7 places in Nigeria where people go in search of God

7 places in Nigeria where people go in search of God

They say God is everywhere, however, not everyone has a strong connection to reach him.

We live in a world laden with cares, many people are burdened and frustrated, thus, they need solution at all cost.

From bareness to poverty and down to spiritual maladies, below are 8 "saacred places" where people run to get help for their problems.

1. Olumo Rock (Ogun state)

Olumo Rock is one of the tourist destinations in the West African country where some indigenes of Egbaland hid during a civil war which broke out in the 19th century.

The rock served as a shelter for many of the survivors, who were said to have hidden in specific areas inside the caves located inside the rocks to evade attacks from enemies.

It is claimed that "the god of the mountain has kept protecting his people over the years".

The Egba people who own the land which the rock sits, say they get everything they want from the rock. "Anything you want in life, just ask," many claim.

2. Source of River Ethiope (Delta state)

It is said that the river ethiope springs from the roots of a tree
Even the huge foliage kind of shy away from muddying the water with dead leaves

From the foot of the huge silk tree and other smaller ones, tiny sprout of crystal clean water flow out. From this tiny sprout of clean water, a little pond is formed all within the grove.

The water is sparkling clean. Even the huge foliage kind of shy away from muddying the water with dead leaves.

This is the source of River Ehiope, a unique river reputed to be the deepest inland waterway in Africa.

The claim of Umuaja pond to being tourists site is not just about the eco-tourism and cultural setting of the place. It is the source of one major river in Delta state that has been part of the history of the area.

Beyond tourism, however, people come to Ethiope to get solutions to the mysteries of their lives.

There is a shrine at the head-stream, people travel from far and wide to meet with the chief priest. It is believed that the waters of Ethiope have healing potentials.

3. Okija shrine (Anambra state)

Okija made the news some years back, when the community housing the forest was invaded by the Nigerian police.

This was during the days of Tafa Balogun as Inspector General of Police, the town was unknown to many Nigerians prior to that raid.

The shrine still operates even after the massive raid which took place in 2004.

Located in Ihiala local government area of Anambra state, Okija is said to have four shrines spread across various parts of the community.

8 STRANGE places in Nigeria where people search of God
Okija used to be a hive for power seeking politicians

One is located in the centre of the community while the others are in the forest.

They include Ulasi, Ogwugwu-Akpu, Ogwugwu-Isiula and Ogwugwu-Mmili. Of these four, Ogwugwu-Mmili is said to be the least known to members of the Nigerian public.

But generally, the Ulasi deity is regarded as the father of all the Okija deities. It has its shrine in the town’s market square, known as Nkwor-Okija.

It is believed that the other three deities took their roots from the Ulasi and as such, they are subject to it and thus do its bidding.

People from all works of life go to Okija to seek justice for evils done against them.

4. Oke-Idanre Hill (Ondo state)

Idanre Hills consists of spectacular valleys with a high plain and the valleys are interspersed with magnificent inselberlgs that is about 3,000 feet above the sea level.

It was listed in 2007 on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

There are attributes such as the old court, Owa’s Palace, Agbooogun foot print, shrines, burial grounds and mounds and the Omi Aopara which is the thunder water.

It is a tourist attraction center that brings thousands of visitors all through the year.

5. Synagogue Church Of all Nations (Lagos)

Synagogue cannot be classified as strange, though there used to be a time when its founder, Prophet TB Joshua was seen a strange person.

Located in Ikotun area of Lagos state, Synagogue is one of the churches with a daunting crowd. People come to service from different parts of the world, to get a dose of TB Joshua's anointing.

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7 places in Nigeria where people go in search of God
The Federal Government says if TB Joshua leaves Nigeria, then the tourism sector will really be affected

To show the magnitude of influence Synagogue has, Prophet TB Joshua recently threatened to leave Nigeria for Europe, that threat really shook the nation.

The federal government even made an appeal urging the cleric to remain in Nigeria.

6. Osun/Osogbo river

This sacred forest is situated along the banks of the Oshun River, on the outskirts of the capital city of Osogbo, which is regarded as the home of the goddess of fertility – Osun.

There are shrines, art works, sculptures and sanctuaries that dot the river in honour of the goddess and other local deities.

It is considered as the last of the Yoruba’s sacred forests that is still standing.

In 2005, it was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The Osun/Osogbo grove is where the dreaded Osun goddess, known as Yeye Osun resides and where the annual Osun/Osogbo festival takes place.

This early festival brings thousands of spectators, tourists and Osun worshippers from around the world.

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7 places in Nigeria where people go in search of God
7 places in Nigeria where people go in search of God

However, beyond the festival period, there is a shrine which many still come from time to time to seek solutions to their problems.

The Osun goddess is also known to be a mother of many children as the "Osun Olomoyoyo" image inside the shrine depicts.

Many barren women have reportedly visited to have the river goddess help them with child bearing with several promises made to bring something back for the deity.

While many of them have remembered to fulfill their promises, some others forgot in transit and have been dealt with by the Yeye Osun.

7. Redemption camp

Redemption camp needs no introduction,, it is fabled as the largest city of God on earth.

The camp serves as home and headquarters for the Redeemed Christian Church of God, as led by Pastor Enoch Adeboye.

As massive as the capacity of the camp is, it still does not properly contain the number of faithfuls that troop down from around the country and beyond.

On certain occasions, the space is so tight that the highways bear the brunt and terrible traffic leave many stranded.

It is believed by some Christians, that once their foot touches the soil at the camp ground, they have been made whole. So they will do anything to get to camp, especially for the "Holy Ghost Congress".

The Legit.ng video below shows a former driver to renowned Living Faith Church Bishop, David Abioye who converted from Christianity to Islam at Games Village, Abuja.

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