Types of snacks in Nigeria

Types of snacks in Nigeria

In this article, we want to tell you about various Nigerian snacks. Here are top 20 variations of the most popular snacks in Nigeria. Some of them are known as street food, others can be found in the menu of restaurants. So, let's see the list.

Snacks in Nigeria

Top snacks in Nigeria

There is a huge number of snacks in traditional and modern Nigerian cuisine. Let’s see the best examples and types of snacks in Nigeria.

  • Puff-Puff
Puff-Puff snack

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This type of snack is a small balls cooked by deep-frying the batter in vegetable oil with or without diced fresh pepper. Today one can meet more sophisticated recipes, for example, puff-puff Suzette. In some variations, one can find this type of snack in other countries of Africa.

  • Coconut Candy
Coconut Candy

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These candy-like crunchy, chewable, snacks are easy to make and tasty, that makes them very popular. Today the snack can be made with caramel, but traditionally it was just thinly grated and fried. These candies are also popular as treats and desserts. The colour of candies depends on the quantity of water added while cooking.

  • Chin Chin
Chin Chin

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This is a crunchy type of snack that is made from well-prepared dough, flavoured and deep-fried, it can also be oven-baked.

  • Akara (Bean Cakes)
Akara (Bean Cakes)

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If we mentioned popular snaks, then it should be said that Akara is at the leader's position. The snack is made from spiced beans flour, fried in the shape of balls. The snack can be eaten with plantain/yam/potato fries with stew. It is better to eat the cakes while they are hot, accompanied with a cool fruit drink.

  • Meat Pie
Meat Pie

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This snack is not less popular in Nigeria, and you can meet it in other African countries. It contains spicy meat and vegetable filling.

  • Donkwa
Donkwa snack

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It is well known traditional snack of Hausa tribe from northern Nigeria. The main ingredients are meat, finely ground corn and spiced groundnut.

  • Boiled/Roasted Maize & Coconut
Maize & Coconut

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This type of finger food is the best decision at any time of the day. The maize can be roasted or boiled and spiced with pears or coconut.

  • Nuts
Nuts snack

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The most popular nuts are cashew nuts, and groundnuts (peanut). People like to eat them separately as well as mix them. This type of snack is good with bananas, garden eggs, roasted plantain or cucumbers. The snack is very satisfying and even doesn't require a fridge for storing. This one is among the most healthy snacks in Nigeria.

  • Plantain chips
Plantain chips

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This is the best of light type of snacks. Actually, there are many variations of plantain snacks. There are plantain pies, pancakes, battered plantains and so on. As for plantain chips, it can be considered as one of the oldest snacks in Nigeria.

  • Egg rolls
Egg rolls

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One more example of common snacks in Nigeria. In some way, it looks like scotched eggs. The Nigerian variation is made by wrapping up the egg in the dough, and deep-frying .

  • Kokoro
Kokoro snack

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This is a type of crunchy cornmeal snack that is native for western part of the country. The main ingredient is a dough made of cornmeal, sugar and hot water. This consistency is rolled and deep-fried, and usually it is spiced.

  • Kuli Kuli
Kuli Kuli

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This is a type of groundnut cake that is native for Hausa tribe. The main ingredient is roasted peanuts, they should be spiced, grounded, deep-fried. The snack can be made with variations in recipe or size.

  • Roasted corn bread
Roasted corn bead

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This one is a popular street snack in Nigeria, it can be seen in almost every corner. It is especially popular in the mornings of busy days.

  • Suya
Suya snack

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Another type of snack that can be seen as street food. This is actually fried grilled chicken, fish or meat with spices.

  • Abacha
Abacha snack

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This is a type of Nigerian snack salad. The list of ingredients consists of: cassava tubers, fresh utazi leaves, ugba, garden eggs and various spices. This is a good idea of a lunchtime snack.

  • Dodo Ikire
Dodo Ikire

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This is one more snack that is made with plantain. To prepare this snack you need overripe plantain, palm oil, and onion.

  • Ojojo - Yam Fritters
Ojojo - Yam Fritters

Do you know this traditional Nigerian finger food that is made with water yam (Isu Ewura)? The recipe is easy, so the snack is popular. The ingredients are water yam, atarodo, onion, vegetable oil, ground crayfish and chicken cube.

  • Wara chicken bread rolls
Wara chicken bread rolls

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The snack from the northern part of Nigeria, it came to us from the Fulani tribe. There are to types of wara: wara with soya and wara with milk.

Here are top 20 Nigerian snacks, and we think that it is a great idea to try all of them.

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