Top 20 richest musicians in the world

Top 20 richest musicians in the world

We have already talked to you about the richest musicians in Nigeria. Today we would like to tell you about Top 20 richest musicians in the world! Who are they? Only the most reliable data in the Forbes rating! You will be surprised!

The richest musicians in the world

Why do pop stars get so much money? In the Middle Ages, the stage performers were only for the amusement of guests during the holidays - but today only the millionaires can enjoy a holiday with a musician companion. The net worth of the musicians listed below is huge. That’s why the American Forbes had to make a separate rating of the world's richest musicians. What is the reason for their wealth? Talent? Luck? Success?

Rock and pop music stars do not earn their millions easily. Their fabulous fees require hard work, countless concerts, endless interviews, and exhausting studio sessions. Therefore, no matter what the top artists earn, they surely deserve it for all the time they put in.

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The richest musicians on the planet

The American magazine Forbes published the annual rating of the world's highest paid musicians.

the rock band Muse
the British rock band Muse

20. Muse

The last 20th place was taken by the British rock band Muse (49 million dollars).

Muse is a British rock band formed in 1994. In total, Muse released seven studio albums and four live albums. Their sales exceeded 15 million. Muse also received a lot of awards mostly for live performances.

19. Luke Brian

The 19th line is occupied by the American country singer Luke Brian (53 million dollars).

At first, he worked as a songwriter. His debut single "All My Friends Say" achieved the fifth line in the Billboard country chart. Some of his singles received gold and platinum certification from the American Association of Record Companies. His third album Tailgates & Tanlines, released in 2011, was certified platinum.

Jay Z, Shawn Corey Carter
Jay Z

18. Jay Z

The 18th place was taken Jay Z, the singer from the US (53.5 million dollars).

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Shawn Corey Carter is a rapper and producer. Jay Z is one of the best-selling musicians of all time. He sold more than 100 million records and received 21 Grammy Awards for his music.

17. Beyoncé

The 17th position was taken by Beyoncé (54 million dollars).

Giselle Knowles-Carter is an American R&B singer, an actress, a dancer, and a music producer. She released six albums and has won 20 Grammy awards in her entire music career.

The Weeknd, Canadian singer
The Weeknd

16-15. The Weeknd and rock band U2

The 16th and 15th places are occupied by the Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer of Ethiopian origin The Weeknd and the Irish rock band U2 (55 million dollars each). U2 was formed in 1976. They are one of the most popular, successful and influential groups in the music history. More than 180 million copies of the group’s albums have been sold.

14-13. Justin Bieber and Kenny Chesney

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The 14th and 13th spot goes to Canadian Pop and R&B singer, songwriter, musician, and actor Justin Bieber and the American country singer Kenny Chesney, one of the most popular in his genre (56 million dollars each).

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Sir James Paul McCartney
Sir Paul McCartney

12. Paul McCartney

Sir James Paul McCartney takes the 12th place. He is a British musician, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. One of the Beatles’ founders, a 16-time Grammy Award winner, a Bachelor of Arts and Chevalier of the British Empire Order. (56.5 million dollars).

11. Bruce Springsteen

The 11th position is occupied by Bruce Springsteen (60.5 million dollars). Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen is an American rock and folk musician and songwriter. He became famous due to his rock songs with poetic texts. The central theme of the latter is his homeland, New Jersey.

Puff Daddy, the American rapper Sean Diddy Combs
Puff Daddy

Top 10 wealthiest musicians

10. Puff Daddy

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The 10th place is taken by American rapper Sean Diddy Combs, better known as “Puff Daddy” (62 million dollars).

The main portion of this year income was brought to Puff by the lucrative deal with Diageo's Ciroc. His other investments are quite lucrative too. The musician is listed in Forbes every year, steadily occupying the tenth line among the richest musicians of the planet.

the Scottish DJ Kelvin Harris, Adam Richard Viles
the Scottish DJ Kelvin Harris

9. DJ Kelvin Harris

The 9th line was taken by the Scottish DJ Adam Richard Viles, known under the pseudonym Kelvin Harris (63 million dollars).

Who said that a DJ cannot earn real money? Calvin Harris spent most of the year wandering around the elite clubs and casinos in Las Vegas, becoming the richest electronics musician of the year. Also, the guy releases hit collaborations with major stars - the last song This Is What You Came For, made with Rihanna, was accepted by critics very favorably.

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8. The British Rolling Stones

The 8th place is occupied by the British Rolling Stones (66.5 million dollars).

It’s a rock group with a huge fan base. The sale of CDs and live performances of Rolling Stones provide team members with a good annual income.

Australian rock band AC / DC

7. AC / DC

The 7th spot is taken by another rock legend, Australian band AC / DC (67.5 million dollars).

No front man? No problem, they have found a new one. The guys from the cult team AC / DC regretfully retired their solo Brian Johnson, and on the same day, they lured the front man of the legendary Guns N 'Roses. Axl Rose will take part in the last ten concerts of the US tour. It will undoubtedly make AC / DC almost the richest rockers in the world.

6. Garth Brooks

The 6th place is taken by the country star Garth Brooks (70 million dollars).

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The Comeback Tour started in 2014 and continued till the beginning of 2017. Garth Brooks is not very popular in other countries but highly appreciated at home. He belongs to the richest musicians in the world.

Rihanna, the US singer

5. Rihanna

The 5th line is occupied by Rihanna (75 million dollars).

Rihanna has created for herself an image self-willed girl who prefers to follow her heart and not pay attention to public opinion. Her impressive talent gives Rihanna the right to an original vital position, and the innate business skills that allows her easily to be on the Forbes list.

4. Madonna

The 4th place is for Madonna. The top twenty most highly paid musicians also include American singer Madonna (annual income - 76.5 million dollars).

Only the Gross from the Rebel Heart brought Madonna $170 million. After that, the Forbes’ financiers estimated the total net worth of the pop diva in one and a half billion dollars. Also, the legendary singer has additional sources of income, from the perfume line to her brand clothing.

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Top three musicians

the Great Britain's singer, Adele

3. Adele

The 3rd spot belongs to Great Britain's Adele, who earned $80.5 million for the year, thanks to the world's best-selling "25" album. For Adele, the year 2016 was the most successful in her career. The album sales provided the main part of her worth. However, much money was also brought in by the live performances.

the British group One Direction
One Direction

2. One Direction

The 2nd place in the 2016 rating was taken by the British group One Direction with an annual income of 110 million dollars. The era of boys’ bands will never end. Such groups simply adjust to the requirements of the time, but in general, they remain the same. This fact, however, did not prevent One Direction from receiving $ 110 million of net worth during the last year.

And the winner!

the American singer Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

1. Taylor Swift

The 1st position is filled by the 26-year-old American singer Taylor Swift. The world richest musician earned $ 170 million the last year. Taylor Swift's tour through North America provided her with an impressive fortune. Swift leadership in the rating is ensured by the concert tour "1989" which started in May 2015. The total revenue from the Swift’s concerts in the world exceeded $ 250 million, while $ 200 million was earned only in the US. Also, more than 3 million Swift’s records were sold. Her royalties for advertising dietary Coke, Apple products and Keds shoes brought a significant contribution to the singer's income.

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In this case, the young and talented beauty won the first place in the rating of the highest paid musicians in 2016.

As you can see, in the rating of the Top 20 richest musician in the world ranking by Forbes there are representatives of different styles and directions: rock, pop, hip-hop and even country. There are many young names on the list. Besides, musical "dinosaurs" and veterans of show business still set the tone in the world music for more than half a century.

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