Nigerian Man who Lives with a Wild Hyena and Snakes Amongst His Family Goes Viral, Video Wows Many

Nigerian Man who Lives with a Wild Hyena and Snakes Amongst His Family Goes Viral, Video Wows Many

  • A family in the northern part of Nigeria, Kano state precisely have become internet sensation following the wild animals they live with
  • An explorer shared a video as he ran into an Hausa man who has a wild hyena and snakes which live with him and his immediate family
  • The family's weird culture practice has become a sort of sport in their community as well as helped them make money

Abu Bakr is a Nigerian family man who resides with wild animals as snakes and a hyena.

The Kano resident has gone viral after an explorer identified as Joe Hattab shared on Facebook a video of Abu dubbed the Hyena Man.

Reactions as video of Nigerian family that live with a wild hyena and snakes go viral
Photo Credit: Screengrabs from video shared by Discover with Joe Hattab They make money from the wild animals
Source: Facebook

The hyena was caught in the bush

In the video, Abu was seen handling several snakes on the floor effortlessly. The Hyena Man said the wild animal was caught in the bush. Since then, it has lived with him and his family.

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They control it with a chain and have a mouth-protector of sort that keeps the animal's teeth in check and prevent it from causing anyone harm.

People sit on the hyena to get cure for ailments

Abu earns a living with his snakes by showcasing it while people sit on the hyena to get cure for ailments. gathered that the practice of sitting on the hyena for cure is a cultural belief Abu's family hold dear and seems to be working for them and people who patronise it.

Internet users react

Yasir Ali wrote:

"Wow totally new information for me about Nigerian people. Love them and yes they have a unique culture."

Taheer H Zizou said:

"The city with wonderful things, Kano, my city and my State! Thanks guyz for exploring our culture!"

Ahdil Pooloo stated:

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"In Africa, there's still the practice of ancient rites of animists tribes that even they embraced religion like Islam or Christianity, still perform a mixture of ancient rituals and their new faith in religion,like voodoo in certain parts of Africa or in Latin America or the Caribbean islands. Really impressive performance."

Goca Gordana Géczy opined:

"Poor monkeys and hyenas... theese are very ,,strange,, people cos they think that sitting on hyenas back are medicine, they could be crash hyenas spin,its not medicine it abusing to the animals,...poor animals.....and the huge number of snakes, it's horror place..... terrible."

Man poses with lions to show how he conquered his fears

Meanwhile, previously reported that a man had struck poses with lion stating that he is conquering his fears.

The man named Sani captioned the photos with "Conquer your fears. Achievement unlocked".

While couldn't at the moment of writing this report verify the pictures, a closer look at Sani's profile shows he is a voracious traveller who has been to 62 cities in 33 countries.

In the first frame, he 'stood' some meters behind a lion and its lioness as he held a stick that looks like the one used by shepherds.


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