Viral Video Shows Talented Baker Who "Turned" Donald Trump into Cake

Viral Video Shows Talented Baker Who "Turned" Donald Trump into Cake

  • A viral video has shown how a woman who is a talented baker manages to make cakes that look like real-life human beings
  • The baker who trained as an artist taught herself how to bake but she is now being celebrated for her beautiful cakes
  • Social media users are not getting enough of the baker, with some of them offering themselves up to be turned into cake

A woman named Tuba Geckil is receiving a lot of online attention because of the unique way she bakes her cakes. She bakes cakes that look like real-life items, animals, and human beings.

Tuba Geckil surprisingly is not a trained baker. She trained as an artist. But she started baking after her son asked her to make him a cake in the form of a car shape for his birthday. The work turned out so beautiful that many people started demanding the same type of cake from her.

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Tuba Geckil, beautiful Turkish baker that turns everything to cake
Tuba Geckil with some of her works. Photo credit: Nas Daily
Source: Facebook

Tuba is now a full-time baker widely known in her native country of Turkey. Her cakes go for as small as $100 and $10,000.

She models her cakes into real-life celebrities such as footballers, musicians and politicians such as former president of the United States, Donald Trump.

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In a video shared on Facebook by Nas Daily, Tuba said:

"I can turn everything into cake. I really like how people react when they see my cake and that is why I love my job."

Watch the video below:

Social media users react

Many people who saw the video had one or two things to say about the beautiful cakes produced by Tuba. A few of the comments go as follows:

Sandra Qureshi:

"Too much like cannibalism to me. I know it's not real people but, I can't even eat anything that resembles a human."

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Pauline Wong:

"I don’t understand why one makes a cake like a human, a dog, a cat and a virus. I can’t stand eating all of above even though they are just cakes. Feeling just not right!"

Maria Jose Carmona:

"Makes so much sense she being is an artist. I bake for myself and is super tasty but super ugly. Happy to see she is doing well in her business."

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