October 1: Nigeria is sick and confused at 57 - Anglican Archbishop

October 1: Nigeria is sick and confused at 57 - Anglican Archbishop

- Dr. Olusina Fape, the Archbishop of Lagos Ecclesiastical Province, Anglican Communion, has described Nigeria as a sick and confused country, as it approaches its 57th anniversary

- The cleric bashed the nation’s past and present leaders for being corrupt and selfish, even as he urged all citizens to humble themselves and seek the face of God

- He further stated that the country has shed innocent blood and that the blood of ‘assassinated innocents’ was crying out for vengeance

- Fape however noted that despite all this, there was still something worth celebrating, as he stated that despite a civil war, coups and counter coups, Nigeria has enjoyed 17 years of democratic governance

The Archbishop of Lagos Ecclesiastical Province (Anglican Communion), Dr. Olusina Fape, has stated that Nigeria is sick and confused, because its citizens- leaders and followers- are suffering from corruption and selfishness, Vanguard reports.

The cleric made his comments during a sermon at the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter, Ake, Abeokuta, to mark the nation’s upcoming 57th anniversary on October 1.

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Legit.ng gathers that Fape also stated that the blood of prominent Nigerians who were assassinated - Bola Ige, Dele Giwa , Kudirat Abiola and Funsho Williams - was crying out for vengeance.

He lampooned the nation's ‘clueless’ leaders, both past and present, for not making Nigeria work, as he lamented over the nation’s failing infrastructure.

He stated: “We have been seeking the face of God but have not turned from our wickedness.

“We have shed many bloods of many innocent souls in this nation.

“From Dele Giwa to Bola Ige to Alfred Rewane to Funsho Williams to our Kudirat Abiola and many more. You can still count on.

“And the blood of these innocent ones are crying for vengeance.

“Should we continue in sins and ask for forgiveness? Absolutely not.”

Fape urged Nigerians to humble themselves and seek the face of God.

However, the cleric congratulated the country over the fact that despite going through civil war, military coups and counter coups, it had enjoyed democracy for the past 17 years.

He stated further: “Many nations went into civil war but never came out successfully; we went through it and by grace of God, here we are today.

“There have been military coups and counter coups; and eventually, we have come to the period of democratic dispensation.

“For 17 years unbroken and beyond, our democracy has been intact by the grace of God, Halleluyah.

“Someone says the worst democracy is better than best military rule. There have been accusations and counter accusations, but in spite of all these the Lord has kept us together. “As we are celebrating 57 years of our existence as an independent nation, I want to tell you my brothers and sisters, Nigeria is sick.

“There is no doubt about that.

“Then, when can we actually say a nation is sick and it is in need of healing?

“A nation is sick when it is confused on which path is to tread, giving the enormity of the challenges that are bedeviling it because of the clueless leaders at the helms of affairs whether past or present governments.

“Brethren, can we say a nation is sick when the leaders know what to do but because of arrogance and selfish interest, they have put those they are ruling over, perpetually under their feet to be trampled upon because of the power they exercise?

“Someone says nothing makes armed robbers different from the ordinary person, rather than the gun they are using.

“When is a nation sick? Is it a time like this when there is agitation for restructuring right from the southwest?

“Is it a time like this when there is agitation for Republic of Biafra in the southeast?

“Is it a time like this when there is environmental degradation in the southsouth?”

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Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that the spokesman of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Ango Abdullahi, described Nigeria as a failure as the country clocks 57 years of independence on October 1.

Abdullahi stated that when compared to other countries that gained independence around the same period, the nation is a failure.

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