Nigerian Lady Builds Her Own, Captures the Expensive Living Room Interior

Nigerian Lady Builds Her Own, Captures the Expensive Living Room Interior

  • A video showcasing a Nigerian lady who constructed her own house from the ground up captivated audiences online
  • The clip revealed the stunning interior of her newly completed residence, epitomising architectural elegance
  • She highlighted every home appliance that contributed to the house’s allure, featuring plush seating, a television, radiant lighting

A captivating video has surfaced online, chronicling the remarkable journey of a Nigerian lady who single-handedly built her own house from the bare earth.

The clip, which has quickly garnered widespread attention, provides a glimpse into the elegant interior of her newly erected home, a testament to her dedication and architectural finesse.

The young lady becomes a house owner
The lady showed the interior of her house. Photo credit: @chiomarita
Source: TikTok

As viewers are taken through the abode, they are met with a harmonious blend of modern design and homely comfort, as shown by @chiomarita538.

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Lady becomes house owner

The living space is adorned with luxurious seaters that invite relaxation, while the state-of-the-art television stands as a centrepiece for entertainment.

Ambient lighting casts a warm glow throughout the rooms, enhancing the meticulously chosen decor and creating an atmosphere of tranquillity.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

AkwaAkwuru said:

“Congratulations but the interior décor didn't do the needful.”

WOma dolly wrote:

“As I sing along with these video, l'm next to be my testimony go loud celebrated Amen!!! They go hear am oh!!!”

Mummy Kamsi:

“Congratulations my pple.”

Gold Amobi commented:

“Congrats my love.”

Odibeze eo:

“Congratulations my bby.”


“Congratulations dear, l tap into this.”

Ego Oyibo:

“Congratulations I and mine are next by God's grace. Amen.”

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Jessica posh:

“Congratulations, my man is next. Amen.”


“Congratulations I claim it for me and my bby.”


“Congratulations. i tap from this grace. may God bless my husband.”


“Congratulations dear I tap from your blessings the god that did for you will do for me Amen.”

Lady working in school builds small house

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young lady working and saving as an undergraduate shared a video of the house she managed to build.

After graduation at 22, the lady built what she called a bachelor's apartment (a self-con).

She (@lionabliss) filmed the building process. Her savings were able to plaster the walls, floor, and roof the house with corrugated sheets.


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