What to talk about with a girl you just met online: Top 60 questions

What to talk about with a girl you just met online: Top 60 questions

Do you ever wonder how to start an online relationship? It all boils down to communication. How you approach her and what you talk about might make her flee or date you. Discover what to talk about with a girl you just met online from this article.

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questions to ask a girl you just met
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Sliding into a girl's DM for the first time with sensitive questions like "please send me your pictures?" does not work in most cases. You will be lucky if she responds. Intelligent women ignore boring or alarming text messages and do not have time for dull conversations.

What to talk about with a girl you just met online

Do not dish her compliments online in your first conversations. It is an outdated and naïve way of attracting a woman's attention. She might classify you are one of those men who DM women sweet words to pass the time. Check out what to say to a girl you just met online below.

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The best questions to ask a girl you just met online

You have to be creative and smooth when talking to a woman online. Build your confidence by studying her profile before sending that first text. It will help you understand her career, hobbies, etc.

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If she is a private person, you might find comments from her friends and relatives and look for her pictures on their pages. DM her afterwards by introducing yourself. Here are questions to ask a girl you just met online in Nigeria:

  • Where are you from? (Know her location.)
  • What do you do for a living? (Know her career or source of funds.)
  • How’s your week been going so far? (Discover how busy her schedules and life are.)
  • What do you love about your job? (Find out if she likes if hates her job.)
  • What pleasant moments do you find in your work? (Discover if she enjoys her work.)
  • Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? (Know her personality.)
  • What’s your dream? (Discover her ambitions.)
  • Do you have any siblings? (Known about her family.)
  • Are you close to your parents? (Determine if she is close with her family.)
  • What shouldn't you tell your parents? (Discover how close she is to her parents.)

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what to say to a girl you just met online
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  • How old are you? (Do not feel disappointed if she does not answer this question.)
  • When is your birthday? (Know her birthday and surprise her in future.)
  • Which is your favourite holiday destination? (Understand her lifestyle and financial capacity.)
  • What’s your favourite food? (Know if she is picky with food and meals to buy her someday.)
  • What do you do for fun? (Learn about her hobbies.)
  • What/who is your favourite actor/movie, music/singer, sport/player? (Talk about her hobbies.)
  • How would your friends describe you? (You will know if she is humble or a braggart.)
  • What can you trade your life with? (Know if she is happy and content with her life.)
  • Would you ever want to be famous? (Determine if she likes public attention or private life.)
  • Would you like to make a piercing, and where? (Know if she loves jewellery.)
  • Who do you admire most? (Hope she admires her family members or an inspirational figure.)
  • What annoys you most about people? (Learn characters she hates, e.g. rudeness, pride, etc.)
  • How would you spend the rest of your life if you had a billion dollars? (Know her money management skills and dreams like travelling, investments, charity, etc.)
  • What superpower would you like to have? (How she wants to impact the world and humanity.)
  • If your life was a show, what would it be called? (Know her beloved TV show.)
  • If the drawings came to life, what would you draw? (Determine if she loves art.)
  • What good experience would you like to have? (Find out her best moments.)
  • What role would you like to play if you were invited to act in a movie? (Discover her best films.)
  • Do you believe in God? (Find out of she is spiritual or an atheist.)
  • If you caught a goldfish, what kind of desire would you ask it to make true? (Discover things she misses in her life that she wishes to have.)
  • Where would it be and why if you could live anywhere in the world? (Find out she dreams of relocating.)

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What to tell a girl you just met online

questions to ask a girl you just met online in Nigeria
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The questions listed above help you get acquitted with one another. Expect the lady to ask you the same questions, and give her a few minutes to think of an appropriate answer. It might take a few days or weeks to exhaust those questions. After that, you can move the conversation to the next level.

You can flirt with her a little to let her know that you do not intend to be just friends with her. Start the chat on a light note and introduce deeper questions gradually. Below are flirty things to say to a girl you just met online to get to know her:

  • What interesting things happened to you this week? (How to start the chat.)
  • Are you attracting your fans again with your photos? (Make the conversation fun to make her feel comfortable.)
  • How many people have fallen from your hot look? (Compliment her.)
  • I noticed you were online all night. What were you thinking about besides me? (Crack a joke.)
  • What do you look like when you dance? (Find out if she loves music.)
  • What makes you blush? (Discover things you can surprise her with in future.)
  • Do you have a celebrity crush? (It is a mere "free-pass" question.)
  • What do girls like more, a man who takes the lead or a gentleman? (Her response should determine to what limit you can flirt with her.)
  • How would you treat a woman if you were a man for a day? (How she wants a man to treat her.)
  • What touches you more: look, touch or voice? (Learn her love language.)
  • What would you write under a loved one's window? (What she thinks about people she loves.)
  • Are you religious? You might be the answer to all my prayers. ( A flirty joke.)
  • Do you believe in love? (Her ideas about love and relationships.)
  • Are you looking for a relationship? (Know if she is single, married, or dating.)
  • What kind of relationship are you looking for right now? (Her ideal relationship.)
  • Do you have a type when you date? (A man's character that pleases her.)
  • What was your longest relationship? (Know if she is into hook-ups or long-term relationships.)
  • What’s your worst experience with an ex? (Discover if she had good or toxic relationships.)
  • What was your first impression of me? (It helps to know if you stand a chance with her.)
  • What do you look for in a guy you date? (Know if you have the personality she wants in a man.)

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Witty and funny questions to ask a girl

what to tell a girl you just met online
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If you are still on talking terms after asking the above questions, start cracking jokes to make her feel more comfortable. Funny questions will make your conversation easy and enjoyable. You can give her a cute nickname at this point because it is clear that she wants to be close to you. Here is how to talk to a girl you just met online and make her laugh:

  • How can you be calm when all my cells are nervous?
  • How do you sleep peacefully, knowing that the roasted meat in the fridge is lonely?
  • How can I keep a diet for more than 10 minutes? I want to be hot like you.
  • Are you a magician? Everyone else disappears whenever I look at you!
  • If a pigeon flies to the zoo, will it return?
  • Are you on a bank loan? You have my interest.
  • Do you know why you are tired? You’ve been running through my mind all day.
  • Should I tell you how to drown a fish?
  • How can I make mosquitoes bite each other? My house is full of them.
  • What is the most fantastic male name you have ever met?
  • Do you have hidden talents that you don't know about yet?
  • Do you like talking to pets? Can I be your pet?
  • How would you react if I wore a pirate costume on a date?
  • How much rent should I charge you for occupying my heart and mind all day?
  • I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
  • Is your name Google? You have everything I've been searching for.
  • Do you have your license? You are driving me crazy.
  • Are you Netflix? I could watch you for hours.
  • If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?
  • If people die from coconuts 15 times more often than sharks, why are there no horror movies about coconuts?

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What to say to interest her?

There are many things to discuss with a lady you just met online. Share about yourselves, your families, hobbies, and careers. Talk about holiday destinations, studies, plans, and so on.

Now that you know what to talk about with a girl you just met online, go for her with confidence. The worst thing that can happen is that you won't get an answer. If she responds, do not ask all questions at once because it will look like an interrogation. Instead, ask the questions sparingly. It should take several months to exhaust all questions in this article.

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If you are wondering how to approach such a person, start the conversation with two or three weird questions that will throw them off guard.

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