Celebrity girlfriends and wives of Nigerian stars

Celebrity girlfriends and wives of Nigerian stars

Lots of Nigerian celebrities have beautiful and faithful girlfriends and wives, who are always with them and support them in every new beginning. If you would like to know who is the hottest celebrity girlfriend in Nigeria and read some of the finest love stories, you should definitely proceed!

Celebrity girlfriends and wives of Nigerian stars

Nigerian celebrity girlfriend and wives

Always wanted to find out who are the second halves of your favourite Nigerian celebrities are? Here, you will be able to see the most beautiful and loving celebrity girlfriends and wives, who make the Nigerian celebrities happy. You will also be able to read their love stories. Let’s go!

Aisha Suleiman – the girlfriend of Olamide Adedeji

The hip-hop star Olamide Adedeji, born in Lagos, is famous for his catchy and memorable songs, which he mostly records in Yoruba language. He was nominated for multiple Nigerian awards and won most of them. Nigeria's favourite hip-hop superstar has no less interesting personal life.

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When the news broke that he is dating Adebukunmi Aisha Suleiman, his sweetheart who was with him long before he was famous, all the fans immediately noticed how much Olamide shines when he is with this girl. Their love for each other was so obvious that everyone kept wondering when they are going to tie the knot. In 2015, Aisha gave birth to a beautiful son, whose name was revealed to be Batifeori Maximilliano Adedeji. The little boy is a splitting image of his famous father.

It was always clear that Olamide appreciates his girlfriend and little son more than anything. However, it seemed for a long time like he is the kind of man who does not need the ring on his finger to be happy. In the multiple interviews, he stated that it is not important whether he and Aisha have a huge marriage ceremony. He said that when the time comes, they will reveal the big news, but now he is trying his best to be a good partner and a responsible father, and this is what matters to him the most.

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Recently, fans were thrilled, as it appeared that the time has finally come, and Olamide and Aisha are planning to make their relationship official. On Women's Day 2018, which is also Aisha's birthday, Olamide popped the question, and of course, the love of his life said 'Yes'. He also announced on his Snapchat that they are planning their wedding. So, there is a chance that we will see Olamide in an elegant suit and Aisha in the beautiful dress quite soon.

Olamide and girlfriend
Olamide and Aisha, photo from olisa.tv

Chioma Avril Rowland – Davido's girlfriend

The personal life of the award-winning rapper Davido was always surrounded by mysteries. Most often, his multiple affairs ended with breakups. He even has two children with different women, who he did not manage to maintain relationships with. However, lately there have been reports about the new lady who won his heart, and fans are wondering how long it will last.

Davido's new girlfriend is Chioma Avril Rowland, who is a student at the University of Babcock. It looks like the rapper is absolutely carried away by her – he makes their relationship public and always gushes about her on social media, which was not the case with his previous affairs. He even wrote a song about her, called "Chioma, My Lover", and took her to Dubai and Paris to buy her expensive gifts. He went as far as saying that he wants a son with her, as both of his older children are girls. This shows that Davido is serious in his intentions.

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There is not much known about Chioma, apart from the fact about her place of studies. It looks like she enjoys spending time with one of the most popular Nigerian stars, and some insiders report that she is even ready to miss classes and repeat a year if it means she will be with him more often. Time will tell if their relationship is serious, or just another quick affair, but we hope that Davido has finally found the true love he has been looking for.

Davido and Chioma
Davido and Chioma, photo from wotzup.ng

Adesua Etomi – Banky W's wife

The story of these two lovebirds is considered to be romantic and sweet. Olubankole Wellington, the artiste who is more popular under the name Banky W, met the well-known actress Adesua Etomi in 2012. At first, the couple did not have high hopes for each other. However, with every new meeting, Banky W liked Adesua more and more and promised himself that he would win her heart one day. He realized that Adesua is beautiful, talented and smart, and he really felt something for her. So, he started getting information about her from his friends and acquaintances.

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Eventually, he found Adesua and suggested her to be friends. They started seeing each other more often, and it took them time to understand they are perfect for each other. Banky W prayed that Adesua would reciprocate his love for her, and after some time, she realized that she loves him too.

