Reuben Abati was right there are demonic forces in Aso Rock - Archbishop Atilade

Reuben Abati was right there are demonic forces in Aso Rock - Archbishop Atilade

The chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN), Southwest Zone, Archbishop Magnus Atilade has shared some of his thoughts on the demonic forces in Aso Rock.

In this interview with Sun News, he also spoke begged President Buhari to take urgent action concerning the delivery of dividends of democracy to millions of Nigerians who he noted are presently going through hard times.

When asked about the declaration by Dr Reuben Abati, the spokesman of former President Goodluck Jonathan when he was in office,where he said that some demonic forces occupies Aso Rock and that they were responsible for some unpopular decisions, anti-masses’ policies and even strange behavior by our leaders whenever they were in Aso Rock, he had this to say:

"I will say that we should not just dismiss Abati’s assertions with a mere wave of the hands as some people want Nigerians to do. Abati is not a kid, if he had not seen anything, he would not have talked.

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"For one, we all know that principalities and powerful forces exist and they can occupy anywhere. It is only power of prayers that can subdue them.

"If principalities and power have not occupied Aso Rock, how would you explain the actions of some of our leaders that have at one time or the other been the landlords at Aso Rock, even including the present landlord there?

"Some of our leaders before getting to Aso Rock would make a lot of promises to Nigerians but on getting to Aso Rock, they become changed persons, they become inaccessible, and Nigerians now become baffled as to what has gotten over them.

"Of course, it is those principalities, and demons that are responsible. We need to carry out spiritual cleansing of Aso Rock.

"However, in doing that, I will advise President Buhari to organize inter-faith prayers that will bring about Christian and Islamic leaders to pray and purge Aso Rock of any demonic influence, and this should be done very fast."

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Meanwhile, he also warned the president saying: he also warned the president saying: “My appeal to President Buhari is that he should be careful on issues relating to religion. There are some Nigerians who already viewed him as a religious bigot.

"Buhari should not play into the hands of those who have such views. He should realize that as the nation’s leader, he should not show bias for any religion or give preference to one over another."

Below is a video of Reuben Abati speaking in 2015:


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