Managers Take Group Picture With Outfits They Use for Zoom Meeting and the Result is Hilarious

Managers Take Group Picture With Outfits They Use for Zoom Meeting and the Result is Hilarious

  • In an era in which many people jump from their beds and hunch on their laptops to resume work, not everyone bothers to dress well any longer
  • So a group of managers decided to showcase the dresses they use for online meetings on zoom and the result is what many can relate to
  • Many people who saw the group photograph online immediately remembered the kind of dress they also used when attending online meetings

What's the need to dress up and wear so many body coverings when the office is online? This may be the question on the lips of many managers who have to attend several Zoom meetings during this COVID-19 pandemic.

So many people who work online only wear corporate in the upper parts that may be visible on the Zoom screen. The rest of the body is usually left for a freestyle.

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Managers share what they wear to Zoom meetings during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Many of the managers wore shorts underneath suits. Photo credit: LinkedIn/Amit Pandey
Source: UGC

And so a group of managers who regularly engaged each other on Zoom decided to take a group photograph to showcase what they wear to these endless online meetings. The result was hilarious as many of them wore shorts and sleepwear under suits.

The photograph understandably went viral because many people online could relate to it. Some people have very interesting things to say about the photograph which generated some sort of debate on LinkedIn where it was shared by Amit Pandey, a Chief Executive Officer at PinCap.

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Photograph sparks debate online

In her comment, Sarah Colins argued that clothes, such as expensive suits may well not possess the high value attached to them. She says:

"I love this picture and see it has generated a good debate! I tend to agree that there is still too much adherence to old ways and people are judged too much on appearance. Yes people look smart in suits or ‘office wear’ but someone in a tracksuit or pyjamas can still do a great job and bring value. It is what the person can offer that matters not what they wear. The pandemic may have shifted traditional attitudes a little but there is still a long way to go and stereotypes remain."

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Someone like Amith Vishwanath Kulkarni in his comment on the picture observed that too much importance is attached to clothing. He noted that COVID-19 and the overall reality of working from home have helped the world realise that office business does not require too much clothing. He implied that people shouldn't be judged by what they wear.

His words:

"We have extremely complicated our lifestyles. Meetings are supposed to express what we carry in our mind to carry out the job required. West follows this concept "What you wear is what you are." It's a slogan given by textile companies to promote their products, but people took it as status symbol. Funny West, this pic is very clear, that business definitely doesn't require you to wear pants, but can be still run on half pants."

So many things happen during online meetings in the course of the pandemic. For instance, the daughter of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden once interrupted her online meeting sometime last year.

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Funny moment man who wore shorts under suit stood up during online earlier reported another funny moment a man mistakenly stood, revealing the shorts he wore under his suit while attending an online meeting with his boss present.

The moment he realised his mistake, he promptly felt embarrassed and started appologising to his boss.

In the video which went viral, the man's boss didn't seem to mind as he even complimented him, telling him his shorts were nice.


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