Now these two are unable to imagine their life without each other. Last year, Banky W organized a romantic proposal for Adesua. In November 2017, the two tied the knot – they had a beautiful traditional wedding, which was followed by the white wedding in South Africa. Banky W and Adesua Etomi are couple goals and many Nigerians are dreaming of finding love like theirs.

Adesua Etomi is not just a wife of a famous man, she is a popular actress, who has won big awards. Her full name is Tolulope Adesuwa Etomi. She began acting in 2012, she acts in movies, series, and theatre. Adesua Etomi is one of the most loved actresses in Nigeria, and so many fans are happy that she finally found love.

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Sonia Ogbonna – the wife of IK Ogbonna

One of the most talented Nollywood actors, IK Ogbonna, is admired by many Nigerian ladies. However, his heart belongs to one person, and she is not actually Nigerian. Still, IK and Sonia Ogbonna are couple goals, and so many Nigerians wish they had a relationship like theirs.

IK Ogbonna’s sweetheart is from Columbia. Born in 1991, she is the eldest of three kids, being also the only girl in her family. Early in her life, she traveled a lot, spending most of the time in France, Serbia, and the Netherlands. She got her higher education in Belgrade, Serbia, and now she possesses both Bachelor and Master’s degree. She also knows five languages and worked as a translator for some time. This proves that IK Ogbonna’s lady is not only beautiful but smart and educated.

IK and Sonia met through the mutual friends. They started talking through the Internet and eventually became closer. In 2015, they got married in Serbia. They have a beautiful son, Ace. IK Ogbonna also had a daughter with his ex-girlfriend before he met Sonia, and she takes care of her, too.

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IK and Sonia Ogbonna live in Nigeria. She works as a DFNG clothing line ambassador and sometimes does modelling. She is also a blogger, life coach, relationship expert, and public relations executive at Motherland Beckons. As we can see, this woman has many talents.

Busola Dakolo – Timi Dakolo' wife

Timi Dakolo is a famous Nigerian R&B singer, and apart from his music achievements, he got really lucky in his personal life. His beautiful wife Busola Dakolo is the love of his life. According to them, they had quite an interesting love story. They met in a church, and at first, Busola did not lay a lot of hopes on Timi. She even gave him an incorrect phone number, even though later she admitted that she gave him a true one, only he thought it is wrong. However, he made an effort to find her again, and she realized that he is really different from other Nigerian artistes.

The interesting fact is that Timi proposed to Busola on a covered plate of food, which she opened and saw the ring. The couple enjoys traveling together, and every trip brings them closer. Currently, they have three lovely kids together,and Timi says that he was present with Busola during every birth. This couple is often called the Nigerian John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. They appreciate each other a lot and often display their mutual affection publicly.

Elsie Okpocha – Basketmouth's wife

The respected comedian Basketmouth (real name Bright Okpocha), whose jokes are loved and admired by many Nigerians, has an amazing lady who always supports him through thick and thin. Her name is Elsie Okpocha, and she is extremely persistent, which means no difficulties can stop her. Elsie works together with her famous husband, even though she dreamed of becoming the actress or art manager in the past. She is a director of his company and helps out with the organizing his comedy shows.

The couple got married in 2010, and before their wedding, they were together for seven years. They had a really romantic first meeting. When Elsie was walking home, she suddenly saw Bright promoting his debut show near her house. She came by and told him that she loved his jokes, and then went away. The future famous comedian went after her. Since then, they have become an inseparable couple. Now they have two beautiful children, Jason and Janelle. The couple loves each other very much. Basketmouth is certain that Elsie is the only woman in the world that he lives for.

Amarachi Nwankwo – Kanu Nwankwo's wife

Kanu Nwankwo was a famous football player. He played for Arsenal football club. Apart from his professional sports successes, he also has a lovely wife, who has been by his side the entire time. Amarachi Nwankwo is Nigerian, and she was born in 1986. They have known each other since they were really young, and before getting married, they dated for a while. Their marriage took place in 2004. The couple tied the knot in Imo State, and there were a lot of famous guests at the wedding, including the teammates of Kanu Nwankwo.

