Solutions to problems of ethnicity in Nigeria

Solutions to problems of ethnicity in Nigeria

National unity is the most important factor that holds the country together. Nobody will fight for the strange people; nobody will care about the parted country and no country will develop and work together without the idea of national unity.

Problems of ethnicity in Nigeria
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Ways of solving the problems of ethnicity in Nigeria

To overcome the problems of ethnicity in Nigeria and reach the principle goal – national unity, it is necessary to unite people in as many aspects of life as it is possible. Here we are going to list five ways of solving the problems of ethnicity in Nigeria that can unite the nation on the governmental and social level.

1. Economic cooperation

It is necessary to provide the citizens with the universal system of goods and unite regions depending on the natural resources. For example, the Edo supply country with cocoa, but receive sugar cane from the Sokoto people. The same interaction can be introduced in the other sectors of the economy.

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2. Political and state cooperation

The creation of common political parties and the creation of road and railway transport connection between the lands of different ethnic groups must be taken into account. Besides, the government itself has to start thinking, how can ethnic conflict be resolved and the government has to be interested in solving the current problems of ethnicity. There must be representatives of all (and even minor) cultures in the parliament to satisfy the interests of all people of Nigeria.

3. Youth education

It is more difficult to influence the opinion of senior people who can still somehow (maybe because of personal reasons) support ethnic conflict in Nigeria than to influence the formation of another worldview of the young people. The subject of intercultural interaction must be included in the curriculum. Children have to attend the meeting with the representatives of other Nigerian cultures. There they can exchange the history of cultures, the cultural experience, believes, food recipes, cultural heritage, and traditions. Nothing stops aggression, discrimination, and hatred better than broad worldview provided by education.

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4. Secular activities

The organisation of national festivals, celebration, the introduction of traditional holidays and even religion will contribute to the possible solutions to ethnic conflicts. It is not easy to change or modify ethnic habits, but it is indispensable to do the best to find common traits in all cultures and assure people that they have to find a compromise and accept changes in favour of Nigeria's unity.

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Ethnicity in Nigeria
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5. Inter-tribal marriage

The encouraging of intercultural marriage on the governmental level will surely solve the problems of ethnicity. Intercultural tribes can be supported financially and officially congratulated to show respect to people who contribute to the creation of a unied Nigerian nation.

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How to end ethnic conflict

The previous five solutions were dependent on the government, but the next ways of solving Nigerian ethnic problems depend on people.

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You personally can contribute to cultural integration. Become a volunteer, travel around Nigeria and promote your culture, tell its stories and present its history and unusual believes. You can also contribute to media and Internet propaganda. Write posts about your own intercultural experience and support groups and articles about ethnic integration.

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Start with yourself, it always works. Take parts in meeting and parades promoting Nigerian, but not tribal unity. Meet friends from other cultures, marry a girl from the other tribe and develop the idea of the difference between tribes as a positive idea. Tell your thoughts at the family reunion dinner and share them with a friend. Do your best to introduce peace and equality into your Nigerian culture.

So, there is the problem of ethnic hatred. But today many people claim that this is not the hatred between people, but the hatred among politicians. That is why we proposed the best ways to solve ethnic problems on the level of the political reformation. As you see, every person can contribute to solving this problem. Fortunately, Nigeria is a democratic country at least formally but ruled by its people, and if people do not want hatred, no other factors can influence it.

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