Futminna school fees 2017-2018

Futminna school fees 2017-2018

If you are going to enter the university for higher education, you need to know the cost of tuition fees. This is very important as payment is a prerequisite for admission. All the information you need on Futminna school fees can be found in this article.

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Higher education is the level the level that follows the general education. A tertiary institution gives students the opportunity to become a professional in what they do. It is incredibly difficult and sometimes even impossible to survive without it in the modern world. This is an opportunity for you to grow up and learn. When you have higher education, you are able to change the world for the better through scientific or technical means.

You also special useful skills when you get a higher education. It can help in solving all the practical and theoretical problems in your professional life. You will have the opportunity to develop and improve all modern achievements in fields of science, culture or technology.

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Futminna school fees for freshers

Futminna school freshers

Futminna school is always glad to welcome new students.

"As a specialized University we are committed to the training of skilled and innovative work-force that would transform Nigeria's natural resources into goods and services driven by entrepreneurship and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), to positively affect the economy and thus the quality of life of her people", – here is what was written on the official university website.

Here are some information about Futminna school fees for both the returning students and also the new undergraduates interested in studying at the Federal University of Technology, Minna. This is an up-to-date information on the fees/charges paid by students for the academic session of 2017/2018.

At this University you have the right to study for free, so there is no Tuition Fee, but not for international students. A foreign student needs to pay a $ 750 tuition fee.

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The total cost of medical services is N4,500. It includes: Clinic Registration Fee, Medical Examination/Xray (only for freshers) and Medical Services. The price is the same for international students.

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Also, you need to pay insurance fees like Caution Deposit, which is paid only by freshers, and Student Welfare Insurance Scheme (also for new students). All together, it comes to N6,000.

You will need to pay for renting of Academic Gown (N1,000) and also very useful for you will be the Campus Map (N500) - only for freshers. In order to study in this university, you'll need to have an Identification Card that will cost you N1,200.

All students who are entering this University must complete the registration procedure, and it will cost them N5,000 for new students and N2,000 for returning students. For those students who plan to play sports and play games on the University campus, such an opportunity will be provided for N1000 (Sports/Games).

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Educational additional fees: N15,000. It’s includes Examination Fee (N5,000 for freshers, N3,000 for returnere), Verification of Entry Qualification is only for freshers (N3,500 and for foreign students N5,500), Library Services (N1,000), Laboratory Charges/Consumable (N3,000), Student Handbook (N500).

Among other additional fees there are Maintenance of Facilities (N3,000 for fresh student, N2,000 for returning students), Development Levy (N10,000 for fresh students, N5,000 for returners), Student Welfare Insurance Scheme (N1,000), SWIS/Activity ICT (N5,000 for fresh students, N3,000 for returners).

In general, everything related to the organization of training, residence, administration has the full cost or total fee: N50,200 for new students and N52,200 + $750.00 new, international students. If you are a returning student, the prices are significantly lower - the total fee is N24.700 for returning students and N24.700.00+$750.00 for returning, international students.

Futminna postgraduate school fees

Futminna studying

According to the university rules, applications for Futminna admission to postgraduate programs are only welcome from suitably qualified candidates. This programme kicked off its session with 64 students in 1991/1992, comprising of 42 Masters and 22 PhDs. Later, the number increased to 191 in 1992/1993 and over 1000 in 2015/2016 academic session.

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Since that time, the number of candidates has been steadily growing year after year. And this is the same for all programmes. You will also find that the number of options and programmes has greatly increased over the past two decades! (from 64 in 1991/1992 to over 150 in 2016/2017 session). More than 2,000 applications were accepted for enrollment in these programmes during the 2017-2018 session.

You need to be prepared to pay an application fee of N10,000.00. Also, there is a 250.00 Naira inter-switch charge, which is making a total fee of N10,250.00. You have the option of paying online with the interswitch platform. It is also possible to use Master or Verve card for this purpose. Find more detailed information about this option on their website.

On the official site, you will learn that you can receive any help and get more detailed information at any time using the form in the contact section. You should provide them with your contacts such as phone number and e-mail. You can get an answer to any question.

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