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Top Birthday Cake Designs for Husband

Top Birthday Cake Designs for Husband

There is an opinion that cakes and flowers are good gifts only for women. This assumption has long been a delusion. Really chic cakes make both men and a women happy. You can order a birthday cake for your husband or make it yourself if you can. In any case, it is worth making a lbeautiful and interesting cake that would make your spouse happy on his special day.

Birthday cake for husband with name: Best designs

Romantic birthday cake for husband is a good choice for an unexpected surprise or a planned event with invited guests. Usually, the wife is the one who performs the preparation and she gets to choose a cake that her husband would love.

Birthday cake for husband with name

Which cakes are suitable for husband and what are their main features?

  • Birthday cake designs for ones husband should have original style.
  • Often special details are used as decoration: symbols of courage, strength.
  • The color scheme is also characteristic: cakes of dark shades are very common.
  • Small details are often excluded and the use of large ones are welcomed.
cake for husband with name

It should be noted that the inside of such cakes are not much different from cakes from that of the wife. The filling can be chosen taking into account the preferences of your second half.

Birthday cake for husband with name

This cake design is super gorgeous! The choice of colour is also impressive, the colours are mature yet appealing enough to make the cake look manly buy not boring. The way the colours were combined, the biscuit placed on the cake, the fact that the cake looks more like a dessert cake, all this elements turns into an amazing symphony!

cake for husband

Form and size of the cake

There is one celebration for which a cake is a necessary condition. Of course, it's a birthday or an anniversary. Such an event can rarely pass without a beautiful and sweet cake because it is not just a detail from the menu but a whole tradition implying a ritual with candles and desires. Therefore, many Nigerian women are looking for "birthday cake for my husband" ideas for such a great occasion.

Best designs cakes

Choosing a cake for your beloved spouse you need to decide on the form which can be absolutely original. The cake can consist of one or several tiers depending on the scale of the party. A small cake is enough for a quiet family party. A large-scale celebration with a big number of guests is unlikely to do without a sweet masterpiece of impressive size.

Don't use any lace and beads, little flowers and pink motifs unless it's just a comic cake. Although the heart-shaped birthday cake for husband is quite acceptable. It does not look too feminine but expresses your sincere love for your husband.

Heart-shaped birthday cake for husband

Design of the cake

The next step is to choose the design. A cake for a husband can be a reflection of his main professional activity or hobby.

  • For example, if your man is in the military you can order an appropriate cake for him. With military colour, etc. As the decorations may be used equipment, weapons, clothing, ammunition.
Birthday cake for husband who is military
  • Connoisseur of stylish accessories will be delighted with the cake in the form of luxury watches.
  • A cake for a husband who is keen on fishing may be cooked in the form of a fish or decorated with a fishing rod and a catch.
Birthday cake for husband who likes fishing
  • Even the most responsible athlete who usually follows a strict diet will not give up a piece of such a cake.
Birthday cake for athlete
  • Does your husband have golden hands and can repair everything? Pay attention to this dignity. Let him know that you appreciate it.
Birthday cake for husband
  • If your beloved one is a huge football fan, you can make a cake in the form of a football field with player figures, gates, and a ball.

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Birthday cake for husband with name: Best designs
  • If a man likes qualitative alcohol, he will certainly appreciate such design.
Birthday cake for husband with name: Best designs
  • Does he like racing or just interested in cars? Choose something in this style.
Birthday cake for husband with name: Best designs

If such a gift is planned as a surprise, the effect will turn out to be double: a very tasty dessert and original design that will definitely please the recipient.


Cake can be decorated with a lot of candles or candles-figures that determine the age of the man. Also, the special fireworks are often used. These details will turn the birthday party into a luxurious and unforgettable show without emptying your pocket.

Birthday cake

Other men can present a friend a cake with a funny enough inscription. But the wife should better not do this if she is not sure that the spouse will take such a gesture with a sense of humor. Perhaps he will remember your joke more than a try to do something nice and take care of him.

funny designs

However, it's better to choose some romantic message on a birthday cake for husband: "I love you, dear", "You are the best" or something like this. Men like when wives show them love and respect. Seeing the admiration in your eyes can make your husband feel like Superman!


We hope that these interesting ideas were useful for you. Let your love be as beautiful as these cakes and your family life be filled with a lot of sweet moments! Have a nice party!

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