Reactions as Nigerian Ladies are Seen Cooking, Pounding Food Inside Lagos Flood

Reactions as Nigerian Ladies are Seen Cooking, Pounding Food Inside Lagos Flood

  • Reactions have followed a trending video of two Nigerian ladies seen cooking and pounding food inside a heavy flood in Lagos
  • The two ladies appear to be members of a family whose residence is submerged by flood in an unnamed part of the state
  • As the two ladies cooked and pounded absentmindedly, other voices could be heard from the background, but it is not known if the voices belonged to other members of the family

There is a video trending online. In the video, two young ladies are seen cooking inside flood water. From what is gleaned from the short clip, it appears the ladies were cooking inside a compound that has been overtaken by a flood.

From the video shared on Instagram by GoldmyneTv, huge brownish waters covered everywhere. One of the ladies could be seen pounding what appears to be fufu or pounded yam inside a big mortar mounted right inside the flood. The "kokom kokom" sound of the long pestle descending on the mortar could be heard as it punctuated the wet air.

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Reactions as Nigerian Ladies are Seen Cooking, Pounding Food Inside Lagos Flood
Ladies are seen cooking in floodwater in Lagos. Credit: Goldmynetv
Source: Instagram

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At one end of the flooded area, another young lady could be seen pouring and mixing substances in a small soup pot placed on a tripod hearth.

In other for the fire to glow, the hearth was placed on a tray. White smoke escaped from the hearth, signalling the presence of fire as the lady cooked absentmindedly. The lady was standing outside a small local kitchen which is partly submerged by water.

A small match-box house could be seen at one end of the flooded compound. Manly voices could be heard from the background, apparently of men waiting to eat the food the ladies were cooking inside the flood.

It didn't appear as if anyone was worried by the flood, as the video showed people doing house chores as if it was normal to live inside flood water.

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This has made many Nigerians on social media to think the persons seen in the video must be very happy and content, trying to live normal in what is not normal.

Nigerians on social media react as two ladies are seen cooking inside flood in Lagos


"OMG! God if I have ever acted ungrateful I’m so sorry forgive me and bless me to change people’s life.people are suffering."


"Lord God am not saying this because of this video am saying it because I think I have been so stupid not to be grateful"


"We think it’s funny but we need to help them in any way we can"

See the video below:

People continue drinking and partying inside flood water

In a related story previously reported by, party-goers refused to vacate a venue even after it was flooded by water. The rain was reported to have started when the party was ongoing.

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However, Nigerians who attended the party moved on as if nothing happened. Those who were at the party could be seen moving from one canopy to the other.

Some Nigerians online believed it was the love for the celebrants that made the people in the flood to stay put. Others, however, said the party-goers love partying to a fault.


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