"It Hurts": Man Cries Profusely as Lover Dumps Him for Rich Man

"It Hurts": Man Cries Profusely as Lover Dumps Him for Rich Man

  • A video of a man shedding tears as he narrated how his lover mistreated him despite giving her everything went viral
  • The man revealed he paid school fees for his lover's child, fed her and ensured she never lacked anything, but she degraded him
  • The heartbroken man said he could not talk to female colleagues and friends because his lover always accused him of cheating

A Kenyan man has shared a video lamenting about his lover, who he claims is unappreciative.

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Lady dumps lover for money

The young Luo man sobbed as he narrated how his lover demeaned him despite doing everything in the world for her.

"It has hit me so badly. A woman you pick from nowhere you give her everything, but she is always comparing you with other men who have more money than you. Always making silly mistakes pinning you down and everytime you have problems she wants out. She always brings unnecessary quarrels... somebody who doesn't appreciate you at all," he said while sobbing.

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The man said he tried his best to make his lover happy and ensure she never lacked basic needs and was comfortable. But she never appreciated him.

"You pay her child's school fees, you feed her, make sure she doesn't lack, you don't buy clothes of your own then she keeps threatening to leave," he said.

The heartbroken man said he could not talk to female colleagues and friends because his lover always accused him of cheating.

"It hurts. If I don't get married nobody should ask me why. I wish her all the best," he narrated.

The man said he gave his all and after his lover made a decision to leave, he wouldn't convince her to stay.

"This thing is killing me. I never knew I could get myself in such a situation. God, please help me," he sobbed.

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The man said he was hurting, praying to make money in the future and spend it with someone who would love him.

Here is the video:

Netizens react to man dumped by lover

The man's video elicited mixed reactions online, with many commenters lamenting how the world is cruel to middle-class people. Below is what netizens had to say on the issue:

Derick_kuvondo said:

"As a man, if you're broke let these ladies be bana, focus on building yourself. A man without money is a sad man."

Bigboiiorlando said:

"If you see another man down don't laugh, learn!"

_.derri.ck said:

"Broke women achia wababa bro ."

Hancy_koi said:

"Anything that involves hurting men wake me up at 2 am."

Nels.onkiala said:

"Kababa bila pesa utalia hadi uongee kama msichana."

Jose._ke said:

"The world is so cruel to broke men…so sad."

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Lizzlovy2 said:

"Who else is crying with him? Take heart bro."

Djmasumbuko said:

"Kawaida yetu simps ni kuona dust."

Baetty_mwangi said:

"Am here for you please come for me."

Mayahusna91 said:

"Why are you crying?...walk way bro. she doesn't love you...you'll find someone better I promise you."

Man depressed after girlfriend dumps him

In a similar story, a man narrated his heartbreaking experience with a long-time girlfriend who dumped him.

Sir Fresh revealed how he sponsored the girl through school out of his undying love for her. He also got her a car.

Sadly, despite all his efforts to showcase his love, the lady dumped him and moved on with another man.

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