Ukraine: Russian Invasion Can Happen Any Day, US Warns, Sends Message To Citizens

Ukraine: Russian Invasion Can Happen Any Day, US Warns, Sends Message To Citizens

  • The United States of America has warned that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could take place at "any day"
  • Russia has stationed 100 000 troops on the border of Ukraine and many fear an invasion is imminent
  • The US warned that if an invasion took place it would begin with aerial bombings and missile strikes

WASHINGTON - The United States has warned its citizens to leave Ukraine within the next 48 hours as tension rise over Russia's presence around Ukraine.

The US fears that a Russian invasion of the Eastern European country could take place soon.

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Russia has 100 000 troops stationed on the border with Ukraine and the US has warned that an invasion could take place at any time. Photo credit: The Asahi Shimbun
Source: Getty Images

The Russian army has 100 000 troops massed on the border of Ukraine. However, some believe that the Russian government would not invade Ukraine while the Winter Olympics is still being held.

China is a close and strategic ally of Russia and some believe that an invasion would likely take place after the Olympics. However, others warn that this is not certain and Russia could move into Ukraine sooner.

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National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan warned that an imminent attack is very likely.

Sullivan said that the US was preparing for a worst-case scenario and had not ruled out a direct rapid assault on the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.

Sullivan said that if Russia does attack it would most likely use aerial bombing and missile strikes according to eNCA.

The BBC reported that diplomatic solutions are still being pursued on Saturday with US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron scheduled to speak with Vladimir Putin over the phone.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is currently under threat of a Russian invasion, as Russia has allegedly amassed 70% of the weapons and ammunition it needs to conduct a full-scale invasion.

The conflict could result in over 50 000 civilian deaths if it goes ahead. The US military intelligence predicts that Russian president Vladimir Putin was planning an attack on Ukraine soon, but the precise date and magnitude were not known at present. However, they added that it could be on the level of a World War Two battle.

US officials are hopeful that the situation can be remedied with a diplomatic solution and that conflict can be avoided altogether. However, there are currently 130 000 Russian troops just outside Ukraine's border.


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