Many Who Claimed to Use Organic Bleaching Cream Ends Up With Dark Knuckles, Tobi Ayodele-Keeney Gives Reasons

Many Who Claimed to Use Organic Bleaching Cream Ends Up With Dark Knuckles, Tobi Ayodele-Keeney Gives Reasons

Beauty and naturopathic expert, Dr Tobi Ayodele-Keeney, the managing director of Quincy Wellness And Naturopathic Centre, a company handed down to her by her mother, Quincy Ayodele, spoke with’s head of entertainment, gossip and fashion desk recently in an exclusive interview.

It was an explosive interview on the trending desire by many ladies to have fair or white skin. Speaking from her newly built wellness centre, Keeney explains the implications of the chemicals many rub on their skin.

We have a lot of people out there claiming they make organic bleaching creams which leave many with multi-tone skin. What can be done to control the number of unqualified people in this trade?

Naturopathy and wellness expert Tobi Ayodele-Keeney speaks on bleaching
I call people who sell rubbish as bleaching cream mixologists, their products leave clients with multitone complexion aside from other side effects- Tobi Ayodele-Keeney. Photo: Tobi Ayodele-Keeney
Source: UGC

"I call them mixologists. The problem is that supply will meet the demand. People want to be fair and white and at a cheaper rate. Unfortunately, there are no regulations on skincare in the country. They will tell you it’s all-natural, organic and the organic will be giving dark knuckles, how is that possible? I try as much as possible to educate people that if anything lightens you within three days just know that it most likely has a steroid in it."

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Keeney stated further the effects of steroids on the human body:

"Steroids are what can lighten you fast. They're especially found in the tubes which these so-called bleaching cream entrepreneurs pour in the cream they call organic. The steroid side effect is skin lightening because it thins out your skin that's why you can start seeing green veins which naturally is the colour of the veins but it is visible to the naked eyes because your skin is now light."

She went ahead to mention some of the side effects of steroids to the end-users.

"The major side effect of using a bleaching cream with steroids in it is damage to the kidney. Naturally, steroids are meant to be used in major situations like having a major inflammation or allergic situation whether by drip or otherwise. Most young girls are on dialysis. Are you not noticing the trend of beautiful young ladies now on dialysis? Meanwhile, skin it's skin lightening cream that caused it then they will go online to ask for donations for the once beautiful lady. Now we do skin glow intravenous therapy.

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We have seen celebrities like Tonto Dikeh taking intravenous and sharing the video on social media. Keeney explains:

"We've been using IV antioxidants in the medical field for ailments such as cancer as a wholistic option because it helps to erase free radicals awhich are the cause of cancer. The aftereffect is that when your body is full of oxygen, it is going to glow, your skin will be radiant. However, you should not patronise any Tom, or Harry to carry this out. The fluid they are using to mix the skin supplements is the one that is the most dangerous if not done properly."

What are the consequences of the IV being wrongly administered by these self-acclaimed beauty experts?

"You have to check the blood pressure of your client first and also check their kidney function to make sure that they are in good condition."

There should be policies put in place by the association or the Nigerian government to curb the proliferation of herbs for aesthetic purposes. You are a trained medical practitioner who ventured into alternative medicine, but because of the practice of some in your kind of business, many see most alternative medicine practitioners as illiterates.

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"I don't want to call it alternative medicine, it's not a practice done only in Nigeria but across the world. You learn about traditional medicine or natural medicine in the university abroad, it's a course on its own. People are trained to become a natural medicine practitioners at different levels. In Nigeria, there are no policies to curb the excesses of practitioners."

Nkechi Blessing calls out celebrities who sell bad bleaching cream

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing lashed at celebrities who sell bleaching cream.

The actress said that most of the so-called Instagram celebrities who have gone into the business did so out of pure greed. She claimed that they do not have any formal training as most of them buy from wholesalers and rebrand the products which damage the skin.

Nkechi, who noted that the celebrities have been cashing out, advised them to change and stop selling rubbish to the public.

She noted that even the skin of the people selling the products is nothing to write home about.


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