"It Can Carry TV": Man Shows Portable, Noiseless Solar Generator For Household Power Supply

"It Can Carry TV": Man Shows Portable, Noiseless Solar Generator For Household Power Supply

  • A Nigerian man has shown a solar power system that is capable of supplying electricity to one's house
  • The man said the 500 Watts solar generator can power basic home appliances such as televisions, fans and light bulbs
  • At the time he posted the video on TikTok, the man said the solar power generator cost N470,000 per unit
  • When contacted, Orawusi David told Legit.ng that the solar batteries can provide electricity for up to 17 hours

A Nigerian man shared a video of a portable solar power system that can supply light to a household.

He said the solar power system does not make noise and can be charged with solar panels and grid electricity.

Man shares solar power generator.
The man said the solar generator could power fans and TVs. Photo credit: TikTok/@orawusidavid.
Source: TikTok

In the video seen on the TikTok handle of Orawusi David, the man noted that the solar power system could power basic household appliances such as fans and televisions.

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He also said it could power light bulbs and other things that do not require heavy electricity.

As of the time he posted the video, David said a 500 Watts solar power generator was sold for N180,000.

When contacted, David Orawusi said the solar battery had been improved to 1000 Watts and was now more expensive.

His words:

"Back then, it was a 500W system and we've done some upgrades and improvements, and it's now 1KVA (1000W). The price is N470,000 with two pieces of 180W solar panels.
"I'm using it personally, and it's very, very good and long-lasting. With effective energy management, anyone who purchases this solar generator will not have any reason to put on their petrol generator unless they want to power heavy-duty appliances."
"The solar generator can provide electricity to the house for about 4 hours to 17 hours depending on the capacity of the connected loads per time."

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Watch the video below:

Reactions as man shows off solar system

@bestise asked:

"Bro please what's the battery Ahm."

@BOSSLADY asked:

"Can I get this for my store pay-on delivery?"

@userDaniel asked:

"How much and how do one locate you?"


"How do I get this in Abuja? I need one right now, just the generator, please contact me, I will follow you."

@savage asked:

"Did you make this yourself?"

@Blackwood said:

"Duration is the problem, how long can it last?"

@Decode asked:

"Can I use it in my barbing shop?"

@Mr. Joe said:

"What if I use the charging cable to plug on the socket am using to connect?"

@Danjah asked:

"How long can it last and how much?"

What to know before installing solar panels

Meanwhile, Legit.ng shared what one needs to know when seeking to install 24/7 solar electricity.

The article outlined steps to take and many things to consider before going ahead with the plan.

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