How to draw eyebrow arch?

How to draw eyebrow arch?

Every stylish girl or woman should know how to do her makeup in the effective way. For some reason, drawing the eyebrow is the most complicated aspect for most women. We hope, with our guide, you will learn how to draw eyebrow arch without difficulties!

How to draw eyebrow arch?

Tips on ow to draw eyebrow arch

If it has always seemed impossible for you to draw eyebrows beautifully then you are about to find a solution to your problem. There is no secret to it, you just need some practice. You will notice results soon enough. These eight easy steps will teach you how to draw a perfect eyebrow arch!

  1. First, give your eyebrows the desired shape using a finger or an eyebrow brush. You must have a clear narrowed line.
  2. Then, using your eye shadow/eyebrow pencil, draw the guideline. To determine the arch remember to follow your natural eyebrow shape.
  3. Now, draw a line across the top of your eyebrow. Using an eyebrow pencil, fill in large blank spots. It is important to use gentle and light strokes. Don't draw your eyebrows too long with the pencil. It will look unnatural. You can apply light strokes of the pencil around your eyebrow to thicken the look.
  4. After this, you should use a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than you usually use to define a clear line under the eyebrow.
  5. Then use a concealer which is similar to your eye colour on the top of your eyebrow.
  6. At this stage, you should bend both concealer lines. Dust your eyebrow with the setting powder. Brush them carefully.
  7. At the end, use an eyebrow gel to set the eyebrows. That's all the instructions you need. Follow them and you will create a great look. How to draw eye brow will no longer be a problem for you!

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Eyebrow tutorial


Eyebrows are considered a business card of the face. If the eyebrows are properly plucked and given a suitable shape, your makeup will simply align to the tone. To emphasize the eyelashes, brush up your cheeks and apply some lip gloss.

To add some character to your eyes, you need to know how to pluck your eyebrows correctly. To make your face look perfect and natural, do not change the natural shape of your eyebrows. You simply need to adjust it. If you try radical experiments with your eyebrows, you will end up with a bad result. The same applies to the thickness of the eyebrows: if they are thick, you do not need to pluck them to the shape of a thread.

Eyebrow tutorial

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You might be wondering:

"How to carve eyebrows?"

To answer this question, you might want to follow our guide once again. Remember to wipe your eyebrows with ice before starting our procedure. It will reduce pain.

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Step one. Comb the eyebrows well. Detach all the excess hair and make sure you can see a clear outline.

Nigerian women

Step two. Mark the highest point of your eyebrow.

Step three. Using your tweezers, remove excess hair from the bottom and top of your eyebrow until you get a well defined arch.

You can see that the process is really easy. Now you know all you need to and won't have problems with your eyebrows in future.

Once you're done, your eyebrows will be ready for the perfect makeup.

Different eyebrows

These are all our tutorials for today. Now you can draw stunning eyebrows in no time! Just have all the tools and cosmetics you need and don't be sure to follow our guide. Also, make sure you continue to practice as this is the only way to become an expert at making the perfect eyebrow.

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