Nigerian Lady Shares Her Excitement as Her Son Becomes US Citizen, Video Emerges

Nigerian Lady Shares Her Excitement as Her Son Becomes US Citizen, Video Emerges

  • A Nigerian lady, after emigrating to the United States, shared the significant milestone of her child obtaining American citizenship, an event that swiftly garnered widespread attention on the internet
  • She presented a video in which she proudly displayed her child's passport approval, an occasion met with visible enthusiasm and joy by her young one
  • The mother's elation was palpable due to the opportunities now accessible to her son as a result of his new status as a US citizen

A Nigerian lady who had moved to America revealed that her child had become a US citizen, a revelation that quickly captured the online audience's attention.

In the footage, she displayed the passport approval, which her child grasped with evident excitement.

Nigeria lady ecstatic as her son becomes US citizen
Nigerian lady excited as son becomes US citizen. Photo credit: @gabez.lee
Source: TikTok

The mother expressed profound joy over her son's newly acquired US citizenship, recognising the additional opportunities it presents.

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Watch the video below:

Lady becomes Canadian citizen

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young Nigerian lady had joyously announced her newly acquired permanent residency in Canada, a revelation that quickly became viral on TikTok.

In the clip, the Nigerian lady was spotted revelling in the delightful news with her companions, who appeared to share her enthusiasm.

As one individual was documenting their jubilation, as shared by @olaotee, the rest were verifying the passports prior to embarking on a spirited sprint. This heartwarming video of immigration success resonates with many, symbolising a dream come true.

Lady cuts old residence card

In another related story, reported that a Nigerian lady who had been living in Canada for 12 years finally achieved her dream of becoming a permanent citizen and shared her emotional moment on TikTok.

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The video captured the lady as she was reciting her oath of citizenship with tears of joy in her eyes, as she thanked God and everyone who supported her journey.

She also cut her old permanent residence card into pieces with scissors, showing that she no longer needed it and was fully embracing her new identity as a Canadian resident.

The video as shared by @mizmelly1 went viral on TikTok, as many people congratulated her and praised her for her courage and determination.


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