5 MAJOR reasons people are leaving Nigeria

5 MAJOR reasons people are leaving Nigeria

For many Nigerians, the dream is to travel outside the country and then miss the country from abroad. Emigrating is almost like the goal for many, especially to European countries.

There are of course many reasons why this is the case, below are some of the most important:

1. Income

The hope of increased income especially for skilled workers is a big reason most people make the move. The income difference between Nigeria and the developed European countries is so large, many are willing to uproot their families to better their economic status.

2. Career advancement

There are limited career opportunities in Nigeria, especially for those who hope to pursue careers that are out of the orthodox. Artistes and creative people will find it easier to grow outside of Nigeria than inside of it.

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3. Job opportunities

Generally, there are more job opportunities available for qualified people outside Nigeria than inside it and this is another reason many leave the country.

4. Education

While students in Nigeria battle with lecturers, university strikes and a host of other troubles with the educational system, it is a different case in most developed countries.

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5. Exposure for children

Advancements in technological and industrial systems across the world are leaving most Nigerian children behind. Many leave the country to ensure their kids are not left behind.

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