181 votes and 20,070 in Afikpo-North while APC got 5, 356.

In Ivo council area, PDP polled 12, 471 votes while APC secured 1, 945 and in Ohaozara LGA, the PDP scored 33, 651 while APC garnered 2, 058.

In Ebonyi local government area, the APC secured a total of 5, 766 votes while the PDP scored 17, 472 votes in the presidential election.

In Ishielu LGA, the APC scored 7,308 votes while the PDP scored 23, 207.

In Onicha LGA, the APC secured 2, 972 votes while PDP scored 28, 239.

In Ohaukwu LG, the APC scored 10, 396 while PDP scored 22, 281 votes.

Buhari defeats Atiku in 7 Borno council areas

President Muhammadu Buhari is leading in seven local government areas in Borno state. The councils were named as Nganzai; Mobbar, Dikwa, Abadam, Guzamala, Gubio and Magumeri.

In Nganzai, APC scored 6, 804 as against the 975 votes scored by the PDP.

In Mobbar, APC polled 13, 122 votes and Atiku scored 280 votes.

In Dikwa, APC scored 17, 805 against the PDP’s 100.

In Abadam, the APC polled 5, 907 while the PDP candidate got 270 votes.

In Guzamala, APC polled 5, 370 votes against the 521 votes scored by the PDP.

In Gubio, APC polled 10, 207 against the PDP’s 510 votes.

In Magumeri, APC polled 12, 739 against the 694 votes scored by the PDP.

APC defeats PDP’s sitting Reps member in Edo

Dennis Idahosa, the candidate of the APC for the Ovia federal constituency, has polled 28,509 to defeat the incumbent Omosede Igbinedion, a PDP member and daughter of Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, who scored 23, 345 votes.

“This election was not all about Dennis Idahosa, but the people, who have yearned for a better and effective representation these past years,” Idahosa said.

Speaker Dogara wins massively

Speaker Yakubu Dogara of the House of Representatives and member of the PDP, has won a return to the Tafawa Balewa/Bogoro federal constituency election in Bauchi state.

The speaker polled 73,609 votes to defeat the APC candidate, Dalhatu Kantana, who scored 50,078 results.

PDP trounces APC in Oredo, others in Edo state

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has cleared Oredo federal constituency as well as those of the Edo central senatorial district.

Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama of the PDP defeated APC’s Osaigbovo Iyoha with 32,895 votes against Iyoha’s 23,352 votes.‎

In Edo Central, Hon Segius Oguns polled 25,581 to defeat Joseph Ikpea of the APC who polled 18,687 votes.

Also, Hon Oguns won the Esan North East/Esan South East constituency.

Aregbesola’s commissioner wins Senate seat in Osun

Ajibola Bashiru, a former justice commissioner and senatorial candidate of the APC in Osun Central, has scored 132,821 votes to secure a win against Ganiyu Olaoluwa of the PDP who polled 106,779 votes.

The results are reproduced below:

Boluwaduro LG:

APC - 5,428

PDP - 4,702

Ifedayo LG

APC - 4,524

PDP - 3,767

Ifelodun LG

APC - 15,637

PDP - 13,004

Ila LG

APC - 11,197

PDP - 8,766

Irepodun LG

APC - 10,474

PDP - 12,272

Orolu LG

APC - 8,883

PDP -7,725

NCP - 50

Olorunda LG

APC - 20,037

PDP - 15,393

Odo Otin LG

APC - 12,559

PDP - 11,614

Boripe LG

APC - 13, 439

PDP - 8, 183

Osogbo LG

APC - 30,643

PDP - 28,466

Total Votes for APC - 132,821

Total Votes for PDP - 106,779

James Faleke wins Ikeja federal constituency

James Faleke, the sitting member of the House of Representatives for Ikeja federal constituency on the platform of the APC, has secured another term defeating the candidate of the PDP, Mutiu Okunola, with 25,195 against 21, 373 votes.

Reacting to his victory, Faleke said: “I am happy with the result because it shows the will of the people. I want to say that the elections are won at the booths, not at the collation centres."

Buhari clears 12 local government areas in Katsina

President Muhammadu Buhari has cleared the 12 local government areas already declared in Katsina state.

Buhari cleared Daura, Matazu, Ingawa, Kurfi, Sandamu and Rimi, Danmusa, Safana, Dutsi, Batsari, Kusada and Bakori local governments.

It was learnt that in Danmusa, Buhari scored 30,011 votes against Atiku’s 7528.

In Safana, Buhari scored 26631 against Atiku’s 5756.

In Dutsi, Buhari scored 22583 against Atiku’s 5330.

In Batsari, Buhari scored 26,774 against PDP’s 7916.

In Kusada, Buhari scored 21071 against Atiku’s 6713.

In Bakori, Buhari scored 53,623 votes against Atiku’s 11,931.

The collation of results of the other local government areas is still ongoing.

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