Baby Who Can’t Talk Yet Learns to Count With His Fingers After Mum Showed Him, Video Surprises People

Baby Who Can’t Talk Yet Learns to Count With His Fingers After Mum Showed Him, Video Surprises People

  • A baby who could not talk yet tried to copy his mother's counting action after he had watched her well
  • Despite the fact the baby was a few months old, he held his hand up, slowing raising each of his fingers like his mother did
  • Many TikTok users who watched the video could not believe that the few months old baby would do that

A video has shown just how much kids learn from adults around them. A Nigerian mother, @diamond_loks, counted her five fingers in front of her baby who still could not talk.

She made sure to call out the number loudly as she went over each of her fingers. The baby was wide-eyed as she did so.

Speech development in babies/baby tried to count.
People described the baby as a very smart kid. Photo source: TikTok/@diamond_loks
Source: UGC

Baby learnt fast from mother

The mother repeated the action as the baby smiled. Seconds after she stopped, the kid examined his fingers as an attempt to do what he mother just did.

Many people were wowed by the fact that he picked his mother's action so fast. It was such a beautiful thing to watch.

Watch the video below:

As at the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 500 comments with more than 17,000 likes. compiled some of the reactions below:

sparklesNyi said:

"Science have proven that babies are very smart. They can copy and paste emotions and actions. They can even swim at birth."

Bossman Crush said:

"Smart and intelligent boy."

NmaOgbodo said:

"You're doing a good job. He will be able to read faster than his peers if you continue like this."

Toni H2O said:

"Awe he tried to do it."

Marsha Houston asked:

"Did he just try to count?"

She replied:


queen bee said:

"My baby used to repeat my sounds too at 2 months old so precious."

user1406371493499fiyani said:

"N he really was trying to do it n say it buy tomm sooo super smart n handsome."

Kid picked candy from stranger's basket

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a mother shared a video of her baby, @baby_starr_, putting up a scene at a supermarket where they visited to get some provisions.

While queuing at the counter, the kid went straight to a stranger's basket and picked a candy with much confidence.

The baby even examined it well to make sure it was what she wanted. When her mother tried to make her drop it, she refused. The mother attempted to wriggle the candy from her hand.


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