“It is Never Too Late”: Couple Reunites 23 Years After Divorce

“It is Never Too Late”: Couple Reunites 23 Years After Divorce

  • An American couple, Grace Migliaccio and John Hironhavr, has spoken about how they ended up back in love after 23 years of divorce
  • The lovers said that they earlier had a love affair with each other but were torn apart by long distance in the 1980s
  • They ended up back in love with each other in 2007 after going through divorces in their respective marriages

Grace Migliaccio and John Hironhavr who broke up with each other after a short romantic affair had an amazing unexpected reunion 23 years after.

They had earlier met in the United States during a party in 1984 but were forced to divorce each other after John’s visa expired in the US.

“It is Never Too Late”: Couple Who Reunites 23 years After Divorce
Grace Migliaccio and John Hironhavr reunite 23 years after breaking up. Credit: Dailymail
Source: UGC

They reunite again

When both couples met again in 2007, they learnt about their divorces in their respective marriages, so they started another relationship, eventually leading to their reunion.

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Grace said after their first break up, they never forgot each other. Even after losing contact with each other, John had once gone as far as to track Grace down by calling an international directory in the U.S.

Love is worth taking a risk

Both Grace and John said that love is worth taking a chance on, especially for those who had earlier experienced a loss in love; they said it is normal to come back to see if they feel the same way for each other again.

“Know that it's never too late to find where you're supposed to be and who you're supposed to be there with”

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Source: Legit.ng

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