Infusing Humour & Consistence Are Among 4 Ways To Rank Well on TikTok

Infusing Humour & Consistence Are Among 4 Ways To Rank Well on TikTok

  • Creating wonderful and funny content is one of the sure ways to really grow one's popularity on TikTok
  • Going live and interacting with your followers show the human side of the account owner, and it gives much appeal
  • A third approach would be to maximise the features of TikTok as a dance trendsetter and use it to make more people know about you

It is no news that visual content creators are fast turning to TikTok to plug into the huge consumers on the social media platform. Insense Pro said that the app has become of the trendest.

People who work mostly with visuals are relying on the social media app because of its pool of creator's tools that make creating videos much easier.

Becoming popular on TikTok/Creating good content online.
Getting meaningful interactions on social media starts with creating good content. Photo source: TikTok/@kagantech, @realsophy, @bhadie.kellyy
Source: UGC

One can easily set up live feeds and put out quality streams while on the social media app. Below are some of the ways to get engagement and become popular on TikTok:

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1. Make your content meet needs

The popular saying that "content is king" would always hold true. Without content, there is no need why people should follow your page.

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Invest time and resources into creating interesting content on TikTok. Tailor your posts around your niche. A case in point is a popular TikToker, @kagatech, who makes post around tech.

See one of his posts below:

Also, irrespective of what your brand stands for, always infuse humour into your videos. It will sell them faster. According to Data Reportal, over 70% of people who used TikTok were looking for fun and entertainment.

2. Constantly go live

TikTok has a unique feature that allows users on the platform to go live and interact with people seamlessly

The interesting thing about this is that; your live does not only broadcast to your followers as other people can join.

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3. Collaborate

TikTok gives users the ability to collaborate with people with its "duet" function in the app. You easy collage your visual response to a clip without leaving the app.

Make a list of the known figures in your field and interact with them well. A response from them to you could boost your visibility.

Below is a perfect example of collaboration between Craze Clown and @kagatech on the posts the former earlier did:

4. Jump on trends

There is a reason why viral challenges are everywhere on the social media platform. Whenever you see people dancing to a song and creating content around it, jump on the same. It increases visibility.

Related hashtags around those songs give great visibility and make people interested in the content around those songs locate you. This is not about songs alone, you can also plug into the virality of a TikToker. A young Nigerian man did this when Kelly was trending and made a video about her.

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Watch the video below:

Keep doing what you are known for

If you fulfil all the above steps without maintaining consistency, your brand will suffer, and people will forget what you do quickly.

Woman makes money from TikTok

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a smart Nigerian woman called the attention of people to the financial strength of TikTok.

In a video which got many views on social media, the woman expressed her delight over her recent findings about the popular app. She showed her balance of $327 (N136k), and asked why people kept it a secret that the app pays.

She said:

"In her words: "My people tiktok will change your life. Some people can keep secret o. You are there. You think tiktok is for small children. Come and see the money I made. The first one was in Euros. This one is in dollars."


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