There is a ten-year age difference between Kanu and Amarachi, but despite that, they are still a loving couple. They have three kids together – two sons and a daughter. Amarachi denied all the rumours that her parents forced her to marry at the young age, saying that she genuinely loves her husband and this is the true reason why she married him. Besides, she has a degree in Architecture, which proves that she is an educated and smart woman.

Amarachi always supports her husband during his football games, and while it was never easy to be a wife of the famous player, she got used to it. In return, Kanu is incredibly grateful to have such a devoted wife, who always respects him and gave him her unconditional love.

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The Nwankwo family
Amarachi Nwankwo and her family, photo from Pulse.ng

Lola Okoye – wife of Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye is the former singer of the famous R&B music group P-Square, which he started together with his twin brother Paul. They have been performing together for fourteen years before they stopped existing in 2017. The well-known singer always had the support of his wife through all the hardships. Lola Okoye, or Titilola Loretta Omotayo Okoye, is not just a beauty, but a great influence and role model. She is half-Nigerian, half-Russian – her father is Nigerian, and her mother is Russian.

Lola first met Peter at a show, which was thrown by British America Tobacco Company in Enugu. This company was a client of the firm where Lola worked. According to the couple, they immediately liked each other, but she did not give him her mobile number at first, because she wanted him to be persistent and go after her. Peter did not give up and found Lola again, and since then they were never apart.

They live happily together and have two beautiful children – the boy Cameron and the girl Aliona. The couple married in 2013, and their wedding was a huge event.

Anita Okoye – Paul Okoye's wife

The twin brother of Peter, Paul Okoye, is not behind him in family life either. He met his long-time sweetheart long ago, in 2004, when they were attending the University of Abuja. Paul was in final year, while Anita was still a freshman. Paul said that at the time, he had a crush on another girl, but when he met Anita, his heart skipped. Since then, he has been devoted only to her.

Paul proposed to Anita at the jewelry store. He told her that she could pick any diamond ring she wants, and after that, he just dropped on one knee in front of her and proposed. The next year, the couple held a big wedding in Ikoyi. As Paul revealed in one of his interviews, originally Anita’s father was not a big fan of him because he wore dreadlocks. However, now they have become good friends.

The famous couple have three adorable children together. Their first son, Andre, was born in 2013. In 2017, they had two lovely twins – a girl Nadia and a boy Nathan. Even though Anita originally had pregnancy problems, in the end, she got the biggest gift in the form of her beautiful kids.

Simi Esiri – Dr.Sid's wife

The famous Nigerian musician Sidney Onoriode Esiri, known more popularly as Dr.Sid, has a beautiful wife, Simi. They started dating in 2012 when they got together, and according to Dr.Sid, the circumstances of their first meeting were quite interesting. The musician, who is also a dentist, confessed that he knew she is the one for him ever since he met her, and he always wants to make her proud of him.

Dr. Sid proposed to his beloved girlfriend in Venice, and they later got married in Lagos. They have a beautiful daughter together, whose name is Sydney. The couple is happy together. There were some reports lately that there were problems in their relationship. However, Dr. Sid and Simi appeared at latest public events together, and they did not look like a couple whose marriage is hitting the rocks.

Mabel Makun – Ayo Makun's wife

Mabel Makun is a best friend and life partner of the well-known comedian Ayo Makun. The couple got together in their university years when both were studying at Delta State University, and Ayo suggested Mabel sign up for the beauty contest that he held. According to Mabel, when she met Ayo, she saw him as hardworking, intelligent and talented, and they clicked instantly. They got married in 2008, and now they have a lovely daughter together, whose name is Michelle.

Mabel is a business administrator and runs her own interior company. The couple admits that their faith in God helps them to stay together and work out any kind of issues in their marriage. Ayo really adores his wife and takes her with him to every event, where they always look gorgeous. Mabel is not worried that Ayo is a celebrity and gets attention from other ladies, because they have mutual trust and understanding.

All these love stories are surely inspiring. We want to wish all the best to the celebrities that and their gorgeous girlfriends and wives!

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