Chelsea new coach after Conte: who will it be?

Chelsea new coach after Conte: who will it be?

All the newspapers in the world are trying to guess Roman Abramovich's thoughts in order to understand who will become the new coach of Chelsea, the fourth in five years.

Chelsea new coach after Conte: who will it be?

The previous mentor, an Israeli, Avraham Grant, was fired after Chelsea lost to Manchester United. It is known that now Abramovich is looking for a man who will establish a strict discipline in the team and will discuss tactics and selection of players with the owner of the club.

Who is Сhelsea coach now?

According to media reports, the days of head coach Antonio Conte are numbered.

Chelsea news is sad. 2 wins in 10 matches. 2 humiliating routs in a row for the first time since 1995. There are even chances to descend to sixth place and lower! And now there is obvious desperation in the eyes of Chelsea players after each meeting.

Of course, the coach Antonio Conte is guilty for the horrific crisis of Chelsea. The list of his sins, according to the team fans, is longer than the check in the Saturday supermarket.

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football club Chelsea

He vilely deducted Diego Costa (via SMS) and clearly undermined the authority in the locker room. He talked about his dream to return to Italy, instead of thinking about winning the Champions League. He began to humiliate Luiz because of his friendship with Costa. He fought with the management because of transfers.

Conte really made the team uncontrollable. It seems like it does not come to life again with the current coach and judging by the emptiness in the eyes of the players, when they lost to Watford. The Londoners hysterically made mistakes and moved so chaotically, as if they did not have a coach at all.

Who is Сhelsea coach now?

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When this happens in one or two meetings, the situation can still be corrected. But Chelsea looks weak for a couple of months (in general since summer)."Pressure? What pressure? I do not know what pressure is!" It is the typical opinion of a man who has not controlled the situation for a long time and has no idea how to return to the game.

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Chelsea transactions

Coach transactions

Chelsea should dismiss Conte and sort it out with transfers. If you study the purchases of Chelsea in recent seasons, it turns out that most of the transactions were issued for 15-25-40 million euros. For the modern market, this is nonsense - really powerful players’ prices start from the mark of 70-75 million euros. Chelsea, in turn, did not take anyone more expensive than Morata - it speaks volumes.

But more importantly, the Londoners have an extremely complicated scheme for approving transfers. On the one hand, for a long time (in total - 5.5 seasons), Mourinho was working with the club. He asked, received and got rid of whom he wanted. On the other hand, the management (Abramovich, Granovskaya, and the technician Chelsea manager Emenalo, who reportedly fled to Monaco) regularly dealt with personnel matters without coordinating with the coaches.

Probably, the new approach in the club is now considered the most correct and adequate. It is impossible to repeat the situation with Moura, who brought Chelsea a terrible loss.

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What coach does Chelsea need now?

Abramovich chose the final strategy, in which the selection of players is made by main staff, then it is necessary to appoint strictly coaches, and not managers. Those who will not complain about the passivity of Chelsea transfers, but will focus on working with the current composition and return the most promising guys from the numerous leases. Tactician, methodologist - you can call this role model as you like, but the essence will not change.

Abramovich is looking for a new coach

Chelsea new coach

Now they can change Conte only on Hiddink. Guus is a reliable and proven option: he will cheer up the players, listen to Abramovich for six months and calmly leave without any resentment or hope for a long-term contract. The remaining candidates, firstly, will not go to a five-month contract, and secondly, they hardly fit today's Chelsea.

Ancelotti showed bad results in the Bavaria and in general, judging by rumors, is no longer pulling the intensity of the club season. Enrique has made key successes with Messi and other Catalan celebrities, who are not in London. But the advantages of this strategy will be exhausted very quickly.

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There are also these two: Simeone and Sasarri. So, they need to either persuade Diego or take risks with Maurizio - it all depends on the style that Roman Abramovich likes more.

Chelsea latest news

Chelsea latest news

Abramovich's main favorite for the post of a coach is the former Barcelona same time, coach Luis Enrique. Lucho is also not against working with the London club. However, it is reported that the contract with Enrique will last until the end of the current season.

As for now, Chelsea coach name is the same. So which coach do you think will be the best? Write in comments!

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