Cancel Culture: 5 Celebrities Who Have Faced the Wrath of Nigerians on Social Media

Cancel Culture: 5 Celebrities Who Have Faced the Wrath of Nigerians on Social Media

There is no denying that social media is a double-edged sword and this particularly holds true for celebrities and other public figures.

The large following that these individuals have built over the years has been immensely beneficial to their careers but it has also led to the near-downfall of many.

Celebrities who have faced the wrath of Nigerians on social media
Maraji and other celebrities have been victims of cancel culture. Photo: @taaooma/@maraji
Source: Instagram

While members of the online community can easily overlook overbearing comments from random folks, the case is quite different for these superstars.

The decision to join certain conversations or express support for a certain social cause can take a turn that they never anticipated.

Unfortunately, the resulting effect doesn’t stop at backlash alone as the outrage can quickly grow into getting cancelled.

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The cancel culture is real and a number of Nigerian superstars have been at the receiving end of this unkind and unforgiving phenomenon. has compiled a list of some superstars who have been cancelled at one point or the other.

1. Bollylomo

In 2020, the media personality found himself in the middle of a nasty molestation accusation scandal that set his career back.

Even though the actor released a statement denying the allegations against him, it didn't stop social media users from taming their angst toward him.

Bollylomo was forced to fall back into his shell for some time as every attempt to make a re-emergence was met with serious backlash and reminders of allegations against him.

2. Skit maker Maraji

The humour merchant should have known better but she got herself into ‘hot soup’ with a 2019 controversial Instastory post.

At the time, Muslims all over the world were celebrating the Eid-IL-Kabir festival and she decided to use the opportunity to declare Jesus as the only way to heaven.

For someone with millions of fans who practice different religions, Maraji’s comment was highly inciting and the result was days of constant bashing by those whose ox had been gored.

3. Ronke Raji

The social media influencer stirred outrage on social media during the popular #ENDSARS protest in Nigeria.

Ronke seemed to have riled up netizens as they accused her of not using her platform to amplify the voices of the youths.

What followed afterwards was mass-unfollowing on her Twitter page and backlash that made the beauty influencer privatise her page for some time.

4. Sophie

For the US-based social media influencer, she was found wanting by netizens after publicly showing support for her friend and actor, Bollylomo. At the time, Bollylomo was facing backlash from Nigerians in the heat of his molestation scandal.

Sophie's mistake was showing solidarity for the embattled actor in his comment section; an action which wasn't satisfactory for many. This was especially so because she had also built her brand on promoting body positivity for ladies.

The young lady was forced to apologise on several occasions but it wasn't enough to save her from getting cancelled, particularly on Twitter.

5. Taaooma

The much-loved skit maker had a close shave with getting cancelled during a visit to Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo.

Taaooma had submitted that she made agitations for youths of the country during the meeting and told the VP about problems that needed solving. However, the comment section saw the entertainer lashing out at disappointed fans and followers.

The drama eventually escalated to Twitter and Taaooma returned to apologise. However, her actions resulted in a drop in engagement across her social media pages.

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