Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Winning Manager on SuperPicks Fantasy

Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Winning Manager on SuperPicks Fantasy

As you may know, Fantasy is the new game on SuperPicks (a platform by BetKing & powered by SuperSports where you can play games for free and win real money).

It is a fun and engaging game, where you need to select a team of 11 players who you think will perform best in a given match. Your team earns points based on your players’ performances in real life, so make sure you pick your players wisely. Your fantasy team will compete against other fan’s fantasy teams for cash prizes and bragging rights!

Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Winning Manager on SuperPicks Fantasy

To channel your inner “Pep” or “Klopp” and become the ultimate manager, follow these 3 steps:

1. Select Your Match

There will be several matches available every week from the top football leagues and tournaments around the world. So, select a match that you want to play from the varying options.

Note that each match represents a separate Fantasy contest and has its own prize pool. All the contests are entirely free-to-play (like everything with SuperPicks), so the more contests you join, the more chances you have of winning cash prizes. Don’t forget that spots are limited, so don’t miss out!

After selecting your match, start building your team...

2. Create a Team

Use your football knowledge to build a team of 11 players that you think are going to perform the best in the match. The better your players perform, the more fantasy points they will score.

Remember, you only have a budget of 100 credits, so pick your players carefully. Typically, credits are the cost of a player. In-form and star players usually cost more credits, while inexperienced or non-regular stars cost less.

You also need to select a Captain and a Vice-Captain who will earn your team 2x and 1.5x the points, respectively. Pick the players who you think will do the best in that match!

3. Watch the fantasy points flow and win cash prizes!

Once the match is live, the players in your team will start earning points based on their real-life actions, such as scoring goals, assisting goals, completing tackles, keeping clean sheets and many more actions. You can follow your team’s performance through the live leaderboard on Fantasy. Check, My Contests > Live.

When the final whistle goes and a match finishes, allow one to four hours for the leaderboard to continue adjusting. Only once a contest moves from Live -> to Compete then the leaderboard is declared final.

All winners of the game will be contacted by BetKing’s customer support team using the number they provided on registration.

How do I register for SuperPicks & gain access to Fantasy?

While you can access SuperPicks via web, you can download the Android SuperPicks app directly from the Download App Page. Once you’re on Superpicks:

● Tap ‘Join’

● Enter your mobile number, a strong password and a few more details

● Tick the appropriate check boxes (once you’ve read them)

● Tap ‘Submit’

You’ll receive an OTP (one-time password) to verify your mobile number. Enter it, and let the games begin!



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