"Ancestors Are Back": Baby Laughs Happily, Enjoys Moment When His Ears Are Tickled With Cotton Bud

"Ancestors Are Back": Baby Laughs Happily, Enjoys Moment When His Ears Are Tickled With Cotton Bud

  • A funny baby was literally over the moon when its mother used a cotton bud to clean his outer ears
  • In a video, the baby felt highly tickled by the cotton bud on his ear, and he could not stop laughing
  • He was clearly enjoying the moment, and the way he laughed and closed his eyes surprised social media users

A little baby has attracted the attention of social media users because of how he laughed in a trending video.

In the video shared on TikTok by @junettepetitfrere0, the baby's ear was being cleaned with a cotton bud.

Baby laughs as his ear was tickled.
The child laughed in a funny way. Photo credit: TikTok/@junettepetitfrere0.
Source: TikTok

Apparently, he was tickled by the action bud, so he kept laughing happily to show that he was enjoying the moment.

At some points, the baby closed his eyes and behaved as if he was falling asleep due to what he was enjoying.

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The way the child laughed like an adult made some TikTok users to refer to him as an ancester.

Watch the video below:

Reactions video of a funny child

@Ani Save said:

"70 years old man."

@Lioness commented:

"He looks like a sugar daddy."

@Igor Takou said:

"A dad in the shoes of a baby."

@Andy Andy commented:

"This baby is in heaven."

@romaricgohouri remarked:

"When you see a child that a woman is going to eat her money, you know."

@Bargheriano said:

"You are showing this cute boy's weak point to his future girlfriends."

@D̲E̲V̲E̲L̲O̲P̲A̲ G̲H̲ said:

"I think this man was on earth before."

@Shelley Brown commented:

"Not one tooth in his head, but he’s so handsome!"

@Chosen Two commented:

"You will be bad, old man."

@Mercedes reacted:

"And his future wife will be searching for his weakness. It’s right here."

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@Sandra Amazon tassou said:

"Someone's old dad is back in life again."

Cute baby goes viral

Meanwhile, Legit.ng reported that over 1 million baby lovers and fans on TikTok viewed the video of a girl who is blessed with so much beauty.

The girl was kept inside a black basin with water as she played happily, and her smile captured people's attention.

People on TikTok fell in love with the child, especially her natural hair, which was plaited all back.

Source: Legit.ng

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