Problems of data collection in Nigeria and their possible solutions

Problems of data collection in Nigeria and their possible solutions

Data collection is the process of collecting and evaluating information on various topics, established systematically. It provides the answers to the actual question and assess the results. What are the problems of data collection in Nigeria and their possible solutions?

What is data collection?

The data collection component can be of all areas of study, such as physics, social sciences, humanities and business, which can help to take the significant points of all the collected information. The purpose of the entire data collection made by the National Bureau of Statistics Nigeria is to select qualitative data, which will then be transmitted to the all data analysis and allow to create the convincing and accurate answers.

Data collection In Nigeria – is it really important?

It seemed evident for every study field to require specific data collection, which will be quantitative or qualitative. Therefore, the research integrity should be maintained for sure, so it is of high importance to choose the appropriate data collection tools and clearly defined guidelines not to make mistakes.

The data collection problems in Nigeria

“What are the problems of data collection in Nigeria? And do they have any possible solutions?” - These are the two main questions we should give you the answers for. And we have these answers, of course! So, read all the information attentively!

An inadequate data collection can lead to many negative aspects, which will significantly slow down the outcome of the final study, and lead to the resources waste. So, let’s discuss the problems of data collection right now!

1. Poor quality assurance

Poor quality assurance is thought to be one of the main problems of data collection in Nigeria, which arise before the real data collection starts. These can arise because of different points, namely wrong methodology, logistics, financing, poorly written manuals, timing, etc. Thus, the data quality is of great importance here, and no violations are possible.

2. Wrong investigation methods

When starting collecting the information, the data collector must be very knowledgeable in the collecting field, so he/she could test the previous work and be able to make some amendments in it so that the methodology will be correct and useful then.

3. Choosing an inappropriate time

Another essential aspect is the timeline of data collecting. Every data collector should remember that different data collection depends on different seasons very much. Therefore, if to choose the inappropriate time, it can influence the study outcome a lot.

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Problems of data collection in Nigeria problems and possible solution


4. Insufficient financing

Financing is another important problem of data collection in Nigeria worth speaking about. Having insufficient funds, the data collector may compromise the quality of the collected data to ensure its performance.

5. Issues with logistics

All the logistics issues must be fully overviewed before the data collection. Thus, all the operations are properly planned, and no kind of human error is possible.

6. Lack of equipment and facilities

The data collector should be equipped with all the necessary gadgets, tools, and facilities so that the continuous, accurate data collection can be provided.

7. Lack of qualified personnel

Unfortunately, not every person can successfully accomplish the data collection project, so this man/woman should be qualified and well-experienced.

8. Poor quality control

While the actual data collection process is going on, there can usually arise some obstacles which may threaten to pour down the quality of the collected data. Thus, one should avoid such issues as errors in particular data elements, systematic errors, protocol violations, Problems Arising Due To Site Performance, fraud, or scientific violations, which are to be corrected immediately in case of their appearance.

9. Fraud or scientific misconduct

There can be the examples when a data collector might decide to put the data, so they are aligned with the expected result, even though the research result has proven otherwise. Or someone may try to influence the data to complete the process quicker. Such behavior should not be regarded as an appropriate one, so the wrong dates should be corrected, and the guilty side should be sanctioned.

10. Problems arising due to site work

Any issues or questions that can occur among the staff during the data collection process, all of them should be dealt with immediately, so it will not affect the process in any way.

11. Protocol violation

When collecting data, it is necessary to stick to the relevant protocol. Make sure all the stages outlined in the protocol are followed correctly.

12. Systematic errors

If there are arise any systematic errors in the collected data, such errors must be taken into account and corrected to provide the complexity of the data collected.

An example of data collection on voting

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Some possible solutions to resolve the problems of data collection in Nigeria

  1. All the data collection projects should be well financially sponsored, so to be done appropriately.
  2. All the personnel chosen for conducting such work should be well qualified, experienced, and trained.
  3. During all the stages of data collection, the appropriate supervision should be ensured, so there will be no opportunity to compromise the results and quality of the projects.
  4. Every project on data collection should undergo the process of verification. Thus, the data collectors will know about the possibility to be verified and would not try to commit much fraud.
  5. Provide all the members of the data collection processes to be accurately equipped with all the needed tools and facilities.

As you can see, data collection is rather important for people’s life. Now you know the major issues of the data collection in the country, the main aspects of its work, possible occurring problems, and some solutions to them.

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