Foods to eat during pregnancy to make baby smart

Foods to eat during pregnancy to make baby smart

Every pregnant woman dream of a healthy and smart baby. Are there any foods to eat during pregnancy to make baby smart? If such meals or products exist, what are they? How much should you consume of useful brain-boosters to increase the IQ of your baby?

Foods to eat during pregnancy to make baby smart

How to increase IQ of baby during pregnancy

What is IQ and why would you like to increase it in your baby through food? IQ is the intelligence quotient that can be derived from a number of tests that meet the world's standards and are used all over the globe. It is believed that more than half of our planet has IQ level between 85 and 115, and only less than 3 percent of humans have IQ 130.

While there are also people with IQ below 70, each parent wishes his or her child to be smart and easily pass intelligence tests to score high and make their family proud of them.

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‘Making’ a smart baby is not just a phrase. It is a reality if you know the list of foods to eat during pregnancy to make your baby smart. There are many fruits, vegetables, and products that really work like brain-boosters and they can influence the development of kids thanks to the habits of their mother-to-be.

There are many forums and opinions shared by modern mothers on what to eat if you really want to get a healthy baby. There is also a lot of information about brain development food that is delicious, good for personal health, and rich in vitamins and minerals. We have gathered this valuable information for you, so keep reading, and you will find out what foods can become real brain boosters for your unborn baby.

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Best foods for baby brain development

Now let's discuss what to eat during pregnancy for intelligent baby birth. Believe us, only a simple choice for your everyday meals during the long 9 months period will help you deliver a genius. Of course, no one guarantees anything at 100 percent, but the chances to build an impressive little brain are very high.

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There is no particular order on our list of best foods for babies brain, so you can eat any of them to enjoy the possible great benefits.

1. Blueberry

This berry is great for your eyes, and it can be an awesome brain development food for an babies. Blueberries contain a lot of antioxidants which is perfect for a developing child. Secondly, they are delicious and will make any pregnant woman happy with her meal.

Don’t worry if you are not a big fan of blueberries. You can reach a similar effect and increase baby’s IQ during pregnancy by eating strawberries, raspberries or blackberries.

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2. Fish

Any amount of fish is useful, and this product is must have in your weekly menu even if you are not pregnant. Still, if you are, choose omega-3 fatty acids as vitamins or as fish. This natural product is rich in the fatty acids our bodies need so much, and these acids can also influence your future child making his or her brain better developed.

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It is best to eat fish at least once a week. But you can also have it twice or even more often, as this product won’t make you fat.

3. Cheese

A piece of cheese can provide a pregnant woman with vitamin D. It also influences the baby’s brain positively, so every lady who wishes to give birth to a genius should eat a piece of cheese a day during the 9 months of expectation.

Don’t eat too much cheese because you can easily gain excess weight which is not recommended for pregnant ladies.

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4. Green veggies

Vegetables are also a great source of intelligence for a baby, especially if they are green and have leaves. Such veggies have folic acids that can potentially protect your child’s brains from tissue problems.

Which green veggies should you prefer while being pregnant? The best food for babies brain is lentils, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, kale, microgreens, and others.

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5. Beans

Beans are a wonderful natural source of iron. The child’s brain needs to develop, and beans can really develop the nerves and brain. Besides, iron will help with providing enough oxygen for all the important baby organs' healthy growth.

There are numerous delicious meals that can be cooked with beans. They are healthy, and if you add some chicken, green vegetables and raisins, your meal would be even better and tastier.

6. Eggs

Boiled eggs are not just healthy and can help you keep your weight at lower points even if you are pregnant, but they can also help to develop the baby’s brain.

Low-calorie and high-protein products are healthy and must-have in your menu. Eggs are rich in amino acid which can be good for your memory and your future child. Just make sure you boil fresh eggs.

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7. Milk

This product is essential for intelligent baby development because milk contains iron. Just like eggs, it is a wonderful source of useful elements for a pregnant body and developing child.

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You can have a glass of milk in the morning. To make it sweeter, you can add a spoon of honey.

8. Pumpkin seeds

Zinc is an essential vitamin during pregnancy months. Pumpkin contains this element in big quantities so you can make pumpkin porridge or eat pumpkin seeds.

This will help the future baby to grow healthy and smart. And as a mother-to-be, you will receive your daily nutrition and a good serving of antioxidants per day.

9. Almonds

Results for how to increase IQ of baby during pregnancy are quite simple and they include some almonds. Eat some almonds and your body, as well as your growing baby, will receive Vitamin E, protein, magnesium, and omega-3.

10. Yogurt

Pregnancy is an ideal time for probiotic meals, so adding yogurt into your breakfast or eating it in the evening can be a great idea.

You should choose meals that have enough protein and are not too fatty, as such food is good for both pregnant women and babies.

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What to eat during pregnancy for intelligent baby

Now you know what foods can possibly increase IQ of your baby, but this is not everything you can do if you wish to give birth to an intelligent child.

Firstly, you should eat meals and take vitamins such as Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, etc. Secondly, you should exercise as this is believed to help you deliver a smarter baby thanks to the stress hormones that are released when you are working out. Thirdly, don’t forget to talk to your baby and even sing or read books to him or her while the child is still in your tummy.

If you really want to make your baby smart, focus on the healthy and useful products and avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, consuming canned and spoiled products, processed food, too much sugar, raw fish and meat, etc. Talk to your doctor and learn more about the foods that can help you with carriage and giving birth to an intelligent child with high IQ.

You have discovered some of the best foods to eat during pregnancy to make your baby smart. Start working on this and you will be able to increase IQ of a baby while carrying him or her.

Most of the foods on our list are healthy and will not hurt anyone, but it is still better to talk to your doctor.

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