How to steam natural hair at home?

How to steam natural hair at home?

Many of us (if not everyone) want their hair to be strong and healthy. Some people like to use different oils, conditioners, and masks, others are trying various homemade recipes. One of the best treatments for your hair is the steam treatment which involves not only steam but oils as well. The best part of it is that it is easy to do at home and it is great for natural hair. Continue reading to learn how to steam natural hair!

Natural hair

How to steam natural hair?

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Ladies with dry and always-tangled hair quite often look for a safe and easy way to treat their hair. Steaming of hair is one of the popular options so it's not surprising that women have wondered “How to steam my hair?”. Hair steaming is widely popular among those beautiful ladies with natural hair and it helps to keep those gorgeous locks in place.

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We all know that there may be some issues with natural hair. For example, you need to moisturize your locks from time to time (they can get really dry and tough!). It’s hard to go swimming because the hair might get dull and fragile. So what can you do when your hair is not in the best shape? How can you solve this problem? The answer is hair steaming.

Another important question is:

'What does hair steaming do for your hair?'

- It will make your hair look longer, but the hair will still keep its definition. And your gorgeous curls will be more voluminous and softer than before!

- The hair steaming process involves using hair products like conditioner or oils. When you are using a steamer, it helps to lift your cuticle, which will let the oils, conditioner or any other moisturizing products get into the scalp and hydrate your hair.

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- You have probably struggled with tangled hair at some point. And it was horrible! The hair steaming helps loosen the knots from root to the tip. You will be able to comb your hair easily.

Hair steaming ingredients


What are the ingredients for steaming hair at home? Basically, you will need a moisturizing product or any other hair treatment product that you are using, and steam! So let’s get started, shall we?

How to steam hair at home?

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Note that this treatment can be done at home with or without a hurtful hair steamer. First, we will teach you how to steam your hair with the hair steamer.

1. Wash your hair. Make sure that you are using a good shampoo that is nutritious for your

2. Section off your hair, secure the parts with bands or pins but leave one section.

3. Take the hair treatment of your choice (conditioner or shea butter) and cover the part that you’ve left. Fully cover each section of the hair.

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Important note: Be generous with the treatment and make sure that your hair is fully covered. Divide your hair further if needed.

4. Brush the divided parts of your hair to make sure that treatment product evenly covers your locks.

Brushing hair

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5. Divide the big sections of your hair into smaller ones and twist them into thick twists. Take the treatment and cover the top of your scalp.

Important note: If you don’t like how your hair looks after untwisting the twists, just put it in a bun. But make sure everything is covered in your hair treatment product.

6. Put your hair in a bun.

7. Prepare your hair steamer by following the instructions.

8. Sit underneath the cap of the steamer when the steam starts to come out.

Hair steaming

Important note: Make sure to put a towel on your shoulders. Some strands will drop down at it may be hot. It is also recommended to put a headband. It will catch the water that will eventually drip down.

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9. When the treatment is done (read the instructions to find out for how long you need to sit under the steamer. Usually it will take about 20-30 minutes), take moisturizing products (oil, conditioner or the shea butter) and put them in your hair. Untwist the twists.

10. Voila - gorgeous, moisturized looks!


Repeat this process from time to time (but not more than once a week) and take care of your hair - keep it healthy and moisturized!

Note that there are different hair steamers. For some of them, you just have to pour water on them and sit under the cup. Others are called “hand steamers,” like the Q-Redew Vapor Wand. Check out the instructions to learn how to use them. But no matter what steamer you use, the first steps are usually the same - you need to wash your hair and moisturize it by using your hair treatment products.

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How to steam your hair without a steamer?

Without the steamer

But what about how to steam your hair when you don’t have a steamer? Don’t worry, we will teach you how to do it. It will take more time, but the results are worth it!

1. The first step is the same - wash your hair with a shampoo that will get rid of all the buildup. The hair has to be nice and clean.

2. Apply the hair treatment product before the steam process.

3. Take a plastic cap (or a shower cap) and put it on your hair. Make sure that the hair is completely under the cap. You don’t want the steam to escape the cap.

Important tip: If you don’t have a plastic cap or the cap is too loose then use a plastic wrap. Remember that the hair has to be sealed quite tightly.

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Shower cap

4. Place a towel on your shoulders to protect them from hot water.

5. Prepare the hot water. Put plastic gloves on your hands. Take a towel or a turban and moist it with the water. Wring out the water until the towel or the turban is damp.

6. Take the turban or the towel and put it around your head. Then take a plastic cap or the plastic wrap and cover the towel/turban. Cover it tightly, make sure to lock the steam in there.

7. The steam process will take about 20-30 minutes. If you feel that the towel/turban is not hot enough then repeat the process - take it off, then moisture it with hot water and put it back on your head. Don’t forget to cover it with a plastic cap or plastic wrap!

8. Carefully unwrap your hair and let it cool. Don’t try to cool it off instantly using cold water - you don’t want to damage your hair. Once it is cool to the touch, you can rinse it.

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That’s it - now you know how to steam your hair both with and without a steamer. Remember that regular moisturizing is good for your hair so try and do this once a week. However, don’t do it too much - it can lead to weakened strands. You know what they say about the golden middle? Try to stay there.

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