The most developed state in Nigeria 2017

The most developed state in Nigeria 2017

There are thirty-six states in Nigeria. Do you want to know which one is the most developed in comparison with other states? Find out why this state can be called the most developed state in Nigeria.

The most developed state in Nigeria 2017

We are sure you could have guessed. Lagos state is considered the most developed state in Nigeria. It is located in the south western region of Nigeria. It is one the oldest states in the country. It was created on the 27th of May 1967.

Although Lagos state is the smallest state in terms of land area, it is the commercial center of Nigeria and the most economically advanced state in Nigeria.

Welcome to Lagos

The state lies along the Atlantic Ocean and houses a lot of modern seaports through which most of the importing and exporting activities of the state takes place. Lagos was the first capital of Nigeria. All these factors have contributed to the development of Lagos as the most developed state in Nigeria. No wonder the slogan of the state is 'Centre of excellence'.

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Lagos State Metropolitan

Criteria for choosing Lagos State as the most developed state in Nigeria

1. Economy

The first criteria we will be considering is the economy of Lagos in comparison with other states in Nigeria. Lagos state is a key to the economy of Nigeria as a whole. According to studies, it was claimed that if Lagos state were to be a country, its economy would be the fifth largest economy in Africa. In 2014, Lagos state had a GDP of 91 billion dollars. Rivers State is the closest to Lagos with a GDP of 21 billion dollars. No wonder Lagos is way ahead of other states.

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Ikoyi Cable Bridge
Ikoyi Cable Bridge at night

2. Urbanization and industrialization

Lagos is the most urbanized state in Nigeria, and it is highly populated. Almost every Nigerian believes you have to get to Lagos to make it. You have to live in Lagos to enjoy life in Nigeria. That is why, although the state is small, the population keeps rising due to migration from other states. Lagos state is also the most industrialized state in Nigeria. It has the highest number of industries both federal and non-federal and investments in Nigeria.

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Most of the commercial banks in Nigeria have their headquarters in Lagos. Nigeria’s number one international airport is also located in Lagos. In terms of urbanization, it has the best and modern building structures such as the largest skyscrapers in Nigeria and also very good roads. There are hoodlums in Lagos but this is present in all the states in Nigeria. However, in comparison with other states, Lagos is the most urbanized state in Nigeria.

National Arts Theatre
National Arts Theatre in Lagos

3. Lifestyle

Lagos is known for its luxurious lifestyle. It is popular for its entertainment, beaches, festivities parties, and nightlife. If you want to experience the ‘work all day, party all night’ slogan, then you have to live in Lagos state. The major nightlife area of Lagos state is Victoria Island. When it comes to lifestyle also, Lagos State houses can be classified as the most high-class and luxurious in Nigeria. Lagos state is home to the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote. Also the richest black woman in Africa, Folorunsho Alakija lives in Lagos. Other notably wealthy people including Mike Adenuga and Femi Otedola have their base in Lagos. This is also the case for celebrities and entertainers. Lagos state is where the most expensive residential areas and cities in Nigeria are located. These places are in Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lekki, etc.

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Lagos view

4. Education

The level and standard of education are also another criteria used to determine the level of development of any state or country. There are eighteen well known tertiary institutions in Lagos State. There are also many high-class and expensive primary and secondary schools in Lagos. Some of these schools have British curriculum and Montessori educational approach with high-class teaching facilities.

Lagos Skyline view

5. Infrastructure / Amenities (road accessibility, electricity, access to good water, healthcare, etc.)

When it comes to infrastructure, Lagos state is also number one. There are good road networks connecting most parts of Lagos with an excellent transport system. Of course, there are a number of places in Lagos with bad roads. But like we stated earlier, this is in comparison to other states in Nigeria.

In terms of infrastructure, Lagos state is number one. That is why most Nigerian elites live in Lagos state. The only thing that is probably lacking in Lagos when it comes to the issue of basic amenities is the level of electricity supply. Some states in Nigeria have better electricity supply than Lagos. However, we take into account the overall condition of all the states and also the fact electricity in Nigeria is generally bad, then Lagos is forgiven.

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Third Mainland Bridge
Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos

These are just a few of the things that make Lagos the most developed state in Nigeria. Besides the heavy traffic congestion in Lagos State due to over population, anyone who has been to Lagos and other states can testify that Lagos is the most developed state in Nigeria. Rivers State is believed to be the second most developed state in Nigeria.

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