Know The Shoes For Your Feet, 5 Other Tips to Help Make Wearing High Heels More Comfortable

Know The Shoes For Your Feet, 5 Other Tips to Help Make Wearing High Heels More Comfortable

  • While heels usually have a way of elevating one's look, the pain that often comes from wearing these shoes isn't always fun
  • From foot aches to blisters, heel-loving fashionistas are no strangers to the downsides of rocking these kinds of shoes
  • In this article, takes a look at six interesting ways to help make wearing heels a beautiful experience

There is nothing quite like the feeling of confidence when you put on your brand new pair of heels for the first time - or even step into that event looking and feeling fabulous in those shoes.

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Reducing your heels to at least 3 inches brings comfort. Credit: ASphotowed
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However, there is also nothing quite as frustrating as having to deal with the ache that follows barely an hour into the event, leaving you wondering how on earth you are going to survive the day in them.

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Well, if you have an affinity for heels but the throbbing ache remains a dreadful challenge standing in your way of unleashing total 'fabulousity' then you're in the right place.

In this article, gathers six easy ways to help you rock your high heels in comfort.

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Check them out below:

1. Reduce the length of your heels

This comes up as the first thing to consider for obvious reasons.

If your favourite pair of heels is above three inches then you might want to consider reducing them - with the help of a professional cobbler of course.

According to Strivept:

"Your typical walking pattern is heel-toe heel-toe, but when you are wearing high heels that go above 3 inches, you are changing the biomechanics of your walk, shifting your balance, and your feet want to change to toe-heel toe-heel in order to keep you upright."

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Reducing your heels to at least three inches will help you walk more comfortably.

2. Wear your heels in

Before you rock that brand new pair of heels out, try breaking into them at home first.

Put on a pair of socks, wear your heels and walk around your house in them for a few hours. This will stretch all the areas that otherwise might pinch your feet.

This is a very important trick to try especially when you buy covered shoes.

3. Go for heels with high platforms

Heels with high platforms are generally more comfortable to wear than heels without them.

So if you have the option, go for a platform every time.

A good example of such heels is the 'Medusa Head charm platform sandals' from Versace retailing for a whopping N478,000 which is about $1,152.

4. Focus on how you walk in heels

Walking in heels may not be rocket science but it is most certainly a science. How you walk in a pair of trainers, slippers or ballet flats is very different from how you walk in heels.

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Do not try to apply how you carry yourself in flats to when you're in heels.

You need to pay way more attention to the rest of your body when in heels - engage your abs and walk heel-to-toe.

5. Use fabric plasters to avoid blisters

In place of moleskin, apply fabric plasters to areas that you think might be prone to blisters, like the back of the heel, to help prevent any unnecessary friction.

This will help remove some pressure from nerves and inflamed tissues.

6. Pick the right heels for your feet

This may sound laughable but putting careful consideration into the kinds of shoes you buy is very important.

People with wide toes are rarely comfortable in pointed heels - for obvious reasons.

And the same thing applies to people with flat feet in anything higher than a 3-inch heel aches. Don't do it to yourself - shop for shoes suitable for your feet.

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It goes without saying that heels can take your outfit from 0-100 in no time. However, to enjoy your time in heels, consider the aforementioned tips!

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