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What is Examination Malpractice?

What is Examination Malpractice?

Nigerian educational system suffers from the examination malpractice for a long time. It is said that Nigerian academic certificates are worthless and are no more valuable than the paper they are printed on. Examination malpractice is illegal and can ruin a student’s life. But what are the main issues? How does it affect students? What can we do to stop the examination malpractice? Today we will give the answer to these questions.

Cheating on exam

What is the meaning of the examination malpractice?

Examination in class

Examination malpractice is any form of cheating before, during or after examination.

There are different forms of examination malpractice:

  1. Plagiarism (stealing or passing ideas or words of another as one’s own);
  2. Using any cheat notes;
  3. Copying from pre-prepared answer sheet;
  4. Colluding with other students to get the right answer;
  5. Copying from another student’s test;
  6. Continuing taking the test even when the time is over.

If to generalize, each action that will give one unfair advantage may be considered as examination malpractice. A student can commit examination malpractice either inside or outside the classroom.

What are the main causes of the examination malpractice?

Nigerian girl writing exam

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'He who fails to prepare, gets ready to fail'

One of the leading causes of the examination malpractice is failed preparation. There may be a few reasons for it - a unspecialized teacher that was not able to explain properly, lack of time (for example if a student has a part-time job) and laziness. The last one can be a big issue - students are more eager to do something simpler than studying.

A big amount of students

A big amount of students

There may be a large population of students willing to go to higher institutions. However, there are not enough place for all of them. So students, who are not doing very well, will choose examination malpractice in order to get what they want.

Lack of time

Nigerian party

The lack of time was mentioned before, but in this case, it is about subjects. There are complex subjects such as Math, Chemistry, Physics, that take a significant amount of time to explain properly. Unfortunately, there are not enough time during the school period, so the curriculum is usually reduced to fit all other subjects.

Students may not be able to get all the needed information from the shortened version of the subjects. Therefore, they are supposed to study on their own or cheat. The last option is the easiest one for the lazy people.



A lot of students may consider cheating as the only way to pass the exam. They may be prepared, but examination malpractice is something that will let them excel by all means.



Corruption is one of the biggest problems in modern society. And educational system suffers from it too. There may be corrupt supervisors and invigilators. A lot of students will like to go “the easy way” and bribe them to pass the exam.


Black man learning

Parents want the best for their child and education is not an exception. Some parents may want to bribe teachers instead of hiring a tutor, for example. The easiest option is not always the best choice and parents have to remember that.

The consequences of examination malpractice

People studying

Examination malpractice can cause different problems in the future. Students that hsd cheated and weren’t caught would try to go the same easy way in life - they might stay lazy and unproductive. They will grow into adults that cheat, copy instead of doing work on their own. They will not have any academic or moral values.

Students that tried hard and prepared for exams will become less confident and perhaps suffer from apathy. They will see that unprepared students that can easily pass the exams and think “Why do I have to try hard and prepare if anybody can pass?”.

Examination malpractice can lead to another area of misconduct such as robbery. It may appear as the easiest and the fastest way to earn money.

What are the solutions to examination malpractice?

Exam in Nigeria

There are several possible solutions to examination malpractice.

- Higher salary for teachers. If the salary will be high enough, then there would be no need for corruption;

- Properly trained teachers. A high skilled teacher can cover a big part of the syllabus, so that the students will be well prepared;

- Guidance Counselors. They should be in all schools to help the students on studying and choosing a career;

- Holidays. There should be more holidays in number but less in length. It is known that students tend to be less productive after a long holiday;

- A bigger number of supervisors and invigilators. More people will be able to have more control over the students and will notice any cheating;

- Students should be thoroughly searched before the exam. This is a great option that will help to avoid fraud.

men at laptops

Examination Malpractice is the current problem of the educational system. It affects not only students or teachers but the system in general. It is critical to stop it from spreading. The consequences can be horrible - we will have a society of lazy, unproductive people that are ready to forget about their morals to get what they want. It may be hard to stop students from misconduct, but there are ways to do it.

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