Cowrywise, PiggyVest, Compass and 7 Other Top Investment Apps in Nigeria

Cowrywise, PiggyVest, Compass and 7 Other Top Investment Apps in Nigeria

Certainly, while saving money is commendable, enhancing wealth through investments is an even more advantageous approach. Investments have the potential to grow in value over time, generating substantial profits.

In this era of technological advancements and the emergence of fintech startups, locating online investment opportunities has become remarkably accessible, thanks to investment applications.

These user-friendly apps have democratized the world of investing, enabling individuals to participate from the comfort of their homes.

Notably, Nigeria boasts a range of reputable investment applications that facilitate seamless and convenient investment.

In this article, provides an overview of the top government-approved investment apps operating in accordance with Nigerian regulations.

Investment app
Nigeria boasts a range of reputable investment applications that facilitate seamless and convenient investment. Photo credit - Kobus Louw, krisanapong detraphiphat
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Cowrywise serves as a leading digital wealth management platform for the youth in Nigeria and across Africa, designed to streamline and make savings and investment opportunities more accessible to all.

Cowrywise provides its users with access to various investment products, including money market funds, high-yield savings accounts, and ethical investment options.

Among Cowrywise's investment offerings are Eurobonds, mutual funds, and additional money market securities sourced from third-party providers.


PiggyVest stands out as a prominent online savings and investment platform in Nigeria, boasting a user base of over 4 million individuals. It has steadily established itself as a leading app for both saving and investing in the country.

This innovative platform not only facilitates personal savings with attractive interest rates but also offers a network for investing in lucrative business opportunities, thereby enabling users to boost their earnings.

When you choose to invest and save through PiggyVest, you can expect to benefit from competitive interest rates ranging from 10% to 15% on your savings plans.


Carbon, previously known as Paylater, has emerged as one of Nigeria's notable investment apps, offering intelligent investment alternatives.

Now operating as one of Nigeria's digital banks, Carbon extends its services to encompass payment facilitation, bill settlements, and the provision of quick online loans within the Nigerian market. Its repertoire includes a diverse array of investment opportunities and personal finance solutions.

Furthermore, the platform allows for flexible customization of your investment horizon, spanning from 3 months to 12 months. You also have the option to establish periodic financial targets aligned with your specific goals, be it on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.


Trove is a versatile investment application that empowers users to invest in the stocks of international companies, broadening investment horizons for Nigerians with access to opportunities in China, the United States, and Nigeria itself.

What sets Trove apart is its accessibility, as you can commence your investment journey on this platform with as little as 1000 Naira, a notably lower entry point compared to other investment apps.

Essentially, Trove consolidates a wide range of investment options, including bonds, stocks, and more, all within a single app, simplifying the investment process. It also provides valuable investment insights and tips to boost your confidence as an investor.


Compass represents a forward-thinking digital investment platform meticulously crafted to empower individuals on their quest to attain their financial aspirations.

Through Compass, you gain access to a secure and user-friendly avenue for investing your capital, accompanied by competitive returns, security, convenience, and investment opportunities aligned with your specific goals.

The platform also presents a wealth of educational resources, investment insights, and personalized recommendations designed to empower users with valuable insights.

Compass is developed by Comercio Partners Asset Management, an investment firm, subject to regulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Nigeria.


Bamboo serves as an investment platform that offers a gateway to a wide array of stock investment opportunities. This versatile platform facilitates the purchase and sale of stocks within both the Nigerian and US markets.

Bamboo opens up access to a remarkable selection of over 3,500 stocks spanning the American and Nigerian stock exchanges. Through this platform, you can seamlessly buy, retain, or divest foreign and domestic stocks, all through the convenience of your mobile device.

Additionally, Bamboo provides users with the flexibility to fund their accounts using various currencies, including Naira, Dollars, or any other currency they have access to. This multi-currency support enhances the ease and convenience of managing your investments on the Bamboo platform.


Chaka stands out as one of Nigeria's investment applications, with a strong emphasis on local and international stock markets.

This platform boasts full licensing from the SEC, ensuring a legitimate and secure avenue for individuals and businesses alike to explore investment possibilities and wealth management.

With Chaka, the entry threshold for trading shares is remarkably accessible, starting at just $10 or N1000.

This low starting point democratizes investment opportunities and makes it feasible for a broader range of investors to participate in the stock market through the Chaka app.


Risevest emerges as a digital investment application, functioning as a dollar asset manager that bridges Nigerians to a world of foreign investment opportunities. This includes enticing products like fixed income options, US real estate, and access to US stocks.

Risevest operates as a proficient fund manager, assisting individuals in the growth and stewardship of their wealth. It caters to the aspirations of ambitious investors who seek to maximize their returns on invested capital.

When you select a specific investment plan and contribute funds, Risevest's team of experts takes the reins, managing your investments on your behalf.

This hands-off approach allows you to focus solely on choosing an investment strategy and funding it, while Risevest diligently handles the rest, ensuring your returns continue to accrue seamlessly.


I-invest distinguishes itself from other investment apps in Nigeria featured on this list.

This unique application provides a secure platform for the acquisition and management of various financial instruments, including Treasury bills, Eurobonds, Shares (Nigerian Stock Exchange), fixed deposits, and commercial papers, all accessible from the convenience of your mobile device.

Remarkably, I-invest extends its functionality to the realm of insurance, allowing users to purchase coverage through the app. Its popularity primarily stems from its offering of Treasury bills, recognized as one of the few risk-free investment options available.

Navigating your investment portfolio within the I-invest app is straightforward, and the platform offers an accessible means for retail investors to both save money and earn competitive interest rates.


GetEquity serves as a cutting-edge digital asset trading platform, catering to the needs of individuals, organizations, and investors by simplifying the discovery, funding, trading, and sale of digital assets.

It stands out as a distinctive investment application, enabling hassle-free investment in Africa's leading local startups from their inception to their Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The once-exclusive realm of startup investment has been democratized by GetEquity, making it accessible to a wider audience across Africa.

Now, residents of Nigeria and beyond have the power to support high-potential, rapidly growing innovations from Africa with a simple click of a button.

Disclaimer: While these applications grant you the opportunity to make good investments and promise attractive returns, it is imperative that you conduct thorough research and study diligently before making any investment decisions.

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