See 20 corporations owned by Lagos state government

See 20 corporations owned by Lagos state government

- Lagos state is the second fastest growing city in Africa

- It is also the seventh fastest growing city in the world

- Lagos state’s population according to recent report is about 21 million

Lagos sometimes referred to as Lagos state to distinguish it from Lagos Metropolitan Area, is a state located in the southwestern geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria and the second fastest-growing city in Africa and the seventh in the world. The population of Lagos according to the latest report is 21 million, making Lagos the largest city in Africa.

Lagos is a port which originated on islands separated by creeks, such as Lagos Island, fringing the southwest mouth of Lagos Lagoon while protected from the Atlantic Ocean by barrier islands and long sand spits such as Bar Beach, which stretch up to 100 kilometres (62 miles) east and west of the mouth.

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These are the selected 20 corporations owned by the Lagos state government:

1. Lagos State University (LASU)

Lagos State University - also known as LASU - was established in 1983 by the enabling Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, for the advancement of learning and establishment of academic excellence.

2. Radio Lagos

Radio Lagos began operation in 1977 as an off-shoot of the old Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC). At its inception, the station operated on two A.M. Frequencies (990khz.303mtrs and 918khz.32.7mtrs).

The need to repackage and assume a new station led to the birth of the new Radio Lagos 107.5 Fm (Tiwa n’Tiwa) under the control of the Lagos State Radio Service in 2001.

Radio Lagos enjoys a unique status as the first predominantly specialized, language station with over 98% of its transmission in Yoruba and Ogu, and just about 2% for English bulletins.

3. Eko FM

Eko 89.75 FM was established in 1997 as the sister station to Radio Lagos.

The station functions centre mainly on the presentation of typically traditional values and concepts of Lagos life, through its carefully knitted programmes.

Eko FM ensures a perfect blend of programming in the area of fun-filled excitement, news coverage and delivery, appropriate musical presentation, socially relevant and audience involving programmes. The station perfects its act in the art of new presentation that consists of interviews and accommodating the young and old, music tastes.

4. Lagos state Television (LTV)

The administration of Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande (1979-1980) saw the need to establish its own television station, which would oil its information dissemination machinery. This was perhaps informed by the fact that the state government being on a different political platform from the federal government, was not assured of adequate media coverage by federal government owned NTA.

Established in October 1980, Lagos Television commenced transmission on November 9, 1980 initially on very high frequency (VHS) channels 5. The politic of that era was not without its intrigues and part of it was the stiff opposition of the federal government to the operation of a state owned TV station on the VHS band.

5. Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA)

The Lagos State Refuse Disposal Board (LSRDB) was instituted under Edict No. 9 of 1977, which was the first of its kind in West Africa. The Board was saddled with the responsibilities of environmental sanitation and domestic refuse collection and disposal in the State.

The Board was rechristened the Lagos State Waste Management Authority by reason of a new Law – Edict No. 55 of 1991, which conferred on the Authority further responsibility for the collection and disposal of municipal and industrial waste streams as well as provision of commercial waste services to the State and Local Governments.

The Board metamorphosed over the years into the agency known today as the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) by virtue of the LAWMA Law 2007, and accrued added responsibilities ranging from management of commercial, industrial, and medical waste streams, highway sanitation, cleaning of drainage and other water bodies, to construction and demolition waste management, among others.

6. Lagos State Pension Commission (LASPEC)

The Lagos State Pension Commission (LASPEC) was established by the Lagos State Contributory Pension Scheme law 2007 as a corporate entity to regulate, supervise and ensure the effective administration of pension matters in the Lagos State Public Service in accordance with the provisions of the Pension Reform Act 2004.

7. Lagos State Mortgage Board

The Lagos Home Ownership Mortgage Scheme (Lagos HOMS) is a government initiative created to encourage and support home ownership of First-Time Buyer (FTB) residents of Lagos State to purchase decent and affordable homes through the provision of accessible mortgage finance. Lagos HOMS is administered by the Lagos State Mortgage Board (LMB).

8. Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission (LSWRC)

Lagos State, an emerging model mega city and the smallest state in West Africa is a ‘mini Mecca’ of some sorts due to the daily influx of people into the city for both trade and investment purposes, among other reasons due to the socio-economic vibrancy of the State triggered by the rapid infrastructural development of the aquatic state.

9. Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI)

The Lagos State Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI) was created by Executive Order (No. EO/BRF/014 OF 2013) and Lagos State Official Gazette No 26 Vol. 47 of the 14th April 2014.

The Institute which is domiciled at PSSDC, Magodo is responsible for implementation of standardized trainings for State Law Enforcement Officers, including but not limited to officers of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) and Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI).

10. Lagos State Fire Service

Lagos State Government mindful of it social responsibilities to the people of the State on its creation in 1967, felt that enough was not being done by the Federal Fire Service to protect lives and property within the Metropolis. The State Government then established a State owned Fire Service by an Edict of Lagos State Law Cap 42 of 1972.

11. Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission (LSWRC)

Lagos State, an emerging model mega city and the smallest state in West Africa is a ‘mini Mecca’ of some sorts due to the daily influx of people into the city for both trade and investment purposes, among other reasons due to the socio-economic vibrancy of the State triggered by the rapid infrastructural development of the aquatic state.

12. Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA)

The Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA) is the Lagos State Government’s robust initiative structured to realize the huge potentials of modernized vehicle licensing and registration machinery for the attainment of socio-economic development and the security of life and property.

13. Lagos State Office of Transformation, Creativity and Innovation

The Office of Transformation (OOT), now Office of Transformation, Creativity and Innovation (OTCI) was created under the Governor’s Office vide circular N0. 150 of November 4, 2009. It metamorphosed from Management Services Department (MSD) domiciled in the defunct Office of Establishments, Pensions and Training.

14. Lagos State Agency for Mass Literacy, Adult & Non-Formal Education

The Agency for Mass Education was established under the Edict No 5, Volume 24 of 31st January, 1991 (Lagos State Official Gazette) is saddled with the responsibility of eradicating illiteracy to the barest minimum in Lagos State.

This was due to a directive of the FGN that States should establish Agencies that will provide literacy Programmes to suit the economic, cultural, social and political needs of the illiterates (youths and adults) in their areas.

15. Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK)

The mandate of Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK) is to make Lagos greener and healthier through the creation and maintenance of functional and operational parks and gardens, planting and maintenance of trees.

LASPARK was established to take over the assignment of the greening initiative of the State Government from the Conservation and Ecology Department of the Ministry of the Environment (Office of the Environmental Services) by the enactment of Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency Law No. 13, 2011 and took off July 2012.

16. Public Procurement Agency

The Lagos State Public Procurement Agency (the Agency) was established on the 2nd of April, 2012 under the Lagos State Public Procurement Law, 2011 (the Law).

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The objectives of the Agency are to ensure probity, accountability and transparency in Public Procurement throughout Lagos State.

17. Office of Public Defender (OPD)

The Office of the Public Defender, Lagos State Ministry of Justice was established on July 24th, 2000 by the then Governor of the State, His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to provide free and qualitative legal services to the indigent and oppressed residents of the state.

The main objective for the establishment of the Office was to create an avenue; a forum that will be open to receive and legally deal with issues that affects the socio-economic rights of the indigent residents of Lagos State irrespective of tribal background and emphasis “was and is” on the "rights of the disadvantaged in Lagos state".

18. Lagos State Safety Commission

The Lagos State Safety Commission was inaugurated on the 5th of May 2009 as an office of Public Safety under the Ministry of Special Duties to set safety standards for all sectors involved in the socio-economic activities in the state.

19. Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA)

LASTMA was established to reduce deaths, injuries and economic losses through road traffic accidents, conflicts, congestion and delays on the public highways in Lagos state by employing modern traffic management techniques to inject order and control into the road traffic system in the state.

20. Lagos State Traffic Radio

The Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1FM formally came into existence on 29th of May, 2012. A creation of the Lagos State Government, the station, located few meters from the Lagos State Government Secretariat is within the confines of the Broadcasting Complex, along Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja,Lagos.

Meanwhile, had previously reported that while many states of the federation continue to battle with poor revenue and inability to pay workers, the Lagos government concluded plans for an ultra-modern rice mill.

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