Amazing Photos of How Cigarette Stubs Are Turn Into Soft Toys, Other Products

Amazing Photos of How Cigarette Stubs Are Turn Into Soft Toys, Other Products

  • Beautiful photos from the factory where cigarette stubs are turned into soft toys have surfaced online
  • According to the report, the stubs are picked in city streets in New Delhi, India and reprocessed and reproduced into many products such as toys, pillows
  • Naman Gupta, the brain behind the manufacturing, said millions of cigarette stubs are being recycled annually

New Delhi, India - Smiles envelop women feeling brightly coloured toy bears with white stuffing produced from material mostly found in the rubbish bin.

According to Aljazeera, the toys are made from cigarette stubs.

India Factory/Soft Toys/Cigarette Stubs
Cigarette stubs turn to soft toys in India Photo Credit: @AlJazeera
Source: Twitter

The stubs are picked from streets in the city where they had been discarded by smokers. They are separated into fibres, cleaned and bleached.

How to recycle cigarette stubs?

They are being reprocessed into several products, which include toys and pillows. The brain behind this is Naman Gupta in New Delhi, India.

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“We started with 10g [0.35 ounces of fibre per day] and now we are doing 1,000kg [2,205 pounds],”

He added:

“Annually we are able to recycle millions of cigarette stubs.”

The report says his workers separate out the outer layer of the stubs and tobacco before turning them into recycled paper and compost powder.

What is the rate of cleanliness in India?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), nearly 267 million people, about 30% population of India's adults, take tobacco and litter the streets with stubs.

However, it is reported that general cleanliness standards are abysmally low.

All pictures below are gotten from Aljazeera.

India Factory/Soft Toys/Cigarette stubs
India Factory/Cigarette Stubs/Soft toys
India Factory/Cigarette Stubs/Soft Toy
India Factory/Soft Toys/Cigarette Stubs
India Factory/Soft Toys/Cigarette Stubs
Soft Toys/India Factory/Cigarette Stubs
India Factory/Soft Toys/Cigarette Stubs

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