Court wedding dresses in Nigeria to choose this year

Court wedding dresses in Nigeria to choose this year

Look at the court wedding dresses in Nigeria to choose this year! Do you prefer a modest ceremony of the court wedding in Nigeria with the company of the closest relatives and friends? Then our ideas about the trendy court wedding gown may be useful to you. See bright photos and create your tender and beautiful image of the happy bride.

Court wedding dresses in Nigeria

Some newlyweds, due to different circumstances, prefer the court wedding ceremony. Such a ceremony provides for a more modest and simple attire for the bride than usual white or traditional wedding. We have made a selection of outfits that are relevant for such a ceremony and trendy this season.

Today many famous designers adhere to naturalness and simplicity in their collections of wedding styles in Nigeria. Thus, simple models are one of the recent seasons’ main trends for Nigerian wedding.

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Court wedding outfit


Court wedding dresses in Nigeria

If you would like to find a simple dress for your court marriage but at the same time to reveal your individuality, keep reading our post and it will help you to make the right choice.

The distinctive features of trendy court wedding dresses, first of all, are grace, modest lines and a clear harmony in proportions.

  • Court wedding gown is good for a small budget. A simple outfit is relevant when there is no opportunity to buy a very expensive dress. But often such dress can have a high-priced look.
  • At the court wedding, the outfit should be moderately open. The excessive transparency and brightness of the court wedding dress are unacceptable for many individuals.
  • The bride with extra pounds can safely choose a simple dress. A well-chosen gown adds femininity and nobility to the image and hides all imperfect parts of the body.

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Court wedding gown


Best styles of court wedding gowns in Nigeria

The elegant simplicity of court wedding dress tailoring is on trend and does not lose its relevance. There is no need to distract views from female beauty with an oversupply of jewelry because you can experiment with styles, textiles, colors, decorations, and length.

Notice that the fluffy crinolines are absent, and the volume of the skirts is formed by using several bottom layers made of tulle. It should not be large. Only tenderness is present in the image. And no pretentiousness! Take a look at the best photos of Nigeria wedding styles to understand what we mean.

Greek style

A good option is a simple wedding dress in the Greek style. It does not provide for the variety of décor using. Its main task is to emphasize the charming outlines of the beautiful woman’s figure. Designers offer exquisite wedding dresses of Greek style. For example, one shoulder item fastened with only one precious decorative clasp impresses with its splendor and simplicity at the same time.

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Empire, A-silhouette, straight, and mermaid styles are also good for the court wedding dresses.

Court wedding dress of empire style


Empire style

The main feature of the wedding dress in Empire style is the chest drapery. It can smoothly transform into the strap in the form of a loop, loosely embracing the neck. In this model, the back is often open up to the waist. Your inspiration and type of figure help you make the right choice - to create a high waist or emphasize your classic waistline.

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Short court wedding dress


Short dress

For a bride with slim legs and a slender figure, a short, simple dress for the court wedding ceremony is a good choice. It emphasizes the bride’s youth and coquettishness while the image is no worse than on the various wedding magazine covers. A short dress with a short veil or hat and short gloves are well combined.

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Long gown

A bride in a long wedding dress is a classic look. Such length gives solemnity and elegance. A simple long court wedding dress can be decorated with a brooch, a glamorous belt, and elegant accessories.

Ball dress

To a large extent, ball wedding dresses are considered traditional. Such gown emphasizes the solemnity and importance of the event. The ball dress will successfully hide all the imperfections of the figure. Emphasis can be placed on the neckline and waist. This dress looks good at the camera lens. Be sure that your photos will be stunning!

Cascade court wedding dress



A slim young girl is invited to pay attention to the cascade dress (short front and long back) with a train ‘a tail of the Firebird.’ The skirt is almost always made of multi-layered tulle. The bodice can also be decorated with drapery of light fabrics.

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Court wedding dress of mermaid style


Mermaid style

The brides who wish to demonstrate a silhouette similar to the ideal should choose the fitted Mermaid style. With simple tailoring, it does not need excesses, because it’s perfect. Only a modest chest drapery with a bow can emphasize a ‘fishtail’ - flared skirt from the knee. It is worth noting that choosing such a model you need to work out the gait in advance if you don’t want to look ridiculous clinging to something.


A midi or short dress-case will gives give graceful elegance to the bride. The short length and simple tailoring can be compensated for by the luxury fabric. It can be lace, for example. The front side of the attire has a restrained and simple style. The main emphasis is made on the decor of the back.

Textiles and colors

As mentioned above, the almost complete exclusion of jewelry and the adherence to the strict simplicity of the style allows experimenting with the colors, as well as with the textile. Magnificent satin, delicate lace, silk, luxurious lace is offered to your taste, mood, and possibilities.

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Satin wedding dresses look luxurious and emphasize the beautiful curves of a body. Such fabrics like organza and chiffon cloud you in weightlessness, airiness, and lightness.

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Court wedding attire of burgundy color


The white color is always a trendy classic. Some brides choose red and its tones as well as other bright colors. The white is a complex color because it reflects a large amount of light, that’s why many details of the dress become imperceptible in the photos.

If you are not brave enough to wear a wedding dress in black, blue, red or burgundy colors, then experiment with various white tones. Such options as pale blue, pale pink, ashen rose, nice lime, ivory are tender and gorgeous.

It is worth paying attention to blue and green colors. Currently, they are on trend as well as their tones: mint, blue, turquoise, and pistachio. Some fashion designers offer wedding dresses of black color. The other models contain only a black tint as an emphasis on the separate elements of the bride’s dress.

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Trendy features and décor

Among the wedding, decoration embroidery takes pride of place. The elements of handmade embroidery are a benchmark when making a wedding dress. Especially, the embroidery on a corset is in demand. The court wedding dress can be decorated with beads, sequins, Swarovski stones, and others. But still be moderate.

The open styles are relevant for large celebrations. But they have been replaced by the modest and simple options for the court wedding. Such models hide ladies' hands under the tender fabric. The length to the wrist is considered trendy. At the same time, you can give preference to the three-quartered version with the covered elbow or even short. The textile for such sleeves is lace and silk. The fitting styles emphasizing beautiful hands have an aesthetic look.

The combination of different textiles in one dress is also important this season. For example, a combination of lace fabric and thick silk looks great. The harmony of the drapery and chiffon is also good. The mix of a V-shaped neckline and light drape on the skirts for the simple court dresses is trendy too.

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Accent attention to your appearance while choosing a dress for the court wedding. Gorgeous hairstyle and fresh bridal makeup emphasizing the natural beauty just make your look ideal. Keep in mind! Any, even the simplest dress, will be stunning only when you are happy with a sincere and joyful smile.

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