Billionaire Gilded Mansion Abandoned 100 Years Ago Still Found Intact, Electric Bulbs & Fans Working

Billionaire Gilded Mansion Abandoned 100 Years Ago Still Found Intact, Electric Bulbs & Fans Working

  • A mansion which is said to have been abandoned for more than 100 years has been discovered and what was found inside shocked many
  • The magnificent building was found essentially intact with major facilities still working, although it is not known if someone maintained it
  • The building also has an underground section and electric fans were still running even as light bulbs still glowed

A billionaire mansion built since the 1800s has been discovered to be mostly in good shape with many of its expensive facilities still shining. The electric bulbs and fans in the building still worked.

Although it is still not known if the building is maintained by anyone, a video seen online has shown that the building still has its imposing grandeur.

The owner of the building is also not known, but it is strongly believed that whoever built it must have been a billionaire.

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Gilded mansion discovered mostly intact by Steve Ronin.
The billionaire mansion is still intact. Photo credit: Steve Ronin
Source: Facebook

The building which was captured in a viral video and shared on Facebook by Steve Ronin, also has an underground section which was found intact too, with glowing staircases and a clean ceiling.

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Steve who shared the video of the mansion said:

"So much money was put into this place. It's crazy, the moment you step in, it just smells of money. This is creepy. The lights are on here. You got the fan running."

Social media users react, express shock

Social media users have reacted in different ways to the video. A few of the reactions are captured below:

Chelsey Thomas:

"Beautiful and bigger than most schools. Insane something so big, beautiful, and expensive just sits there abandoned."

Ingrid Piñero Pardiñan:,

"Soo nice mansion. I wish I could live in that kind of house. Here in our country there are a lot of people who don't have a place to live in but in Europe, they abandon their homes."

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Lisa A Liddicoat:

"I love how you explore the underground rooms as many others get to scared. Bravo! But be careful."

Yulie Yusri:

"I like to see the abandoned property left. Some of those mansions are still good but there's no one living in there. Why not homeless people living in."

Watch the video below:

53-year-old man found living in an abandoned estate

Meanwhile, in a related story, has previously reported how a 53-year-old man was found living in an abandoned estate. The man has also refused to renovate the building or even to relocate.

The man named Leslie Southam strongly believes the world will end in 7-years, hence no need to renovate the house.

Southam who was discovered in the United Kingdom says the apocalypse will soon be here and he has decided to wait for it.


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